Best Joggers and Shorts for Tall Men

Best Joggers and Shorts for Tall Men

Many popular fashion brands for men typically do a great job when it comes to designing hoodies, t-shirts, and jeans for tall frames. However, finding joggers or shorts for tall men can sometimes be a difficult task.


The sizing system used by most brands can leave big and tall men with limited options. Some challenges you may face when shopping is that the pants or sleeve lengths may be too short or the rips in jeans may not be in the right place. Tailoring may not even be a solution or an option either because there is not a lot a seamstress can do if a clothing item doesn’t have much fabric to begin with. Another challenge is that the sleeves on jackets or coats may not be long enough. Even if a store does have a section for big and tall clothing, it’s usually disappointing since it’s filled with small clothes and it may not even be stylish clothing.


Looking through each brand for clothing that fits and looks good can definitely be hard to do. Even though it can be a challenge, it could also help one have their own unique, personal style since fast fashion trends rarely come in big and tall sizes.


Best Joggers and Shorts for Tall Men


At Brooklyn Cloth, we know how important it is to find the right clothes that make you look and feel great. Not everyone is built the same way, and that’s part of what makes us all unique. We offer a great selection of our favorite shorts and joggers in big and tall sizing so you can find your perfect look. Whether you’re looking for fleece shorts, a neutral pair of twill joggers, or cargo shorts, we have you covered with our signature styles and fabrics.

Why Men are Choosing Joggers


Joggers have exploded in popularity as athleisure has become everyone’s go-to trend. They can make you look cool, put together, and stylish when they are worn properly. With so many different options out there and plenty of hits and misses, many people are wondering how joggers should fit and when to wear them.


Joggers were originally intended to be worn for exercise, but like so many pieces from the athleisure trend, the mainstream has caught on and they can now be worn for many different occasions. In general, joggers are traditional sports pants that are lightweight, comfortable, and have an athletic appearance. They are widest at the top and taper down the leg, fitting the ankle closely. Most joggers feature either a drawstring waist or an elastic waist, and the ankles are kept close to the body through the use of elastic as well. While joggers originally began as a form of sweatpants, nowadays, they are made of many different types of material and come in a variety of fits and styles that are more sophisticated and tailored.


Joggers are popular because they are simple, durable, and comfortable. First loved in the sneaker community for their tapered bottom that leaves room to show off a great pair of shoes. Jeans normally can ruin a pair of shoes or dye them a different color while joggers don’t do either of those things. They are like a modern blend of athletic and loungewear that can keep you looking stylish.


Joggers for Tall Men 

You definitely need joggers with the right fit, of course. You don’t want to pick any old pair of shapeless men’s big and tall joggers. Baggy joggers are a thing of the past at this point. Comfort is a main priority, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a polished look.


Finding that balance between fit and comfort is key. Joggers that are too tight may rip while you are working out, while baggy ones can have you tripping over the dumbbells scattered everywhere in the gym.


The feel of the joggers is also important. One of the main features to look out for is a looser fit around the thighs. You are prioritizing comfort here. If you end up seeing the outlines of your pockets against your joggers, they are too tight on you. Another main feature is having elastic cuffs. Cuffs are on-trend right now and look even better when they are pulled up a few inches. Having drawstrings with the joggers is another great feature to adjust the waistline however you like.

 big & tall camp core pocket twill jogger pants by Brooklyn Cloth

Big & Tall Heather Grey Core Fleece Jogger Pants

Joggers such as Big & Tall Heather Grey Core Fleece Jogger Pants and Big & Tall Camo Core Pocket Twill Jogger Pants both provide a good fit and are highly comfortable, and are very affordable, lightweight, and durable. These are versatile, look stylish, and are so cozy you will forget you are wearing pants.


Shorts for Tall Men


Whether you are packing to go on a vacation or getting dressed every day preparing yourself for the warmer weather, you will definitely find yourself reaching for a pair of shorts. You will need a go-to pair of big and tall shorts that will fit comfortably and look stylish with any shirt. Shorts can be just as versatile as joggers, especially if you know how to style them correctly.


First off, the fit for shorts shouldn’t only be based on your height. It’s a common mistake that most people make. The right pair of shorts should factor in a few things: your leg length, leg width, and torso length.


As an important rule, shorts should extend to either right above or right below your kneecaps based on your personal preference.


Most people go by this: if it’s skin tight, it’s not right. Do a pinch test to ensure that you have enough space between you and the fabric.


A pair of big and tall athletic shorts are completely necessary for workouts and lounging around the house. Whether you’re working out or looking to change into something comfortable after work, every big and tall guy needs a couple of pairs of athletic shorts. Some of these could be:




The Black Streaky Print Shorts are great whether you are going to the gym, hanging out and relaxing at home, or going for a walk in your local park. These shorts are also super comfortable and are a nice piece to add to your outfit.


Big & Tall Camo Fleece Cargo Shorts: They are a great addition to your closet to give it a more detailed look. This style of shorts can be effortlessly styled without having to do too much. Whether you're going to the beach, doing your weekly grocery shopping, or running errands these will become a staple for your closet. Cargo shorts are baggier, known to have two or more extra pockets than normal, and are roomier than the more fitted chino shorts. This type of big and tall short has a classic fit, sitting in the middle of the waist. A roomy hip and thigh area lets you move comfortably without feeling confined. These shorts fall just above the knee, so they aren’t too long or short. Button-through back pockets provide storage space for a wallet, while front pockets provide room for keys or other small essentials.

big & tall camp fleece cargo shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


These are staples that fit everything you do in your life. They will also keep you warm and comfy while working remotely as well.


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