Brooklyn Finds- Made by Hand Markets

Brooklyn Finds- Made by Hand Markets

Brooklyn Finds- Made by Hand Markets 

Just in time for the gift giving season, we spoke with Monifa Kincaid, founder of Made By Hand Markets. 

Monifa Kincaid, founder of Made By Hand Markets.

What inspired you to create Made by Hand Markets Questions? 

One of the first reasons why I created Made By Hand Markets was because I found that various other markets that I had been participating in or had my eye on were either extremely expensive, weren't properly curated or didn't really provide much in the way of value for the vendors.  I started to speak with other artists trying to get their work out there who were experiencing the same frustrations and thought, there may be an idea here! I wasn't finding the right kind of events that I felt met my standards and so that's really how Made By Hand Markets was born.

What differentiates Made by Hand Markets from other venues?

What sets Made By Hand Markets apart from other markets can be answered in two parts; the first being in the care and consideration to properly curate an artisan market.  You are indeed going to find some of the best in handmade and design artisans in New York.  Visitors will see the difference in the quality of craftsmanship, design and presentation. Visitors are not going to find 6 or 7 of the same kinds jewelry, tote bags etc.; each artisan is distinctly unique at this market. The second item that differentiates this market from others is in the value that is offered to the artisans.  Artists receive full marketing and promotion on all of our social media channels and website, because the market is all about the artisans.  If the artist is having upcoming promotions before our market, we will promote that as well.  Also all artisans receive a light catered lunch and it is standard that they receive a table and a chair. Unfortunately some markets make you pay extra or don't offer this at all; you have to bring your own. 

Made by Hand Markets



What is the process for vendors to be part of Made by Hand Markets?

Interested artisans should submit a completed application on the website at; click on the tab labeled "vendor application" in the menu.  After the application is submitted, artisan vendors will receive a decision within 2 weeks (but its usually less than that). After an artisan has been accepted, I will email them to schedule a phone interview.  Reading about someones artistry and looking at photos is one thing; but I believe it is so important to hear how they began their artisan journey.  I like to know more about who they are as an artist, their background and how they became and artisan entrepreneur.

What story is Made by Hand Markets trying to share with the community?

First and foremost I want the public to shop and support local artisans. I want consumers to shift their spending habits and think artisan and local first before heading to the big corporations.  I know Rome wasn't built in a day but I believe this shift is possible. Baby steps are still steps, right!

What is the big picture plan for the venue? 

In 2018 we will have markets almost every month in Brooklyn (March 3rd, April 7th and May 5th are confirmed and more will come) and we will also begin having markets in the DMV area. We are also working on these markets being a full artistic experience.  Loads of new ideas are on the horizon however I can't give it all away.

What would you say to someone that is considering visiting the location? Any insider tips? 

You are going to want to purchase everything that you see!  Get ready! You will also be greeted as if you are coming to a family reunion. How? Literally my family and very close friends are my team.  

Also, if you feel the need to break out into a two-step; be my guest! Larissa Velez-Jackson, LVJjay is our DJ! The music is going to be right!



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