Brooklyn Music Festival X Brooklyn Cloth

The Brooklyn Music Festival has been around for 4 years as of August 2017. The festival is always held at Governor's Island on August 6th. The story behind this festival is like no other! Back during the 17th century Dutch settlers built homes all over New York for a permanent stay. Majority moved to Brooklyn but little did they know that at some point in time there would be such a diverse culture. The festival is tied into a historical day that celebrates all types of local music artists.

Governor's Island used to be the Navy shipping yard years ago, now it is home to some of the most well known festivals in the world. Also if you walk around the island you will notice that there are still all the living quarters from the men and women who lived in the shipping yards. This place is a historical landmark and none of the building will ever be knocked down because of the history behind it.

The festival is free to attend after a certain time frame. The only way to get to Governor's Island is by a ferry that runs every half hour from the time a festival starts to the end. The artists at BMF were of different genres of music that ranged from hip hop, R&B, rap, freestyle and dance. Some artists are locals of Brooklyn or other New York boroughs and then some are out of towners looking to make it big. Vendors come to the Brooklyn Music Festival every year.

This year on August 6, 2017 Brooklyn Cloth was one of those vendors. Prior to the event we wanted to do something special because BMF partnered with the organization Woman against domestic violence and we wanted to donate to this nonprofit organization. We brain stormed with the festival coordinators and our in house design team on how we can make this happen. The team created these Brooklyn Music Festival event tees that our marketing team would sell at the event. For every tee that was sold a percentage would go to the nonprofit.

We even designed the staff / volunteer shirts as well as made limited edition tees for the artists under Unfamous. The Brooklyn Cloth team also brought some of our own inventory from the website to sell as well. While at the event there were a lot of food vendors that were local New Yorkers and well known vendors such as Nestle Nesquick. You are probably thinking how did Brooklyn Cloth carry all of the merchandise to the island, well as a vendor you get VIP service and allowed to take your car on a particular ferry. Our team had a really great time making connections with the artists and we hope to continue our partnership with BMF in the following years to come.

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