How to Style Terry Cloth Sets For Men

How to Style Terry Cloth Sets For Men Brooklyn Cloth

How to Style Terry Cloth Sets for Men 

Coast to Coast Terry Cloth By Brooklyn Cloth


Who said your summer wardrobe has to be boring? We know our #BKFam stays stylish all year round, and we're bringing the perfect element for your summer wardrobe. Terry Cloth has been one the most timeless essentials for your pool and beach activities. Typically adorned during the warmer climates but not limited to only one season it’s not surprising that it’s gained so much popularity. 


In combination with how popular sets have become in all clothing style categories, Terry Cloth sets are the perfect outfit for any occasion. They’re great to lounge in, to wear while running errands, or just go out to more casual events. Terrycloth is the ultimate summer fabric choice. 


What is Terry Cloth?


Coast to Coast Terry Cloth By Brooklyn Cloth


Terry Cloth can be explained simply as a fabric woven between two beams that create the foundation while a pile warp creates the uncut loop piles that give it that soft texture. Typically, the material was made of 100% Cotton, but has been blended with several different synthetic fibers to create different outcomes of this fabric. 


The fabric is best known for its water absorbent attributes so it has been mainly used for water-focused garments. There's no need for confusion as anybody could decipher this fabric from your regular standard towel. The contrast of a sophisticated polo silhouette with the breezy material choice gives the perfect summer combo.


History of Terry Cloth


You may be wondering where this sudden use of this fabric in fashion came from. When Terry Cloth comes to mind one might instantly think of bathroom garments. Although created before the industrial revolutions in the 1850s when terry cloth production was industrialized it was embraced as an essential for several different purposes. Moving into the 1900s as swimming became a more leisure activity the use of the fabric for fashion became popular.


High fashion houses have both demonstrated interest in the use of Terry Cloth for clothes. Vogue lists Terry Cloth as fashion’s new favorite textile with “Labels like Loewe, Prada, and Jacquemus also have a collection of ready-to-shop elevated designs created with the soft, plush fabric.” The plushy fabric isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


When did Terry Cloth become popular?


Since the creation in the late 18th century, the textile has been used frequently and has served several different purposes along the decades. It was most commonly used for towels and robes as it had great water absorbing attributes. Much like our new sets here at Brooklyn Cloth, matching sets with funky colors and bright logos were all the rage back then. 


Taking inspiration from the vintage style polos we saw adorned in in the ‘60s as well as, Terry Cloth track suits that were popular in the ‘90s/’00s. Movie fans can think back to the 007 early films as the main protagonist often was decked out in Terry Cloth sets during his time off. Given the popularity of the film it can be referenced as one of Terry Cloth's biggest trendsetters.


Our new revived take on Terry Cloth has the modern fashion lover in mind of what your summer style needs are. Keeping key elements that have made terry cloth so popular but introducing new colorways and embroidery details to stay ahead of the trend. Although we all love vintage styles it’s always great to elevate things but not change what makes them so great to begin with!


Coast to Coast Terry Cloth BY Brooklyn Cloth


Choosing the right fit


Terry Cloth is all about comfort, so you definitely want something that works with your body and keeps you comfortable. Terry cloth doesn't take itself too seriously, so we recommend not having anything too tight to the body. We recommend a nice regular to oversized fit to achieve that effortless vibe to your ensemble. But always find what works for you individually like going a size up in a top but staying with your normal bottom size will create a sort of vintage silhouette. 


Given the nature of the fabric, it really can work on any body type as it gives a roomy fit against the body. Like all of our clothing, we went through multiple rounds of samples to find the perfect fit that isn't too tight but just the right amount of extra room. Our sets range in a variety of colors and we're sure to have a perfect outfit for you this summer!


Where to Wear Terry Cloth


Hunter Green Coast To Coast 5" Terry Cloth Short By Brooklyn Cloth


Although Fashion doesn't have any rules these sets are typically adorned during the summertime activities. These sets are great for lounging around by the pool and being able to be paired well with swimsuits as well as normal bottoms depending on the outing. If you love a nice lunch or dinner by the water, we can’t think of a better outfit to wear by the shore. Terry Cloth isn't limited to just activities surrounding water as we curated colorways and a perfect fit that can translate to your everyday needs. By just mixing and matching other elements in your wardrobe such as a tote bag and jeans, you're able to make the polo’s work in your day-to-day outfits as well. 


Choosing the right color combo


Given the popularity of Terry Cloth in the summertime, it's the perfect time to experiment with your color schemes. Our Sets are full of an array of colors which complement each other as the color blocking is carefully selected to be in contrasting colors but matching hues. 


What is color blocking?


Color Blocking is one of the biggest trends for the summer for good reason as it gives a unique element to your outfit. Multiple colors are great for styling as the color blocking works well with other contrasting colors so not everything has to be monochromatic. Whether it is our pastel color block set or the hunter green color way there's options for which kinds of colors work against your wardrobe and skin type. 


Going for the Neutral look? 


We know our #BKFam has a variety of styles, so we made sure to include neutral colors that can work with a minimalist closet. If you're just testing the water ( no pun intended) with Terry Cloth some earthy tones are an excellent choice for experimenting, but still staying true to your style. Choosing a more subtle color also gives you a wide range of styling options as neutral colors tend to work with more color options. 


To keep a vintage vibe, The color block the Coast To Coast Terry Cloth Short Sleeve Polo in sand and navy gives a nautical vibe while keeping a very clean style.


Day to Night Style


There’s nothing better than getting a two for one in any product and our polo shirt sets are the perfect example of a summer staple. Spend the day at the boardwalk with the shirt and short set, which keeps you casual and cool. If you want to keep the party going for night time activities, the polo shirt is structured enough to still keep you looking sharp. 


If shorts are too casual, opt for a pair of trousers such as khakis or one of our Four Way Stretch Cargo Pant to elevate your outfit without breaking a sweat. The Olive-green Polo top is a great color choice that can be paired easily with different bottoms as the neutral color works well with any color that it’s paired with. 

Four Way Stretch Cargo Pant By Brooklyn Cloth


Neutrals are a great way to make any fashion item more versatile as it gives you more. Not only cost effective but we believe that you should be able to get the most wear out of your clothing. Pieces in your wardrobe should be able to translate into multiple occasions you may partake in. 


Shoes to Match The Fit


To keep a comfortable light feeling to your outfit your shoes are the cherry on top of this effortless outfit set. Depending on the color choice you've made you can’t go wrong with a pair of crisp white sneakers one of our favorites being Air Force 1s. For some of our color block color ways we say why not keep the theme going, and pair them with a pop of color. 


Vans are a great versatile sneaker that come in a plethora of different color ways and do color blocking as well. The old school model is a great choice to pair with the Polo Terry Cloth sets as they fit the vibe perfectly and can be styled with just some long scrunchy socks and you're ready for the day! 


For any beach or pool activities we’d opt for a pair of sandals such as birkenstocks. Whatever vibe you're going for it’s easy to mix and match with elements in your closet spending on the occasion. 


Styling Terry Cloth Year-Round


Although shorts may just be a warm weather staple it doesn't mean you can only wear the polo during one season. The classic fit can easily be layered and made to work during the fall and winter months. Plus, we know even during the warm months once the sun sets it can get quite chilly. Laying a cardigan or denim jacket over the polo is a great way to make the most use of the Terry Cloth Polos. By having garments that can be styled multiple ways it makes your wardrobe the most effective with your individual pieces. 


Brooklyn cloth has always created innovative fashions that cater to our consumers needs as well as introduce them to new elements to elevate your wardrobe. Through research of trends from our own design team, we’re confident in bringing something new to our #BKFam. While staying true to our streetwear origins this collection of Plushy polo sets is the next big thing for summer staples. The classic silhouettes are something we know you'll love but bringing in a new element that we’ve never done before is sure to spruce up your wardrobe. 


Whether you're hanging with friends at the beach or going to an outdoor summer concert, we're sure to keep you looking fly. Summertime activities are the perfect photo-op, so don’t forget to show the world your style. Always feel free to tag us @brookylncloth and use #BKFam to show how you make our sets uniquely yours!

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