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Comfort Revolution

The Comfort Revolution

When taking your daily stroll around town, you may have noticed that the people around you have started to get more comfortable on the streets. Polos and jeans are being switched out for a sweatshirt and a nice pair of joggers. People are slowly starting to shift more towards soft and cozier materials as loose silhouettes have made a comeback.


What is loungewear?

You have probably heard the term ‘loungewear’ being thrown around here and there, but what is it really? Loungewear often gets confused with athleisure wear and while they’re in a similar category their products fulfill a different need. While athleisure wear focuses on clothes designed for activity, loungewear puts their focus towards comfort. Over the past years the concept of loungewear was taken to a whole new level when people started wearing it outside of their homes. Loungewear mainly consists of clothing pieces such as hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, sweatpants, and more.


Generational transitions

Many factors have contributed to the sudden shift of a more relaxed fashion environment, one of the biggest being the upcoming generations. The latest generation, Gen-Z (born from 1996-2010) has brought a whole set of new behavioral patterns. This generation is advocating for a more inclusive world in every way possible.

Body positivity plays a grand role in this movement as Gen-Z has started to favor clothing and fashion trends that look good on all figures. Baggy is in while the time of slim has passed.


The Onset of a New Era

After decades of people dressing to the nines in order to make an impression on the outside world, the desire for comfort has overtaken the ‘beauty is pain’ motto.

This change in style is partially a response to the pandemic, which created a world of chaos and isolation. Social factors from the outside world were taken away as well as your usual everyday routine. This psychological shift of confinement left many in a more careless state of mind. As people spent more time at home, they began prioritizing comfort over style. Baggy, soft, and stretchy materials became the norm.

Athleisure wear, which combines comfort and style, gained immense popularity. Transitioning from being behind a screen everyday back to an actual workplace has been though. As a result, people are using elevated loungewear to take their homes to the office. Individuals have learned to enjoy their work through a whole new lens, making money in comfort.


Loungewear rules for 2023

Before we dive into what items to add to your shopping cart this season, let’s first take a look at how men are pulling off these loungewear looks.   


For starters sticking to the basics is always a great option as mastering simplicity is key. You can create a stylish outfit by putting together simple yet structured pieces with certain details. While loungewear may be baggy at times you can still create a nice, tailored look with pieces that will highlight your physique. For example, joggers with tapered legs, a nice t-shirt, and so on.           


Joggers are a Loungewear Essential

#color_oliveA staple item needed in this train of comfort is our esteemed jogger pants. The pants are a perfect mix if you prefer a looser fit but want to leave your sludgy sweatpants at home. Our ‘zip detail buckle pocket twill cargo jogger’ is one of our best sellers. While shown in Charcoal Grey, the jogger also comes in other earth tones such as khaki, tobacco, white, and black. Don’t forget, versatility is key! With the pants’ neutral color scheme, it can match any color and will be the ideal wardrobe piece for fall.


You can style this pair of joggers for many different occasions. For example, are you looking to impress your friends or college mates? Take the chance now to express yourself with one of our graphic tees displaying various collaborations with other artists, engaging patters, and more laid-back styles if that’s your vibe. We also have plenty of hats and beanies that can be mixed and matched along with the outfit. Check out here our top three:

(Photos of)

  1. Napoleon Hendrix X Brooklyn Cloth: T-Shirt V2 White (color: White), Side Pocket Zip Twill Jogger 2.0 (Color: Charcoal Grey), Yellow Hustle Beanie 2 Pack Yellow 
  2. Zip Detail Buckle Pocket Twill Cargo Jogger (color: Olive), Tonal Embroidered Originals Long Sleeves Tee, Off the Cuff x Brooklyn Cloth: ‘I AM’ Cap Olive
  3. Camo Core Fleece Jogger 2.0 (color: Black Camo), Boxy LA Varsity Tee (color: French Navy), Daddy Dad Hat (Color: Black)






Recently, we have also done a collaboration with multidisciplinary artist VASH, a talented individual who specializes in digital illustrations, acrylic paintings, and murals. VASH’s work has been inspired by spirituality and other concepts in relation to mythology, folklore, etc. from cultures all over the world.

Our website now offers the limited collection of Brooklyn Cloth X VASH with 4 different products including tees, a hoody, and a hat with unique graphics. The collection features the ‘Glow T-Shirt’, inspired by the 2017 film drama “Glow”. The imagery is intended to convey the concepts of growth and transformation, illustrating how these processes become evident as we glow. This is a perfect outfit choice if you want to stand out and glow during one of your nightly escapades.



If you’re interested in exploring more of our limited collections, definitely make sure to check out our Napoleon Hendrix X Brooklyn Cloth Collection. The PROJECT show at Las Vegas is a collective display of contemporary apparel displaying the most high-quality clothing and accessories that are currently on trend. For our booth, we collaborated with Las Vegas-based artist Napoleon Hendrix to create a custom artwork at the PROJECT Show. The collection offers monochrome hoodies and tees with a pop of color and a fun graphic of our brand. All pieces are 100% ring-spun cotton and lightweight. They’re now available for a limited time only, so get your hands on it while you can! If you need some inspo on how to style these items, refer back to our joggers’ section or keep reading to find out what sweats are the best fit for these aesthetic tees & hoodies.


Comfort in the office

Moving on to a more professional look the ‘zip detail buckle pocket twill cargo jogger’ can become a great work asset to you or an investment as we are currently giving $20 off with the purchase of 2. The durable and thick quality prevents wrinkles and difficult stains meanwhile the elastic waistband lets you breathe after a tiring day or a long lunch. Creating the perfect work outfit won’t be a problem as the pants go with pretty much everything.


If you want to achieve that cleaner, more put together look, try on our ‘Olive Green Brushed Wool Shacket’ - a combination of a shirt and a jacket. The look resembles a shirt although a bit heavier, it’s quite soft as it’s a wool blend. If you may be leaning more towards completing the full look of elevated relaxation, a crewneck may be the better choice for you. Our Olive Gray ‘Under Construction’ crewneck is made of 100% poly fleece and falls a little oversized.


Monochrome Sets

Brooklyn Cloth is all for standing out with your looks, but we also have some great monochrome sets for when you want to keep it simple. Take for example a basic yet lavished pair of shorts with delicate touches such as its white ‘Diagonal Heat Seal Zip’. These comfort sets will give you a nonchalant yet effortlessly stylish appearance.

A unicolor outfit creates a cohesive and polished look for lounging at home or running errands. The act of dressing in monochrome helps create the illusion of an elongated body and uses the power of color to create any statement you want to make. If you want to build on some edge to the outfit, you can always dabble with using different shades to add depth to your look. Just have fun with this and see how it turns out.


Brooklyn Cloth offers a variety of matching sets displaying the monochromatic look. For example, you can find both the ‘Original Crewneck Sweatshirt’ and the ‘Original Fleece Short’ in a Red Cherry color. The sweatshirt and its matching shorts are created with precision and attention to detail, this offers both comfort and a touch of elegance. Fully crafted from Poly Fleece, it ensures durability and a soft, cozy feel. The sweatshirt provides a relaxed fit and ribbed cuffs while the shorts come with an elasticated drawstring waist ensuring a customized and secure fit.


If you do want to try out a bolder look, we have some fun tie-dye sets which are on sale right now! The ‘Tie Dye Polar Fleece Hoodie’ and ‘Tie Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants’ are both available in an earth tone and an aqua tone. These cozy sweat sets will get you ready for the winter as they’re all 100% Poly Fleece. Our tie dye hoodies include long sleeves, a drawstring hood, and a large pouch pocket that can hold all your key items. The tie dye sweatpants have side pockets and include an elastic drawstring waist for your best comfort. 


Be Unique

If you’re looking for sweat wear that is a little more memorable, checkout these next items!


(photo of Transformation Snake Drop Shoulder Crewneck Sweatshirt)

The ‘Transformation Snake Drop Shoulder Crewneck Sweatshirt’ includes a detailed front and back graphic and is a must for every season. The crewneck consists of a calmer palette with hints of soft-toned colors, it provides an oversized fit with some drop shoulders as well. Crewnecks are currently one of the best-selling items as they can be easily dressed up or down. Looking for a comfortable date-look, put a button-down shirt beneath your crew neck. Want to dress it down? Add a nice pair of sweatpants to the fit. Our ‘Transformation Snake’ crew neck is now on sale with more than 50% off so get yours ASAP!


If you’re debating on adding another distinctive piece to your collection look no further. Our ‘Dusty Rose Color Blocked Hoodie’ will bring new life into your closet. The hoodie creates a new level of coziness to your days since it’s 100% polyester fleece and has a kangaroo pocket that you can use to your comfort. This item is also for sale now with more than 50% off the original price. You may be looking for the perfect bottom to this hoodie and we have great news for you! It does have a matching pair of sweatpants, the ‘Core Dad Sweatpants’ to be exact. These sweats are also fully crafted with Poly Fleece and are available in a Dusty Rose color.


The core dad sweatpants also make a great addition to our Napoleon Hendrix X Brooklyn Cloth Collection items. The sweats are available in 15 different colors including both colder tones such as Sage & Dark Teal and warmer tones such as Tobacco & Burnt Orange.


When you’re going shopping for your loungewear outfits this fall, make sure an item fits you right and gives an easy path to layering or wearing by itself without hassle. Don’t be shy to go out of your comfort zone and mix and match different pieces to create your own look. Ultimately, the key is to prioritize comfort and functionality while embracing your personal style. Comfort wear plays a significant role in shaping our physical and emotional well-being, self-expression, productivity, and self-confidence. This comfort revolution allows us to enjoy life not only in a comfortable way but also in a stylish way.

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