Brooklyn Cloth Vday Gift Guide

Brooklyn Cloth Vday Gift Guide

February 14th is right around the corner…have you bought something special for your special someone yet?  Valentine’s Day is about sharing with your family, friends and partners the love you have for them.  Unfortunately, some get caught up in the stress that finding the perfect gift can bring.  Not to worry!  Here are our Top 10 buys for your perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year.

What better style to shop than our Rose embroidered products.  Our BRKLYN Rose Embroidered Sweatshirt and BRKLYN Rose Embroidered Jogger Pants are at the top of our list for the perfect gifts to get for your loved ones this holiday. 

These two comfy and stylish items represent the romantic holiday with the official flower of love embroidered on them.  Fellas, your gals might say they don’t want flowers this year but this purchase would cover you for a gift and roses just in case they change their mind! Ladies, show your men that flowers can be both romantic and manly at the same time.  If you buy now, you can even save some cash and get them as a bundle for $60! 

Don’t know your loved one’s size?  Want to get them this same design but in something they can wear daily?  Check out our Rose “Dad Hat” Baseball Cap.  This hat comes in black and still has the romantic red rose embroidered on it.  Great for everyday use.

Not feeling roses this time, no problem.  Here’s a few more of our top suggestions.

The “Good Vibes” Black Jogger Pants: Good vibes are required for a successful Valentine’s Day.

The Red Hustle Jogger Pants: Red…for Valentine’s Day?  Yes, it’s really that simple!


Where are our Breathe Carolina fans at?  Brooklyn Cloth and Breathe Carolina have teamed up to create this limited edition Savages White Bomber Jacket and “Hold Your Breath” Denim Jacket.  Get these fierce jackets before they’re gone.  Check them out below.

Spread love to people you don’t even know!  Take a look at our CMA collection.  Brooklyn Cloth has partnered with the Children’s Museum of Art to create Limited Edition products.  100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Children’s Museum of Art.  Below are a few choices from our CMA collection.  The “My Family” shirt represents the love we have for 

family, the “Dancing” shirt represents love in the form of innocence and friendship and the “Stick Together” shirt represents humans loving humans.  These shirts illustrate love perfectly for this holiday.


Valentine’s Day is about love.  Love for your family, friends, partners and fellow humans.  What’s important to remember is that love is also for yourself so if you don’t have a special someone to buy a gift for this Valentine’s Day…treat yourself!

Spread The Love and Happy Shopping!  

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