The Many Types of Boys’ Joggers

The Many Types of Boys’ Joggers

The Many Types of Boys’ Joggers

Nowadays, jogger pants are no longer synonymous with being a couch potato, thanks to the phenomenon of “athleisure wear.” They have become a highly fashionable piece of clothing worn daily by enthusiasts all over the planet.

 Jogger pants are known for their versatility, but it’s important to know the different types of jogger pants that exist. The style your boy chooses will depend on:

  • what style he is going for
  • where he plans to wear them
  • the feel he likes in a pant


 We’ve created a boy’s joggers guide to help you find the one that best suits him, but keep in mind he is not limited to just one style!


Twill Joggers



Twill jogger pants feature numerous advantages. They are durable, they don’t wrinkle easily, and they stain less than joggers made of other fabrics. They are perfect for any young man looking to play outside as he pleases without you fearing that he’ll ruin his joggers. Plus, our jogger pants come with an elasticized drawstring waistband, deep side pockets, and a cuffed ankle in a variety of colors. 

Moto Knit Joggers


Boys Joggers


The moto knit joggers offer an edgier look. They boast a ribbed moto detail at the front of the knees, a tapered-leg, and, of course, the classic ankle cuffs joggers possess. Our boy’s moto twill joggers will allow your son to encounter the best of both worlds: comfort and fashion.


The khaki color of our moto knit jogger makes it easy to pair with many top colors such as navy blue, white, black, and green.


Fleece Joggers

 Boys Fleece joggers


Our fleece jogger pants are characterized by their ultra-comfortable fabric, making them the perfect bottom to be worn in cooler weather, around the house for a quiet weekend at home, or even as his favorite pajama bottoms! These fleece jogger pants are also the perfect choice for your boy’s cool and relaxed everyday outfit. They feature cuffed ankles, deep side pockets, and an elasticized drawstring waistband as well.


Camo Joggers

Boys camo joggers 

Our boy’s camo twill joggers are the comfier and cooler version of our camo pants. They feature deep side pockets for your boy to store his belongings safely. The blend of cotton and spandex results in a super comfortable jogger that he’ll be able to wear for many occasions. Despite being made of a distinct pattern, these joggers are so versatile and can be paired with several neutral colors.


Joggers are the in-look. We guarantee the young men in your life will want a pair in every style!


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