Beyond Fashion: Men's Streetwear Trends with Brooklyn Cloth in 2024

Beyond Fashion: Men's Streetwear Trends with Brooklyn Cloth in 2024

Beyond Fashion: Men's Streetwear Trends with Brooklyn Cloth in 2024

Hey, #BkFam! Lock in because we're about to embark on a mission to break down men’s hottest streetwear trends of 2024. The streets have become our sanctuary, and the evolution of streetwear and culture over the past few years has been an incredible sight. Today, let's explore how streetwear has grown from the pandemic to the present day and how Brooklyn Cloth is at the forefront of the men’s streetwear game. 

The Evolution of Streetwear: A Journey from Covid to 2024

The pandemic has undeniably shaped the trajectory of men's fashion. With TikTok's rise and society stuck inside, comfort is king. The casualization of clothing, a comfort-first mentality, and increased expressive self-style have become the pillars of contemporary streetwear. The streetwise fashion trends of 2024 embody a fusion of comfort, functionality, and workwear – a perfect blend that defines Brooklyn Cloth's catalog.

Brooklyn Cloth's New Arrivals

Let's keep it real here. Brooklyn Cloth has started 2024 on a roll. It has created some fire garments to keep you looking fresh all year. The Seeking Balance Hoodie from Brooklyn Cloth is a prime example of how comfort and style can be blended. With its unique embossed design, this hoodie is not just a piece of clothing; it's artwork. From graphic tees that speak volumes to effortlessly cool joggers, Brooklyn Cloth's latest offerings are a testament to the brand's commitment to staying on top of the trends. 

Embracing Workwear: A Brooklyn Cloth Signature Move

The infusion of workwear elements into streetwear has caught fire in 2024. Brooklyn Cloth is certainly tapped in on the movement, introducing a range of workwear-inspired pieces that effortlessly bridge the gap between utility and style.

If you are looking for the perfect workwear style pants, check out the Four-Way Stretch Cargo Pant and the Utility Canvas Carpenter Pant both perfect examples of how functional workwear can become a part of your everyday fits. These pants are designed for men who are always on the move, appreciating durability and functionality.


Sport Jerseys: A Grand Slam in Streetwear

Sporty jerseys emerge as a standout subcategory of streetwear trends for 2024. A slight trend starting in Europe as “Bloke Core,” all types of sports jerseys have seamlessly merged athletic aesthetics with streetwear. Brooklyn Cloth has recognized and embraced this trend wholeheartedly, introducing an array of sports jerseys that add an extra layer of pop to your streetwear game.

Our Sports Jersey Top Picks: 


The NY Excelsior Baseball Jersey takes the home plate, embodying the spirit of the city's energy and sports culture. This jersey isn't just an homage to baseball; it's a statement piece. The classic design and quality craftsmanship make it a versatile piece worn with sweats or jeans for a casual look. 

The LA Pinstripe Baseball Jersey brings some LA flair to your closet. Similar in silhouette, the pinstripe detailing adds a subtle yet stylish element, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stand out without being too flashy. 


If you're seeking something with a bit more edge, the Originals Fleece Baseball Shirt should be on your radar. This jersey redefines comfort with its soft fleece fabric while maintaining a distinct sporty aesthetic. Whether heading to a game, hitting the streets, or chilling with friends, this piece blends athletic and streetwear styles. . 


Bomber Jackets: The Ultimate Streetwear Essential

There is no discussion that the peak season in men's streetwear is autumn weather, and no list is complete without highlighting the charm of bomber jackets. In 2024, Brooklyn Cloth takes charge with the Ain't No Saint Twill Bomber and the Twill Bomber. These jackets effortlessly elevate any casual outfit and are a great way to layer—a critical method in 2024.

Incorporating Statements into Everyday Outfits

Let's talk about seamlessly incorporating these Brooklyn Cloth garments into your streetwear repertoire.

Styling Tips for Sport Jerseys

  1. Casual Calm Fit: Wear your jersey with oversized baggy jeans and sneakers for an easygoing, calm look. The laid-back vibe of a jersey makes it perfect for weekend outings or catching up with the boys. 

Pair with:

Carhartt WIP Brandon Pant

Nike Air Max 95

  1. Keep Layering: Experiment by throwing a long-sleeved shirt or hoodie under your jersey. Try out different fabrics, like a waffle knit shirt, to give the fit more depth. 

Pair with: 

Waffle Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  1. Street Style Statement: Pair the jersey with joggers or baggy sweatpants. This combination exudes a trendy fit that's both comfortable and stylish.

Pair with:

Nike x Stussy Sweatpants

  1. Footwear Options: Choose your footwear wisely. Sneakers are the safe choice, but don't be dismayed by boots or loafers for a more elevated look.

Pair with:

Adidas Country OG Sneakers 

Styling Tips for Workwear Pieces

  1. Street-Smart Fusion: Pair workwear-inspired pants with a fitted hoodie or sweater to have the proper proportions. 

Pair with: 

Stussy Sport Crewneck

  1. Flawless Functionality: Embrace the purpose of these pants with a basic tee and rugged boots. Add a utility jacket for an extra layer of functionality.

Pair with: 

Liberaiders Officer Jacket

Timberland Euro Hiker Leather Boot  

  1. Monochrome Magic: Using a monochrome color palette, create a valid look. Combine workwear pants with a matching jacket for a cohesive yet stylish outfit.

Pair with: 

Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket

Carhartt WIP Detroit Jacket

Styling Tips for Bomber Jackets

  1. Streetwear Sophistication: Elevate your streetwear game by layering a bomber jacket over a hoodie and wide-leg jeans. Accessorize with a tote bag.

Pair with: 

Brooklyn Cloth Triple Needle Stitch Hoodie

Stussy Tote Bag

  1. Dress It Up: Wear it over a collared shirt and trousers for a chill sartorial fit that merges street and sophistication.

Pair with:

Dime Relaxed Cargo Cord Pants

Champion Striped Rugby Shirt

As we continue navigating the ever-shifting landscape of men's fashion, Brooklyn Cloth has you covered with pieces that will keep you looking your best on the streets. 2024 is the year of bold statements, unmatched coziness, and a celebration of individual style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces and find your lane! So, gear up, hit the streets, and let your style make a statement that's loud, proud, and undeniably fly.

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