What to Look For in Men’s Swim Shorts

What to Look For in Men’s Swim Shorts Brooklyn Cloth

What to look for in Men’s Swim Shorts

Spring is coming and with that the flowers will bloom, and the temperature will rise. So, to kick off the warm season, let’s prep for sweet summertime! If you’re struggling to remember where you stashed your swimwear from last season - maybe, it’s time to leave them in the past. At Brooklyn Cloth, we’ve got the best swimwear for men. Check out our men’s swim trunks and shorts collections.


Summer Swimwear Checklist


            When you’re getting ready for a season of outdoor fun, you must be prepared with more than just sunscreen! Looking at the laundry list of necessities for the beach trips you are planning they can be shortened by looking at what Brooklyn Cloth has to offer for our new men’s swimwear summer styles. These fresh looks are guaranteed satisfaction because they were made with care for you!


Shop for Men’s Swimwear Online with Ease


Take the time to browse our options of swim shorts to find what fits your personality best. And to find a good fit, check out the size guide. It can surely become intimidating to buy clothing online because you can’t try them on, but that’s the great part about Brooklyn Cloth. We have our #bkfam covered on all steps of the shopping experience.


It’s best to have at least 1 or 2 comfortable, quality swimwear items on hand before summertime because it’s always better to be prepared than to wait for summer when you’re ready to go to the beach and now must buy swimwear! Not to mention summer is the season where all the good swimwear runs out in stores and online. Here at Brooklyn Cloth, you don’t have to worry about being left out because you forgot to grab some swim trunks; we are here to guide you to your best options.


What to know about men’s swimwear

           Swimsuits were originally created to absorb water and dry quickly by using materials like wool or nylon, contrary to cotton, which took much longer to dry and stuck to skin in an uncomfortable way. Think of when you wear socks and accidentally get them wet - not the best feeling in the world, right? It was the same idea for swimsuits. Due to chaffing and skin irritation concerns, we strongly recommend getting quality swimwear! Quality is all about material. You don’t have to spend a fortune on swimwear, especially since it’s not an item for daily use.

            Modesty was a big thing in the early 1900s when swimwear came about. Although recreational swimming was usually done in the nude, the change inspired many different styles and protests. It was common for men’s swimwear to come with a top and bottom - tank suits were a style used often that was designed with short sleeves and knee length bottoms.


As the times changed, so did swimwear. In fact, more and more parts of swimwear for men were removed. From more generous cuts for armholes, to the option of two-piece sets, the market was evolving to the consumer demands.

            Once the idea of tops in men’s swimwear was vanquished, the market focused on style and accessories, which included beach shoes, robes, sunglasses, and hats. Patterns, colors, and different textures were all a part of the process to appease any type of man during leisurely activities. Men in America during the 21st century have simplified the swimsuit look and grew to prefer loose-fitting swim trunks (but there will still be the occasional Speedos on the beach!).


What’s the difference between swim shorts & swim trunks?


            The major differences between the swim short and swim trunk are in the style and features. More specifically, they can be worn in completely different instances. Starting with swim shorts they are the more practical item for being in water due to the materials. They ensure a quick dry and appropriate length to combat issues of irritation. If you like surfing or doing cannonballs into the pool, swim shorts are the best option for you.

            Now with swim trunks they are created for style rather than practicality. Now while these are the best for chilling on the beach or pairing with everyday clothing items to achieve the beach/surfer vibe, you can surely still utilize them for swimming purposes. The drawstring and pocket features on these shorts show how these are made for use outside the water. To hold your cell phone or even sunglasses, swim trunks are a staple item for your summer wardrobe.

            Whether you wear shorts or trunks, they both serve a purpose for comfort, style, and usefulness. Brooklyn Cloth has a variety of swimwear to choose from to exceed expectations. From aesthetics to material, just know we have you covered. Details are necessary, so we implemented side pockets, elastic drawstrings, and mesh lining. These shorts are great for in and out of the water, so don’t be afraid to have some fun while wearing your swim shorts!


Activities fit for swimwear

            Going to the beach is a relaxing time where you can sit and bask in the sun, take a swim in the ocean, or get active and play a few games in the sand. Whichever option fits you best it is crucial to see what swim items are more practical for each activity. Having an adjustable waistband and quick-dry material is a big part of a good pair of swim shorts. Ultimately picking the right swimwear will help you feel cool, comfortable, and at ease because nothing is worse than having a wardrobe malfunction at the beach!


  • Beach Volleyball

In the sand it can get a bit rough, especially playing an intensive game of beach volleyball. To combat the uneven playing ground, we suggest following the advice of Olympic athletes who train to compete every 4 years in this sport. Male beach volleyball players typically try to limit the amount of clothing they wear during a game while also understanding weather conditions and needing to regulate their body temperature. Since the game is played in the beaming hot sun, we suggest a loose tank top and breathable swim trunks. Brooklyn Cloth has your back with our Dusty Blue Swim trunks that bring a fresh and upbeat feel to the court!


  • Seashell Hunting

The ideal family and friend bonding activity to hunt seashells to take home as a new collection is an awesome beach activity. For family-friendly swim trunks with a vintage feel, Brooklyn Cloth has our that keep it subtle with a timeless vibe.


  • Soccer

For some sports action with your friends, get down and dirty in our Hunter Green Swim Shorts that have a dope look with subtle colors that won’t easily show stains. Soccer can get intense, so we want you to feel secure with what you’re wearing even in competitive soccer. It gets a bit physical, which means you need swim trunks with a strong elastic waistband to ensure you can have fun in the roughest situations without worrying about fashion mishaps.



Which swim trunks hug you best?


            Finding swimwear that fits you can be a bit intimidating, but the effort is worth the result in the end. There are certain criteria to hit when looking for swim trunks, including:

  • Body type
  • Comfortability
  • Modesty levels
  • Personality

Brooklyn Cloth is confident in our TRUE FIT items that offer more bang for your buck. Elastic drawstring waistbands adjust to your body and breathable poly fleece material both help you avoid irritation while taking a swim. Along with assistance before purchasing, we offer an accurate size guide for height, width, and length. Besides the measurements of the model, here are some ways to figure out your size:

  • Tape measure

Measure snug around your waist and then move to the fullest part of your hips.

  • Shoelace

If you have a ruler, you can mark the centimeters on a shoelace to easily tell what your measurements are!


Men’s swim styles for any occasion


            Some settings call for a beach vibe, and that means making the effort to style yourself in a subtle and cool way. Let’s avoid the cheugy beach look with the funky sunglasses, high-knee socks, fanny pack, and wacky patterns. Get ready to upgrade with different ways to style your swim trunks. We here at Brooklyn Cloth are excited to get you styled and ready for your next beach endeavor, whether that’s:

  • Dinner on the beach
  • Sunset beach walks
  • Bonfire building


  • Swimwear for dinner on the beach

During vacation with a significant other, a dinner on the beach is amazing. To match the romantic ambiance, we recommend our Mint Floral Swim Trunks that are versatile in terms of styling. These can be styled in a classic way to match a scenic view with a loose white button up and a simple pair of white slip-on shoes or white tennis shoes.


  • Walk along the beach in your favorite men’s swimwear.


            Evening strolls are the best ways to wind down after an eventful day, and subtle colors add to the calm setting. Brooklyn Cloth offers a subtle vibe in our swim trunks, so our Dusty Blue Stripe Shorts with a loose t-shirt can keep you nice and cool while the excitement from the day washes away. These shorts are perfect for kicking your feet in the water or even sitting on a boardwalk looking at the sunset. Now that we have set the mood, why wait to get a pair of multipurpose swim shorts?


  • Building a bonfire


            Beach days mean nice campfires, music, and roasted marshmallows. To tie in the fun activities, make sure to have a durable pair of swim shorts like the Green Vertical Swim Shorts, which can be paired with a thin green jacket or even a loose long sleeve white or green top to match. Campfires are meant to be fun but can get a bit hot - don’t worry, though, because our swim shorts are made with breathable materials to keep you at a regulated temperature.


            Swimwear doesn’t have to be difficult; you just must find the shops that care about quality just as much as you do. Brooklyn Cloth values putting your needs first and thinking of what you might need along with tips and tricks to get your fashion journey flowing as smoothly as possible. Vacation time can be a bit stressful, especially when shopping for items needed for your trips, but don’t take too much time figuring out what pair of swim trunks are cheapest. Brooklyn Cloth made sure to have quality and affordable swimwear to make your vacation a little easier.


Now that we have given you the tools to create your own looks and find the correct sizing you can confidently grab a fresh pair of swim shorts to show off during this upcoming season. Walks on the beach, hardcore soccer matches, and simple seashell hunts are all crucial memories you want to keep. We here at Brooklyn Cloth know what #bkfam is looking for, so we came to deliver on a large scale. New styles and patterns to create an unforgettable experience because the memories each season are what matters.


We are excited to see the looks you come up with while rocking Brooklyn Cloth’s newest swim shorts on your next tropical vacation. We made sure to have custom designs and patterns to make styling your new items creative and fun also so you can go out knowing you are rocking original Brooklyn Cloth. Gather your friends and family for some awesome pictures to post on your social media, then don’t forget to tag us @brooklyncolth or by using the hashtag #bkfam so we can see you having the time of your life with the people you care about in our high-quality swim shorts.


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