Breaking the Rules at BKCL with Dario x NxG

Breaking the Rules at BKCL with Dario x NxG

Coming up artists Dario of New Jersey and NxG of Philadelphia have recently collaborated on their new hit single “Breaking the Rules”. The music video premiered on January 29 with these fellas geared up in their Brooklyn Cloth hoodies, jackets, graphic tees, and joggers. No rules broken here!

Breaking the Rules

The boys gave us the inside scoop on everything from their music careers to their fashion sense, and it’s nothing short of iconic and inspiring.

What’s the story behind the start of your music career? What inspired you to pursue it?

Dario: I played baseball my entire childhood and had dreams of making it to the MLB. That dream came to a quick end when I began getting benched on an all star team. I needed something else to occupy my time and turned to music. My love for performing was instant, and that's when I knew I wanted to pursue music for the rest of my life.

NxG: Music touched me at a time when I really needed it. It was a dark time in my life and it spoke to me because it reminded me that other people felt that way, too. So, I really wanted to do that for other people.


How would you describe your music style? What is your creative process like?

Dario: I write pop records and catchy hooks, but listen to everything. My creative process begins in the home studio, where I record off the top, and start to piece the song together from there.

NxG: I grew up listening to rock bands like Nirvana, and realized that this was becoming a “dying” genre while Hip Hop was on the rise. So my music style is an implementation of everything I like. I view my “creative process” as more of a job than a process. I sit down, create the environment I need, and get to it.


What made you choose Brooklyn Cloth to collab with? What does our brand mean to you?

Dario: I love the look and feel of Brooklyn Cloth. It's super comfy, casual, and looks great going to school or out for lunch with the boys. Brooklyn Cloth to me means bringing it back to that old school attire with a flare of freshness to give me that “all around” star look when I'm on stage.

NxG: Dario suggested collabing with this brand, and I just went with it. But then I saw one of Brooklyn Cloth’s jean jackets and I was SOLD.. like oh yeah! I learned a lot about the culture while being at the headquarters in New York City, and I’m liking what I see. You feel like you’re part of the culture. I wear Brooklyn Cloth almost everyday, but especially when I want to just flex on everyone without having to try.

Dario releases his new single “Your Poison” this month. It’s his favorite song he’s written by far, so we’re excited for the drop! The single features electric guitars with a pumping 808 to get the whole crowd moving. Follow him on Instagram for live videos and weekly posts on YouTube. Things are also coming together for NxG as a musician. His new single and music video is expected to debut on March 19. Keep an eye out for his fresh Brooklyn Cloth jean jacket!

So, what’s your next big move? Grab your Brooklyn Cloth gear and chase your dreams like these two stars!

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