How to wear the Coaches Jacket

How to wear the Coaches Jacket


Happy April Brooklyn Cloth Fam!  This has not been a warm Spring so far but we will soon see the warm days and get rid of the harsh cold days.  This weekend is supposed to be sunny and in the 70’s; we’re excited, are you?  It’s starting to get to that time of season to move the winter coats back into storage and start wearing your lightweight jackets for the next couple of months.  When it’s not warm enough to go without a jacket but too warm to wear a puffer coat, what are you going to wear?  How about one of our Coaches Jackets!  Check out a few of our stylish and comfy jackets below.  Too see more from our Coaches Jacket Collection, click the bolded words.

Want to embrace the spring season with some pop of color?  Our Teal Savage Coaches Jacket might be the right pick for you.  With a teal body and light pink and white accents, this jacket screams Spring!  It has a button front closure with two side pockets.  Pair this jacket with a t-shirt and some joggers and you’ll be ready to go.

Not really a full body teal kind of person?  No problem!  We have a ton of other jackets for you.  Check out this one below. This is our Brooklyn Coaches Jacket.  This jacket has a black body with teal and purple accents and also has a button front closure and two side pockets.  Choose your favorite tee or long sleeves to go underneath and maybe grab a hat and you’re set.

Shop the Brooklyn Coaches Jacket available today at Brooklyn Cloth

Maybe you like a little color in your jackets but not the entire body filled with color.  You want a happy medium of the pop of color offered in the Teal Savages Coaches Jacket and the full body black with pops of accent colors in the Brooklyn Coaches JacketThe White World Wide Hustle Coaches Jacket might be the perfect match for you!  This jacket has a white body with red, blue and black accents on the front, back and sleeve.  This lightweight jacket, similar to the two above, has a button front closure and two side pockets.

White Coach jacket for Men

Which of these three Coaches Jackets did you fall in love with?  Leave a comment below to let us know which of the three above is your favorite!  Already have one of these awesome jackets?  Let us know what you think of it; is your favorite part about it the style, the comfort level, the practicality of it or maybe all the above.  We love to hear from you!

Happy Spring! 

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