Brooklyn's Favorite Woven Shirt & Short Sets

Brooklyn's Favorite Woven Shirt & Short Sets Brooklyn Cloth

Brooklyn's Favorite Woven Shirt & Short Sets

Hey, #bkfam! What's a casual summer day without a woven shirt and pair of shorts to set the mood of comfort with fashion. Brooklyn Cloth has perfected the look of effortless fashion to bring you our trendiest sets yet! Textiles have been a big factor in changing how we prepare clothing. By creating woven shirts and shorts that fit your personality and daily activity this is the most dependable addition to your closet yet! The breathable material has made your scorching summer days much more relaxing, now you can enjoy the hot sun without breaking a sweat. The flowy material in our woven shirts gives all the tropical vibes you desire during vacation time which creates better lifelong memories, especially when you are feeling a nice breeze with a stylish top!

Now, how can woven tops and bottoms be integrated into daily life? Well, it’s simple, with Brooklyn Cloth we strive for versatility with our clothing and have created designs that are great for trips to the coast, or maybe a stroll around town, and even summer gatherings have made woven shirts and shorts a staple item in your closet. Ultimately Brooklyn Cloth wants to enhance the design but have the classic styling elements added to our tops and bottoms. There are now different variations in how you prepare for the hot summer days.


Origin of woven shirts & shorts

Textiles derive from the Latin word ‘texere’ meaning ‘to weave’ which has come from a long line Latin history. The first use of textiles can be dated back 100,000 years in Egypt! The development of linen, mattresses, and even baskets were all being created by similar textiles. The natural and reusable fabrics of flax, silk, cotton, and wool have been used for thousands of years to produce clothing in a sustainable way.

Now when easing into the modern world, the Caribbean Island of Bermuda came to popularize shorts which led to the idea of a shirt and short set! Moving to Great Britain in the 20th century, lots of soldiers in the Royal military soon began to migrate to a local tea shop owned by a native Bermudian Nathanial Coxon, from the sudden heat Coxon had the idea to cut pants into shorts for a finalized look which pleased his employees. The trend quickly followed in different countries where the cool bright colors and trendy styles brought life to even work clothing! This idea also furthered rights for women, who were fined for wearing shorts that were considered “too short,” but after the new wave of wearing knee length shorts women were also able to hop on the trend.


What’s the best woven shirt and shorts style for you?

In a period of constantly new and changing trends, we are here to help you elevate your closet and find the best tops and bottoms to beat the summer heat. Summer gatherings are quick but when they’re here we must take the time to enjoy them. So, figuring out if you like woven pants, shorts, or shirts we here at Brooklyn Cloth have implemented variety into our styling to ensure you get the most out of this experience.

If you’re more “go with the flow” on a day-to-day occurrence, then we recommend the Good Times Ahead Shorts which are made with breathable material along with a cream color that can be mixed and matched with any type of clothing. It’s versatile and the color palette that is necessary for a throw it on type of look. Just think, a warm summer day with a slight breeze to make you feel as if you’re on vacation!

In the current day-to-day shopping experience, there are different types of fabrics to play around with, like:

  • Plain weave

 Plain weave material is a sturdy and reliable fabric that is used to create pieces like the flannel, which can be styled tied around the waist or worn buttoned up. Satin is a very trendy material used to create dresses, tops, and skirts, which have stayed relevant these past few years. Silk has great durability, shine, and history to make it popular in high-end couture design. Silk is used for gowns and dresses, skirts, and even tops. Denim is a classic piece that has always been a movement for fashion, think denim jackets, denim jeans, or even denim bags to have a very casual and cool look. Linen is a common material used for jackets, blazers, tops, and pants, which are probably what majority of your personal clothing items or even bed sheets are made of!


How to style woven shirts

Looking at what Brooklyn cloth has to offer, we have different options of print tops that are useful for many occasions. Our Grey Bandana Mix Print Shirt has a fun outdoors feel to it where styling with a pair of jeans can go perfectly. If we want to elevate the look a bit more, then let’s look into some layering. The Grey Bandana Shirt along with black cargo pants, grey Reeboks, and a black puffer coat creates a cool street fit for walking in the streets of Brooklyn. The great part of woven shirts is that they aren’t too difficult to put with other clothing pieces.


Styling woven jackets

Street wear mixed with sportswear is a recipe for having the hottest outfit. To gather the items needed for a cool outfit first take a look at our Red Woven Bomber Jacket, which gives the high school varsity jacket  vibe. To style this, we suggest a black jeans to accompany the black sleeves of the jacket along with air forces for a more sporty approach. To change things up a bit for a more lazy day look, our classic black core joggers are the best option for those rainy days where all you can do is throw on sweatpants. It’s all effortless when Brooklyn Cloth provides everything you may need!


Style tips

  • Know that woven shirts are practical and work with the weather conditions around you

  • Button up woven tops are already made to be worn in a variety of ways, try adding and accessorizing

  • Play with colors! Figure out what color you like on yourself and compliment it with other colors.

  • Layering! It’s a big way to improve your outfits. With jackets, long sleeve shirts and accessories will never let you down.


Clothing Care

No matter the price of your clothing, it’s always advisable to care for them in the best way possible to ensure a long-lasting article of clothing. To do so one must understand what fabric it is and follow washing and drying instructions as they appear. Detergents and fabric softeners are sometimes harsh as well, so be careful with washing clothes. Make sure to read all instructions on cleaning products before using them! We want to preserve our Brooklyn Cloth merch for as long as we can!


For more delicate clothing like satin, you’ll want to go for a light wash cycle, lower the speed, and use cool or cold water. For a woven material, a great suggestion would be hand washing to ensure the fibers and colors stay intact and vibrant even years after purchase. Now if it’s an item that uses a denim material like a jacket or jeans, it’s best to wash on a light cycle with cool water and to hang dry or dry on low heat to avoid shrinking and fading.


Here are some Brooklyn Cloth Favorites:



 Woven pants styling        

Knowing how to style woven tops and jackets is one thing, but pants are something many people don’t consider often when shopping. Our pants set the tone for our outfits, are we feeling casual, maybe even fancy? Either way the most important part of an outfit requires an item many just throw on without giving proper thought on how to style it. Well, no worries; Brooklyn cloth has a variety of pants to allow everyone more thoughts on what pants they're buying. Our men’s Multi Pocket Cargo Pants will be that one item you wear every week because it will become a crucial portion of your closet!


With our Stretch Zip Cargo Pants the options for styling can vary. For a casual look for going to class, you should consider a classic hunter green crew neck, which will pair well with tennis shoes and a tote bag to give a classic yet up-to-date outfit for your day. Little things such as grocery shopping shouldn’t stop you from going out looking good in Brooklyn Cloth! Enjoy the good moments with good clothes, and style your woven pants with items in your closet that feel natural. One day it's a fleece hoodie and the next could be a trench coat for a professional setting. Changing it up is the best way to stand out and get the most compliments on what you're wearing, just let them know that you’re rocking Brooklyn Cloths most fashion forward clothes.

So now you know how to implement different fabrics into your wardrobe, specifically woven materials. With durability and style, you simply can’t go wrong. The toughest part of picking out clothing would be thinking about the care that comes after. We can’t neglect our clothes and Brooklyn Cloth has created clothing you’ll want to keep vibrant and wearable. Let’s remember to enjoy the daily fun and activities in stylish clothes that you can keep for years rather than spending a fortune trying to find items that will last long, when it all comes down to the care you are putting into your favorite items! The weather may be a little indecisive, but that doesn’t mean you have to be! Take your time in deciding your new summer aesthetics because it’s 2023 - a year for fresh starts and new killer looks.

From the development of woven clothing in ancient Egypt the idea of clothing creation has come a long way. Textiles are the main point when it comes to making clothes, from what material to how functional it will be for distribution. The colors, material, and style create a better experience which is surely a confidence boost for many, so take into consideration the efforts that have been going on since the beginning of time to create clothing! A fun form of expression has been revolutionary and no matter the climate or occasion the need for good quality clothes is still a main priority for us here at Brooklyn Cloth. It’s time to find your own style and, with the history of clothing and knowledge of the best styles, you can succeed in building your closet to fit your needs, location, occasion, and interests.

Finding what works for you can be a hassle, but hard work will always pay off especially when you look how you feel, which is amazing! Our #bkfam needs to be up to date on the newest trends and we are more than happy to provide the best details on how your next look needs to start with Brooklyn Cloth. With so many different categories of fabric and styles within those fabrics, the possibilities are endless, but for now let’s focus on styling your woven tops in the best way with our styling tips. Don’t be afraid to throw things together and look at your inspo to decide on what outfit will fit your beach day activity, or maybe your dinner night looks. Brooklyn Cloth is more than excited to see how everyone is going to rock the newest pieces, so make sure to tag us in your next IG posts @brooklyncloth or by using the hashtag #BKCLFam to your post!

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