Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022
Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022

Now that the holiday season is over, it’s time to move onto the next gift-giving holiday - Valentine’s Day. You may be drained from all your holiday shopping and have no idea what to give your loved ones on this special holiday.


That’s where Brooklyn Cloth comes in.


We are here to help you figure out the best Valentine’s Day gifts for all of the special women in your life. Whether it be your mother, girlfriend, wife, daughter, or best friend, all have one thing in common, and that is their love for clothes.


Why Does Clothing Make a Great Valentine’s Day Gift for Women?


You can never go wrong with a comfy hoodie or a pair of trendy joggers. Athleisurewear definitely is a safe bet to give as a gift to anybody, no matter their age, size, or style. In this guide to the best Valentine’s Day gifts for women this year, we will help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for all the wonderful ladies in your life.


Of course, flowers are a sweet gift and chocolates are delicious - we definitely recommend you add those in, too, but we know, deep down, that your loved ones would much rather get a thoughtful clothing gift from you than a basic bouquet of flowers. We have just the perfect pieces for you to give to everybody on your list.


Your loved one may be the type to hit the gym every single day or they may be one to have never stepped foot in a gym. We don’t judge here at Brooklyn Cloth. We encourage everybody to do what makes them feel their best and we are just here to provide the clothes for them while they do so.


If your girl is the type to hit the gym every day, we have a variety of athleisure wear that would be perfect for her workout wardrobe, including a whole variety of biker shorts.


If your girl is the opposite and is more of the “lounging” type, we have so many different matching comfy sets for you to choose from. Trust us, she will love to wear these sets so often because she will look and feel cute while she lounges on the couch on weekends.


If your girl is versatile and loves to be active as well as chill, we offer so many different styles that can be mixed and matched for her to wear them anytime, anywhere.


Let’s get started showing you our favorite pieces from each of our collections that you can give to both your besties or your girlfriend along with tips on how they can style them.


Perfect Sweatshirt Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022


These 3 sweatshirts include our….



To start off, let's talk about our color block quarter-zip pullovers. These come in both dusty rose and black shades. The pullovers aren’t hoodies nor crewnecks; however, they are extremely comfortable and super trendy. Both of these options will fit any girl's personality.


Whether they like brighter colors or darker colors, we have both options for you to choose from. We recommend styling this piece and a variety of ways depending on what activity your loved one will do while wearing it.


If she is going to hit the gym in this quarter-zip, we recommend pairing it with a pair of leggings or biker shorts, depending on the weather, of course. If she is just lounging around, you can even style this with a pair of sweatpants.


If you want to be more comfortable, feel free to throw on a pair of your favorite joggers with these tops.


Obviously, Valentine’s Day is all about love. It doesn’t need to be love for another person though, it can also be love for yourself.


You may believe that this holiday is about love for your friends or your girlfriend or fiancé, but it is also important for her to love herself as well. That is exactly what these next two hoodies will remind them to do.


Our self-love club tie-dye hoodie and our radiate love tie-dye hoodie are two pieces that constantly remind the people wearing them or the ones seeing them to love themselves.


It is so important to give yourself extra care or even as much care as you give to your significant other or best friends. We already know that you care about your loved ones, so now it’s time to make sure they love themselves by giving them a constant reminder to do so.


These hoodies can be paired with anything and everything as far as bottoms go. If they want to stick to a comfy look, they can throw on a pair of joggers or sweatpants. If you live somewhere with a warmer climate, they can throw on a pair of shorts or biker shorts. If they’re in snowy New York during Valentine’s Day, they can pair this outfit with a UGGs or moccasins so that their feet stay warm - don’t forget the fuzzy socks! If they're in Florida with a warmer climate, definitely have them throw on a pair of their favorite sneakers or sandals with this look.


Our mantra and goal here at Brooklyn Cloth is to provide everybody with endless comfort so we encourage the most comfortable pieces to be worn with every outfit.


Speaking of Biker Shorts, Let Us Introduce You to Some of Our Favorites for V-Day


Our 3 top biker shorts include…



We offer a variety of different biker shorts at two different lengths. Some of our biker shorts are solid colored, some have different patterns on them, and others are tie-dye. You can choose whichever ones you think your loved one will enjoy most and get the most use out of. 


  • Snake print biker shorts


Our first pair of biker shorts that we think that they will absolutely love are our snake print biker shorts. These biker shorts are a classic. We don’t believe that snake print will ever go out of style like other animal prints have in the past. It's an extremely classy look.


There are so many options when it comes to these printed biker shorts on how to style them. If your loved ones tend to work out and choose the snake print shorts to wear, they can feel free to throw on a black tank top or sports bra for their workout. This outfit can be finished off with a baseball cap to keep their hair out of their face and a pair of their favorite workout sneakers.


  • Lavender tonal tie-dye biker shorts


Next up we have our lavender tonal tie-dye biker shorts. Similar to this pair, we also offer dusty rose total tie-dye biker shorts.


  • Dusty rose tonal tie-dye biker shorts


Both of these shorts are perfect for either relaxing or hitting the gym. As we already mentioned how to style these biker shorts for the gym, let's talk about how to wear them when they are just relaxing either after work or during the weekends.


Biker shorts are so in right now and we predict that they aren't going out anytime soon. A popular trend on how to style biker shorts is by wearing them with an oversized T-shirt or hoodie. We recommend pairing a tie-dye pair of biker shorts with a solid-colored top to make the biker shorts really pop and stand out. A cute hoodie would look great with this outfit paired with mid-calf socks and your favorite sneakers like a pair of Nike blazers or Air Force Ones.


If you live with your loved ones in a colder environment or are sending them to a colder state as a gift, we recommend sticking to joggers instead of biker shorts during this time of the year. Even though they will get to wear the biker shorts during the warmer months of the year, joggers are a year-round piece.


Some of our favorite joggers include…



Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022


Not only do joggers have to be dressed down while just lounging around the house, but they can also be dressed up. We have been seeing celebrities wearing joggers with high heels. Who would’ve thought that that would be a trend?


We encourage everybody to step out of their fashion comfort zone when it comes to trying new trends and styles because you never know what you are going to absolutely love and look best in.


We encourage you to share these different trends with your loved ones while giving these gifts. Not only will they be in love with the gift that they receive, but they will be highly impressed by your fashion knowledge.


Our joggers are super comfortable and soft. We offer so many different styles so we can guarantee that your loved one will find the perfect fit.


Some of our favorite joggers include ones with prints and ones that are more solid colored. Some of our printed joggers include our light blue tie-dye sweatpants and our black wash angel jogger.


While the light blue tie-dye sweatpants are more on the brighter side, the black wash angel jogger has a distressed look to it giving it an edgier look.


If you believe that your loved one will be going for a more simple and subtle look, check out our white Be Kind sweatpants. This pair of sweatpants are totally solid colored with a little decal on the upper leg.


All of these styles of joggers and sweatpants can be paired with literally anything. As we mentioned before, if they were wearing a printed pair of bottoms, we usually recommend going with a solid color top unless it is a matching set. And vice versa. If they are going for a solid-colored bottom, why don’t they add a little bit of color or pop to the top piece?


When it comes to shoes, that’s totally up to them and what they decide to do while wearing the outfit. If they plan on just running a couple of errands, they can even wear slippers out of the house but if they are going to the gym in this outfit, we definitely recommend them wearing their favorite pair of sneakers.


She’ll Love Her On-Trend Clothing Gift for V-Day


Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women in 2022


We know that gift giving can be extremely stressful if you aren’t sure of the perfect gift for your loved one. But we here at Brooklyn Cloth are here to help you and find exactly what all of your loved ones will want no matter what their style consists of. We know that you will pick out the perfect pieces for them and they will absolutely love them. We can’t wait to see how they style them with your helpful styling tips that you learned from this guide.


Be sure not to put too much pressure on gift giving. Valentine’s Day is about showing your love and appreciation for all of your loved ones no matter their relationship to you. Gifts are just the extra piece of the holiday, like the icing on top of the cake.


We know that your loved ones will love anything you give them because they know it came from you and was chosen with love. All of us here at Brooklyn Cloth wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget to treat yourself to some gifts as well. Self-love is just as important!

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