Best Men's Swimwear for 2023

Best Men's Swimwear for 2023 Brooklyn Cloth

Best Men’s Swimwear for 2023

We know swimwear, especially for men, can come as an afterthought up until the point that it's needed. Summer is just around the corner and there's no better time to start the hunt for your new wardrobe needs. Once the weather starts rising it often feels like you blink and the summer is all the sudden here. With all the adventures you may partake in during this time, you'll want to be ready for wherever the day may take you. 

Men’s Swimwear for Your Summer Wardrobe 

The best kinds of swimwear are the ones that work in several different scenarios. Your swim trunks should translate into a fashionable outfit when you're going about your day before and after water activities. 


Given all this talk about summer activities it’s not to say that swim shorts can’t just double as comfy shorts to lounge or do your daily activities in. Depending on how they're styled, swim trunks can be one of the most versatile wardrobe pieces. 


Here's everything we want from swimwear in 2023: 


Good fit

Stylish designs



Finding the right fit


A perfect fit is essential for how one feels while wearing any piece of clothing. Swimwear has to be just the right fit and length to ensure the user has a nice clean look but not too exposed. To ensure a Length suitable for most body types we’ve chosen a 5-inch inseam for our swim trunks after multiple rounds of fit sessions with models. 


Pick Your Pattern

Once the fit is perfected our next focus and need is the color/pattern of the garment. The style of the swim trunks makes the most personal touch to go with your own style. Whether you're a more simple or bold type of person here at Brooklyn Cloth we have all of your individual needs in mind when designing. 


Opt for Quality Swim Trunks


Last key component is quality, and we’ve never not had this in mind when making anything we put out. We know swimwear can really take a hard hit with activities in salt water, Chlorine, and multiple wash cycles. Our durable polyester is made to last the test of time, but to ensure how long always make sure to follow care instructions on each individual garment. With all these things in mind here are 6 swim trunks you need this summer!


Our Selection of our Best Swimwear


  • Best Springtime Trunks

Dusty Blue Color Block Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


The first time of the year that it’s appropriate to wear shorts in general, let alone a bathing suit, would have to be around late spring. This colorblocked variation could not scream spring more, as nothing says spring like pastel colors together. Color match any of the hues in the shorts in your top or accessories to really nail a coordinated look. For more chill nights shorts can be easily paired with a hoodie or sweatshirt to give the perfect amount of cover.


  • Neutrals Perfect for Everyday

Hunter Green Color Block Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


Continuing on our colorblocked collection, this cool hunter green and dusty rose colorway is an unbeatable everyday color palette. We definitely believe these are one of the most versatile colorways. Neutrals tend to go with other colors in your closet easily making styling a breeze. 


The colorway is also great for wearing the shorts as a regular fashion piece as they don’t draw too much attention compared to traditional bright swim trunks colors. The dusty rose waistband, however, gives just the right amount of color to still make these feel catered to the warm weather. The waistband being able to be easily covered with a shirt gives the rest of the neutrals to go for an earthy toned outfit overall. 


  • Poolside Vibes

Green Vertical Stripe Split Swim Shorts By Brooklyn Cloth


Relax poolside this season in the Green Vertical Stripe Split Swim Shorts. These comfortable shorts are the perfect choice for having fun in the sun! The adjustable waistband makes them great for swimming and the relaxed fit ensures you're comfortable all day long. Side and back pockets make our shorts great for storage needs up until you jump headfirst into the water. 

  • National Holiday Swimwear


Red White and Blue Split Flag  7" Swim Shorts By Brooklyn Cloth


Although it can be worn anytime as a classic pattern, there is something so cohesive about swimwear and the Red, White, and Blue Flag. Nothing makes you feel like summer is official here like the Fourth of July. A beloved holiday by many Americans gives the perfect chance to show off your pride via your style choices.


 The nature of this time of year gives the perfect time to have many outdoor events. What’s better than having a swim trunk with an American Flag on it to fit the holiday. Given how classic the flag has been across different fashion brands, you wouldn't look out of place any other day during the summer. It’s no surprise that this iteration has become such an essential during the warm weather. 


  • Nautical Feels

 Red White and Blue Americana Stripe Swim Shorts


Staying within the same Americana feel these striped swim shorts give a perfect balance of patriotic colorway but in an even more versatile way. The mostly navy color leans into a more nautical vibe making this is a great short for being by the docks and heading out for a boat ride for the day. Pair a white button down linen shirt and some boat shoes and you're ready to head out to sea. 


  • Florals for Any Occasion

Mint Tonal Floral Swim Shorts by Brooklyn Cloth


Patterns are one of the best ways to have unique swimwear pieces. The nature of these garments makes them perfect with wearing a print that's a little bit bolder. These super comfortable shorts are a great way to experiment with your wardrobe but keep a clean neutral color story. Our artist-made floral pattern pairs extremely well with the cool mint color of the fabric. 


We hope to have provided some insight for your swimwear needs and, as always, we want to keep our #BKFam in style all year long. Show us how you stay cool this summer by tagging us in your pictures @brooklyncloth.

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