Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth Savages Bomber Jacket is available at for a limited time.


Breathe Carolina started in Denver, Colorado and have now become a very popular electronic dance band. Their music attracts those who are the dreamers and believers. The fans feel a connection by inhaling in the lyrics and exhaling the beat. They produced an album called Savages and wrote a song called Savages. The inspiration behind this powerful word means it is for those who live their life the way that they want to and chase their dreams. The Breathe Carolina fans have a huge impact on the DJs aka the band and are even referred to as savages. The savage way of life is connecting with strangers who turn into friends. They find a sanctuary where they are not judged by others who look down on them. The “savages” are personified as wolves in their own skin meaning they mark their territory, go after what they desire and run with a pack; never alone.

These are the rebels in society who do not want to listen to how they should live their life. They have their eyes set on something and they go for it never looking back. The chorus part of the song really ties into the meaning of Savages. (Wolves in our own skin! (WHAT?!) We're savages, we act so primitive (WHAT?!) We're savages Do the rain dance, like you're on fire).

Breathe Carolina might have created a musical connection first with fans but as the years progressed they created a bond stitched together by one word and embroidered into a jacket. Breathe Carolina does not just produce music they produce a lifestyle that speaks to a certain group. If there are lost souls trying to find who they are the community of savages welcomes everyone and anyone. By this connection, it is a direct reflection on the lifestyle of Breathe Carolina and their fans. The fans find this to be so powerful that majority have gotten savages tattooed or worn something custom made that shows they are a savage.


The future of the savages will only grow and soon will become a global movement. Since this is happening and growing into a movement Breathe Carolina will find more ways to connect with fans and run with the pack. The Savages bomber jacket is just the start of something that brings this group together.


Breathe Carolina will always leave a mark on the hearts of the true Savages.


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