New York Signature Souvenir Jacket

New York Signature Souvenir Jacket

It’s all about where you travel and the memories you make

There’s a new kind of souvenir that tells a story rather than having a million kitchen magnets. We proudly present the first NY Souvenir Jacket. The story behind the souvenir jackets will leave you on the edge of your seat and make you want to purchase quickly right from  Souvenir jackets were given to the American soldiers to commemorate their time overseas and included bright, ornately hand-crafted designs from Japan in WWII. The jackets were noted for solider admiration and something that becomes a part of you.

We had the opportunity to sit with one of our in-house designers who took the lead on designing this NY Souvenir Jacket. Jason explained that he looks at everything and anything that he believes would be eye catching. He finds inspiration from the photos he takes and brain storms different ways on how to create one of a kind master pieces. Another factor that comes into play for Jason is that he grew up in Queens and went to school in Brooklyn. He mentions that everyone in every borough has their own way of style and representing where they are from. The NY Souvenir Jacket is something for people to remember from a trip to New York.

 “This is not a new trend everything old becomes new again and it is special because it is new, but the aesthetic is old but has grown into renewed appreciation” – Jason Mei.

This jacket is meant to be fun and a traditional piece for those who travel to New York. On the back side in the middle is the Statue of Liberty she stands bold and proud watching over the 5 boroughs of New York. The significance of the fact that the jacket is reversible is more of an aspect of discovery. No one would really know that it is reversible by looking at a picture of the jacket. This is the element of surprise.

Jason quoted “I wouldn’t necessarily design a piece like this for another state because this is something that is supposed to be memorable, working and growing up in the streets of New York doesn’t compare to other boroughs in other states. This felt so genuine to me because New York is a part of who I am.”


“The subtle design and impact piece at large is rewarding to someone of curiosity” – Jason Mei.

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