Father's Day

Father's Day Top 10 Gift Guide

Father's Day Top 10 Gift Guide

Top 10 Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and that means it’s the perfect time to give your pops or husband some brand-new dad drip! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tons of fresh drops that would be the perfect gift for the old man. From swim trunks to joggers, shorts, and tees, we have a plethora of gift options.

As the weather warms up and summer kicks into full gear, there are tons of outdoor activities that will take place like barbecues, trips to the beach, hiking outdoors, and so much more! It is imperative that your dad has all the gear he needs to have an unforgettable summer.

There’s no better time than Father’s Day to make sure the dads in your life are fully prepared with swag for all their summer looks.

Bottoms Up!

  1. Tie Dye Swim Trunks (BSMA997S)

Check out our brand-new Tie Dye Swim Trunks as a gift for your dad this Father’s Day. We’re sure he won’t be disappointed! These come in three colorways: green, purple, and multi. You can even get one color for your dad or husband and the other colors for the rest of the family for the perfect family photo!

If your dad is trendy, stylish, and loves tie dye, we recommend purchasing all three! They are perfect for hitting the beach or hanging by the pool on a hot summer day. The swim trunks feature original tie dye print and inserted lining for a unique look that will keep him extra comfortable.

Not only are the Tie Dye Swim trunks stylish and comfortable, but they are also super durable and will last for a long time no matter how much dad is running around chasing after the kiddos. If your dad loves rocking those bright colors and standing out, these swim shorts are a can’t miss gift this Father’s Day.

2. Streaky Print Zip Pocket Fleece Shorts (BSM8169S)

If your dad needs a fresh pair of shorts for the summer that are different from his boring, old cargo shorts that he has been wearing for years, level up his closet with the White or Black Streaky Print Zip Pocket Fleece Shorts. These are excellent for any occasion, whether it is working out, playing a sport, hiking, or even hanging around the house grilling for the family.

He will never want to take them off because they are unbelievably cozy and super fashionable. The Streaky Print Zip Pocket Fleece Shorts are perfect to pair with any of our graphic t-shirts or hoodies for the ultimate look. They are 100% polyester fleece and have zip pockets that are extremely secure and helpful for carrying things around like keys, wallet, or a phone. If your dad or husband is in serious need of an updated shorts wardrobe, the Black or White Streaky Print Zip Pocket Fleece Joggers will be a homerun gift for Father’s Day.

3. Knit Shorts (BSM8331S)

Does your dad need to add some much-needed color to his wardrobe? If he’s stuck rocking the same khaki-colored shorts year after year, it’s time for a big-time change.

Our knit shorts come in a variety of colors, so you’ll have tons of options to choose from. The colors we offer include: Dusty Black, Dusty Blue, Dusty Rose, Gold, Koi, Scuba Blue, Soft Moss, Terrain, Viola, and Yellow. There are so many alternatives that you’ll need to get him multiple pairs!

These shorts also work great for the whole family and would make for a super colorful and special family portrait. The Knit shorts are 100% polyester, so he’ll have maximum comfort while wearing them and have no restrictions on movement. He can wear these lounging around the house or on a date with mom in town, they’re so versatile!

He can even pair these with his favorite polo for a comfortable but nice look (way better than his boring old khaki cargo pants that have been worn thousands of times). With all the combinations and outfit possibilities, you really can’t go wrong with any color knit shorts this year for Father’s Day.

4. Heat Seal Fleece Joggers (BFM9339F)

The Heat Seal Fleece Joggers are a fantastic gift for your pops if he’s active and loves working out! One of our most popular joggers in stock, they come in many different colorways: Black, Black Marl, Dusty Rose, Sand, White, White Printed Space Dye, as well as Black and White.

Don’t worry, if your dad is more laid back, he’ll also love the Heat Seal Fleece Joggers because they are extremely comfortable and perfect loungewear. The 100% polyester fabric provides that soft touch and feel that your dad will absolutely love. He’ll enjoy hitting the driving range, going for a run, or just relaxing and reading the newspaper in these joggers.

The heat seal pockets are great for storing any and all belongings, which is a huge plus! No need for him to clip his phone or keys to his pants anymore because these pockets can hold everything. The Heat Seal Fleece Joggers are a great addition to any wardrobe this season.

5. Aloha Print Swim Trunks (BSM6859S)

 Father’s Day and the following summer months are always the perfect time for dad to get some new swim trunks! He will for sure be the coolest dad at the beach or pool when rocking this unique pair of swim trunks. Throw on some dope shades, his favorite tank top or basketball jersey, and slides and he’ll be ready to take on summer in style.

The Aloha Print Swim Trunks feature our new "Aloha Print" (exclusive to Brooklyn Cloth) and inserted mesh lining. These are super comfortable, so he’ll be able to wear them all day long at the beach and not feel irritated. The elastic waistband is great to keep these swim trunks secure and comfortable while in the pool or ocean.

The Aloha Print Swim Trunks are also great for any pool activities like pool basketball or just messing around with the kids in the pool. We recommend purchasing these Aloha Print Swim trunks with a plane ticket to Hawaii to make this Father’s Day especially memorable.

 6. Tobacco Ankle Zip Twill Joggers (BFM5120S)

Even though it is summertime, there is never a bad time to purchase your dad a new pair of pants. Our Tobacco Ankle Zip Twill Joggers are a great gift idea for dad because they are comfortable, casual, and stylish. Your dad’s swag will go to another level with these joggers as a replacement from the normal boring khaki pants or jeans that he has been wearing for the last ten years.


The Tobacco Ankle Zip Twill Joggers provide that streetwear look that will make him feel young again. He can pair these joggers with just about any sneakers or tee for a great casual look. These are even wonderful for a nice dinner out with the family at a restaurant; just have him throw on a polo or button-down shirt and he’ll be looking sharp as well as comfortable.


Depending on his work’s dress code, dad can rock these joggers to the office for work. They are even comfortable enough to be wearing these while working from home. Your dad will get plenty of use out of the Tobacco Ankle Zip Twill Joggers.


7. Light Grey Speckled Streaky Fleece Joggers (BFM9337F)

If your dad has a lot of formal dress clothing but is lacking in the cozy department, the Light Grey Speckled Streaky Fleece Joggers are a fantastic Father’s Day gift.


These are nice and light but will still keep him warm in cooler temperatures, making them extremely comfortable. These joggers are great for just hanging around the house or playing a sport and being active.


Your dad can even rock these to the gym or on a run because of how much movement they provide. The fit will make him look more stylish than the baggy old sweatpants he has been rocking since college.


The Light Grey Speckled Streaky Fleece Joggers are the perfect upgrade for his wardrobe, and we know he’ll love them so much! Even though it is summertime, these joggers are great to wear at night when the temperature drops. He can throw on a tee or hoodie and his favorite kicks and dad is all set for a nice cozy night with the family!

8. Core Fleece Joggers (BFM8328S)

Is your dad’s style more lowkey and classic? If so, our Core Fleece Joggers are a great Father’s Day gift! This style jogger comes in four dope colorways: black, charcoal, heather grey, and white. These colors are so great because they are super clean and can be worn with any top and sneaker combination.


If you are having trouble deciding which pair to get, why not use our “buy one get $20 off your second pair” deal and get him all four? The polyester fabric makes these joggers some of our most comfortable that we offer!


If your dad is not fully on the jogger trend yet, our core fleece joggers are the perfect place to start! These colors are super easy to wear, and we know he’ll love the slim fit which will make him look at least ten years younger!


The Core Fleece Joggers are so versatile he can wear them on an afternoon hike with some friends as well as going to the movies with the family. Definitely keep an eye out for the Core Fleece Joggers this Father’s Day.

 9. Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts (BSM8168S)

The Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts are a great gift to level up your dad’s summer swag this year for Father’s Day! These are super comfortable and feature zipper pockets that are really handy for carrying essentials around and keeping them safe.


 He can rock these in any situation, and he will not want to take them off! The classic grey colorway is easy to wear, and you can even mix and match them with any graphic tee, hoodie, long sleeve, and even a flannel.


The Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts also go great with sneakers, sandals, or even boat shoes. You can go on countless adventures in this dope pair of shorts, whether you are headed to the beach or sight-seeing around a new city.


The Light Grey Speckled Streaky Shorts are super reliable and perfect to pack in hissuitcase. During the summer is when dad will want to rock these shorts the most, so Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to get the old man some shorts.


Top it All Off!

 9. Blue Hype Print Vertical Tee (BTM8386SNJ)

T-shirts are an essential piece of anyone’s summer wardrobe, and you cannot miss giving dad a new shirt! We are sure he’s tired of the boring old polo shirts he has been receiving for years.


The Blue Hype Print Vertical Tee is a great Father’s Day gift for any dad that needs some new tees. The vertical stripe pattern gives this shirt a nice vintage look that your dad will love. Plus, the hype print across the chest puts a nice touch on an already super dope tee.


This is a great top for just hanging around the house with the family or getting a drink out with some friends. It is so comfortable that you can rock this tee all day and still not get tired of it.


We recommend pairing it with one of our fleece shorts or our brand-new swim trunks for a fantastic summer fit that will keep your dad staying and looking cool. Pick up a Blue Hype Print Vertical Tee for this year’s Father’s Day, we know the old man will love this one!

 Special Thanks

Obviously getting your dad or husband some new drip is a great Father's Day gift but don't forget to spend quality time with him and thank him for all he does for you. Some great ways to express this is taking dad out for a meal or giving him a thoughtful card. Thank you to all the dads around the world for all that you do for your families and friends!

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