Brooklyn Cloth Does Go National Skateboarding Day

Brooklyn Cloth Does Go National Skateboarding Day

Written by: Lauren Jackson

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Yesterday, June 21st, was National Go Skateboarding Day, and we here at Brooklyn Cloth highly condone this type of fun activity. Not only that but we decided to participate in some of the fun ourselves.


In typical Brooklyn fashion, Homage Brooklyn Skate Shop ( and Bucketboard, ( a non-profit organization that works to build skateboards out of trash to give to kids who otherwise wouldn't have skateboards, partnered together in hosting a pop-up Go Skate Day BBQ. The traditional hamburgers and hotdogs were attendance but more importantly an indoor half pipe was constructed for any skater who wished to join in the fun.

We decided to join in the fun, pass out some great Brooklyn Cloth tanks (that paired well with the first day of Summer warm weather), and mingle with a great community of skaters and artists alike.



Go Skateboarding Day was founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) on June 21, 2004. What began with a few skate sessions and barbeques held in Southern California, the unofficial capital of skateboarding; has turned into a worldwide holiday.

According to the IASC, they wish to showcase what skateboarding is all about; which is tight night community of athletes and artists in their own right.

We could not agree more. Yesterday and everyday we always feel welcomed by the skating community and we’re excited to continue our relationship with all the amazing and unique skating individuals.

Want to join in on National Go Skateboarding Day? Check out our list of the 5 best skate shops in NYC to pick up a new deck.

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