Brooklyn Cloth Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Brooklyn Cloth Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Its that time of year where you're bombarded by everything Holiday, from Starbucks Coffee cups, store windows competing to get the right Gift Giving Message, tons of emails and digital holiday ads. 

It can be overwhelming to pick out a thoughtful gift for that special someone for the Holiday Season, but we're here to help. 

Here are our Top 10 Holiday Gifts 

What to give a guy that has it all- The Jogger Pants. Whether he's dressy, sporty or casual, we have the style of jogger pants for him. One of our top 3 picks  is the Black Twill Joggers, French Terry Joggers and Motto Twill Joggers.  Not only is it a Customer Favorites but the fit is just right. It's not too tight and not too lose, which makes this Jogger a great gift. 

French Terry Jogger  

Twill Joggers

Motto Twill Joggers

What to gift a music lover- we have some limited Edition Jackets that can cover this dilema. 

Our Black Coaches Jacket loving worn by Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots is a fan favorite. It's lightweight enough for indoor wear and layering but also can be worn over hoodies, sweaters and other jackets. 

Black Coach's Jacket

Breathe Carolina Capsule Collection- this is very limited runs and exclusively design with Breathe Carolina voice and style in mind. 

Check out the Breathe Carolina Denim Jacket & Bomber. 

Breathe Carolina SVG Denim Jacket

Breathe Carolina white Bomber jacket

EMO Night Brooklyn Collection- we've teamed up with the guys from EMO Night Brooklyn and the 3M Reflectife jacket is one gift anyone would love to have! 

Emo Night Brooklyn Jacket

Gift for the artist- nothing says Art more than Paint Splatters and we've got all styles for you. From our Paint Splatter Hoodie to our Paint Splatter Denim Joggers, the artist will love creating works of art while wearing these stylish pieces. 

Gifts for the Sports Fanatics- Our Collaboration with UNK NBA Complex Con and ULTRA GAME is the perfect collection for them. With Limited Edition runs of the Chicago Bulls, Golden Stare Warriors and Cleaved Cavaliers, they'll look good on and off the court. 

Chicago Bulls Jersey

Ultra Game NFL Jacket

Golden State Warriors Sweatshirt

Some standout pieces are Ultra Game Patch Jacket, Chicago Bulls Baseball Jersey and Golden State Warriors Crew Neck sweater. 

And if all else fails, you cant go wrong with an Amazon Gift Card. 


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