Best Sundaes in New York

Best Sundaes in New York

What better way to bring on the warm weather than with an ice cream sundae?  Sundaes are meant to be enjoyed every day of the year but are even better when it’s warm out.  While there are so many yummy ice cream places in New York, we chose our top three favorite sundaes places in NYC and Brooklyn.


Yes, technically Black Tap’s shakes are in fact shakes but the amount of deliciousness on top of the shake should constitute them as sundaes.  They offer classic shakes which are the traditional kind and have exactly what you’d expect in a shake.  Their “Crazy Shakes” are the ones that are basically sundaes.  With eight variations of shakes, you can find any flavor to appease your craving.  They have salty, sweet, sour and fruity concoctions.  You can’t go wrong when you decide to go to Black Tap.  They have two locations in NYC, one location is in Midtown and the other location is in SoHo.  Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you don’t want to miss this place.  Swing by and pick your fave Crazy Shake!


Who doesn’t love ice cream with a view?  The Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory location in Brooklyn Heights will give you more than a fabulous ice cream experience, it will also give you some amazing views.  This ice cream place is right on the water and you get to enjoy beautiful views of the Manhattan Skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge while eating your delicious ice cream sundae.  Combine tradition flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry or funky flavors like peaches and cream, coffee and butter pecan with any amount of the large variety of toppings offered and you’ve got yourselves a delicious sundae.  Sit outside by the water and soak up the sun while enjoying your unique sundae.


So since there’s cereal with these fantastic sundaes, does that mean we can eat them for breakfast?  Milk and Cream Cereal Bar is located in the heart of Little Italy.  With so many different cereals to choose from including Captain Crunch, Honey Bunches Of Oats, Cookie Crisp and Froot Loops you can make unlimited versions of a delicious sundae.  The sundae toppings don’t end with cereal.  Milk and Cream Cereal Bar additionally offers the traditional toppings because what kind of a sundae would it be without a drizzle of your favorite syrup.  Sometimes when you have so many choices (over forty different toppings) it can be hard to choose what you want.  Not to worry, Milk and Cream Cereal Bar has their specialty list of concoctions offered as cereal bowls, ice cream swirls and milkshakes.  They open at 12 pm Monday – Sunday so head down to Little Italy for a nontraditional brunch and create your cereal sundae.

Were these three places on your list?  Share with us your suggestions for the best sundae places you’ve been to or are on your list to check out.  We are always open to suggestions and love trying new things.



That’s all for now BK Fam…until next week!

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