The official Emo Night Brooklyn X Brooklyn Cloth Collection

The official Emo Night Brooklyn X Brooklyn Cloth Collection

Calling all Emo Night Fans, the boys are back at Brooklyn Cloth and man do they have some awesome news for you!

As many of you know Emo Night Brooklyn was started by two best friends who still love to jam out on stage with all their fav peeps. We have been with them for a little while and it has been one epic journey to be a part of their life style. We at Brooklyn Cloth will continue to grow a major partnership with these guys and welcome them with open arms into the fam! Emo Night Brooklyn (ENB) wanted to create their own merchandise but wanted to make it so exclusive that fans could only get it at the shows. They started off with the famous Scream.Dance. Rage.Repeat crew neck tee and were selling them at every event. Pretty soon as their website grew and became noticed by many they created an online shop to get all your ENB merchandise. Well as the tee, which became so popular and the words became a movement started by Ethan and Alex.

 ENB Promotional Tee for men

So, the result was to launch a capsule collection with us! Through many hurdles on what to design next the design team at Brooklyn Cloth brain stormed some sick looking jackets that all punk lovers would want to get their hands on. After every meeting was a break through because we came up with the ultimate solution and it was to have these items available on On our website, we do have the famous Scream.Dance. Rage.Repeat crew neck tee as well as two new jackets! The designs are one of a kind thanks to the design team and Ethan and Alex who wanted to showcase their passion for what they love!

The first is the ENB limited edition coach’s jacket! The material is made of a light polyester fabric, snap button front, mesh lining on the inside and drawstrings at the bottom. We can’t forget the awesome ENB logo patch on the front as well as the very detailed “Greatest Hits” design on the back. This jacket is super comfortable and perfect for spring, fall and rainy weather. Get your punk on in this limited-edition jacket designed just for you!

Limited Edition ENB coach's jacket

The second jacket is the ENB limited edition reflective coach’s jacket with a hood! The material is a little heavier than the original jacket above but still has the same logo on the front and on the back. The best part about this jacket is that it is reflective! The color appears grey but when you flash a picture it turns and you shine bright like a star on stage. This jacket is perfect for the rain and water resistant to help keep dry from those stormy days.

ENB reflective coach's jacket for men

The last item is the famous ENB promo tee that they guys have been selling at all their events. We are so proud to have this iconic tee on the Brooklyn Cloth website. The color is called black marl which is a black fabric blended with a charcoal grey yarn with a soft to the touch feel. The print on the front is a screen print of exactly what Emo Night Brooklyn stands for! Everyone needs this tee especially because of the words and meaning behind it.

 Scream Dance Rage Repeat Tee

The boys will keep coming up with amazing designs that we will have available on so makes sure you get them before they are all sold out. These are limited edition pieces that will only be around for a short amount of time.

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