Mastering the Shacket Game: A Style Guide for Every Occasion

Mastering the Shacket Game: A Style Guide for Every Occasion

Mastering the Shacket Game: A Style Guide for Every Occasion

Hey there, #BkFam! When it comes to stylish yet versatile streetwear, the Shacket reigns king as the perfect blend between street and casual wear. The shacket effortlessly combines a jacket's structure with a shirt's comfort. 

Prepare for a journey through the intricate world of men’s shackets, where warmth and style collide, ensuring wearers cozy yet quality garments. As a Brooklyn Cloth insider, I'm your style guru, here to explain why the shacket should be a staple in your closet. Join me as we unthread the history, dive into distinctive features, and unveil dope-style tips for the shackets that are dominating the fashion game.

History of Shackets:

The term "shacket" itself is a blend of "shirt" and "jacket," mirroring its double nature. Initially gaining popularity in the early 20th century, garments like the shacket were originally worn for workwear and labor-intensive purposes. Workers wore them exclusively to benefit from the durable yet comfortable structure. Fast forward to today, shackets are now embraced by a wide demographic, and they've evolved into a statement in casual wear.  

The Shacket’s Unique Features and Style Elements:

Brooklyn Cloth's got a shacket lineup as stacked as your fantasy team. Let's dive into the arsenal of shackets designed to up your drip and elevate your closet. 

  1. Heavy Flannel Shacket

Vintage meets today’s upgraded quality. The Heavy Flannel Shacket brings the classic plaid pattern to life with an updated twist. Want to know the method? The heavy flannel material – it's not your average lousy flannel. It brings ruggedness and warmth, making it perfect for colder seasons. Throw this shacket over your favorite tee, wide-leg jeans, and sneakers for a look nobody can hate. 

  1. Thermal-Lined Flannel Shacket

Dressing to be warm never looked so cool. The Thermal-Lined Flannel Shacket takes warmth to the next level without compromising style. Since this shacket is thermal lined, it is designed to trap more body heat, insulating your body against cold outdoor air by preventing heat loss. Rock it under an overcoat with baggy sweats and chunky sneakers for the ultimate cozy street vibe.

  1. Brown Brushed Wool Shacket


For those who appreciate menswear and intricate details, the Brown Brushed Wool Shacket is your ticket to sophistication. Brushed Wool is one of the most sought-after fabrics for the fall and winter, and here at Brooklyn Cloth, we are your supplier! The fiber is breathable and insulated, keeping you warm in our shacket once the temperature drops. Elevate your sartorial style by pairing it with a button-up shirt, tailored trousers, and loafers – a look that is date-night adequate.

  1. Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket

No hoodie? No Problem! Unleash the hype beast inside of you with the Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket. Zip it up or down; both looks are fire. The zip closure and hood are the difference maker in this shacket. It bridges the gap between functionality and fashion, allowing you to take a laid-back approach to the fit with the hood. Combine it with cargo pants, a statement beanie, and low-top kicks for a look that's bound to be on the Explore page.

  1. Heavy Knit Shacket

This garment is all about texture and minimalism with the Heavy Knit Shacket. The knitted fabric adds a layer of warmth and flexibility to the shacket. Take more of a workwear approach and pair it with a heavy canvas jacket and carpenter pants. This shacket is a boss move and will be a staple in your closet. 

Shacket Styling Unleashed:

Now that you know all about Brooklyn Cloth’s wide variety of Shackets, let's dive deeper into how to style your shacket. 

  1. Casual Cool with Plaid Perfection:


Throw the Heavy Flannel Shacket on over a tee, making sure it’s in a color that pairs with the flannel pattern, baggy jeans, and a pair of your favorite sneakers. Both high-top and low-top sneakers would work perfectly. Leave the shacket open to showcase your fire tee and add accessories like chains and watches. 

Brain Dead T-Shirt

Carhartt WIP Brandon Pant

Adidas Country OG Sneakers 



  1. Warmth Equals Drip:


The Thermal-Lined Flannel Shacket is perfect for a cozy street-style look. Layer it under an overcoat or trench coat with sweatpants and dad shoes. Accessorize with a tote bag for a ready-to-explore look.

Uniqlo 2 Way Single-Breasted Coat

Nike x Stussy Sweatpants

Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Cage 2    


  1. Dapper in Wool Bliss:

Dip into the vast world of menswear with the Brown Brushed Wool Shacket. Toss an elegant button-up rugby shirt, casual trousers, and loafers. Remember your sunglasses for when the paparazzi take pictures of you!

Eastside Golf Rugby

Helmut Lang Tab Trouser 2 Juniper

Dr. Martens Adrian Carrara Tassel Loafer   

  1. Streetwear Staple


Stick to trends with the Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket. Zip it up for a tech-inspired look, or let it hang loose for laid-back cool. Pair this shacket with cargo pants, a fire beanie, and low-profile sneakers – a look that screams “they must be verified on Instagram.”

Carhartt WIP Cole Cargo Pant

Stussy Skullcap Basic Logo Stitch

Adidas Gazelle Sneakers    


  1. Knit Magic in Every Layer:


The Heavy Knit Shacket is the sleeper pick in your closet. Diamond in the rough. For this workwear ensemble, throw it under a canvas jacket with streetwear with carpenter pants, climbing boots, and a crossbody bag for a look ready to take on the streets, one textured layer at a time.

Levi's Potero Denim Hoodie Jacket

Carhartt Wip Og Single Knee Pant

Timberland Euro Hiker Leather Boot  



Feel free to mix and match. Layer your Shackets over clothes you feel comfortable wearing and a look perfect for the unpredictable city weather. Use your creativity to your advantage!

The Last Word on Shackets:

Brooklyn Cloth's shackets aren't just outerwear; they're the golden ticket to street style dominance. Armed with the Heavy Flannel Shacket, Thermal-Lined Flannel Shacket, Brown Brushed Wool Shacket, Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket, and Heavy Knit Shacket, you're now equipped to navigate the streetwear landscape while also tapping into sartorial menswear. 

Elevate your wardrobe, turn heads, and make a lasting impression – the shacket way. Unlock the potential of styling with The Shacket, from Brooklyn Cloth.

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