How to Transition Your Streetwear from Day to Night

Day to Night Streetwear

How to Transition Your Streetwear from Day to Night

You know the #BKCLFam keeps it real. We don’t mean to bring you down, but the summer came and went just as fast. Just a month ago you were probably out all day, and if you live in the northern hemisphere, you probably didn’t even get a sunset till 9:00 p.m. The season’s gone but that doesn’t mean your style has to compromise the long days, last-minute hangouts, or days where you step out midday and before you know it, it’s midnight and your pals just confirmed they know someone who can get you all into the hottest spot in town right then and there.

Even if you’re not a social butterfly, on the other end of the spectrum, fall, and winter are filled with festivals, galleries, movies, and shows, not to mention all the fun holidays that are stacked one after the other toward the final stretch of the year. Even if you don’t get snow in December, the #BKCLFam wants to keep you fresh (or should we say “warm”) day to night wherever the day and maybe even your homies may take you.

We got you, and in this blog, we will give you the cheat codes for a versatile street style that takes your outfit to the next level. Day-to-night fashion? We gotcha. Looking for evening outfit ideas? We have a few Brooklyn Cloth pieces that may be just right for you.

Set yourself up for success with daytime basics.

You can’t build a skyscraper on sand. We’re not engineers or architects, but we know that much for certain. Before taking on any task, beginning any project, or embarking on a new path or adventure, you need a good foundation.

We take out streetwear seriously, so much so, we figured out the cheat code, so you don’t have to. The base/foundation of your outfit needs to be basic, classic, stylish (of course), and most importantly, comfortable for you to step out looking and feeling just as confident. All the pieces of your outfit can come together and form a masterpiece, but a base you can build on top of is key to any style you can pop out wearing during the day, add two or three pieces, and bam! Still fly.

Find the perfect basics with the Brooklyn Cloth Originals Collection

The perfect collection of basics you can wear alone or serve as the base for the hottest statement pieces must be the Brooklyn Cloth Originals collection. For the price, you won’t find quality, versatility, and range like this much anywhere else. An originals fleece short paired with an originals front flock tee is a perfect base for one of those days where you welcome what may come up, but you try and keep it chill.

#color_pearl blue

Here you can go for a monochromatic look. Pair your tops and bottoms with the same color palette. A Pumice Stone Originals Fleece Short and a matching Pumice Stone Originals Front Flock Tee.

If the light monochromatic shades are not your vibe, go for a Dusty Black Originals Fleece Short and pair it with a Sage Originals Front Flock Tee. Even if you may not be the biggest fan of lighter colors, you can’t go wrong with black. Even if lighter colors just don’t excite you as they do us, black paired with a refreshing shade of sage pairs not only perfectly but adds a fresh edge to your look. Think of it as the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the color green!

Fresh, smooth, clean - when you play around with your daytime base, think about how you feel when you wear your Originals. Not only will you be taking on the day with pieces you feel comfortable in, but you’ll also be sporting a timeless relaxed classic that can be dressed-up or dressed-down. Now that’s true versatility.

Befriend your layers

The next cheat code to style, and probably one of the most important tips to transitioning any daytime outfit into a nighttime outfit; layer up! Take that as a preview of what we’ll be repeating through this blog post and also as an ultimate rule in styling.

Now, layering up can mean a lot of things, it can be intimidating to figure out what to layer on top of each piece and what looks good together. You want to elevate your outfit, not throw on a couple of pieces and see what sticks.

Quality clothing is made to last

Befriend your layers and do so tastefully with quality pieces and streetwear classics, which will last and keep themselves fresh through the washing machine. They’ll save you the ache of wearing out after a couple of wears, thin material stiff on your legs, and itchy tees that are apparently supposed to be comfortable. If that’s your concern, we gotcha. Once you have your daytime comfortable quality base, here’s how to layer up your Brooklyn Cloth pieces in style.

Layer on a crewneck.

If you’re going to stay low-key from day to night; you don’t want to stand out too much, you want to keep the laid-back vibe you started the day with but you do want to enhance your base, a crewneck sweatshirt may be exactly what you need. Yes, it is that simple. If you’re just starting to dabble in styling and layering your pieces, this is a great place to start, one layer at a time.

Building on top of the earthy, light colorway like Pumice Stone, the Originals Crewneck Sweatshirt may be just that one piece with just enough color to elevate that base without coming off too flashy or like you tried too hard to make the fit cooperate with itself. The warmth of the Pumice Stone colorway meshes well with the Sage green of the crewneck.

Layer intentionally by looking at the color story of your foundation and that of your crewneck. Think of how the colors feel and how they look together. Not only will the calm fresh color of the Originals Crewneck Sweatshirt add a contrast not too overwhelming on the eyes. The color story is one that has the colors make sense with each other. Reminiscent of a desert sunset. All that to say, the color contrast is pretty cool but not anything too crazy either.

Speaking of the desert, if you opted for the Dusty Black Original’s Fleece Shorts and the Sage Originals Front Flock Tee, imagine that same color story to be closer to that of a hiking trail growing sage from either side of the path. Not to get poetic, but the Sage Original’s Tee peeking out from the collar of your Originals Crewneck Sweatshirt and the Dusty Black shorts create a cool combination.

Going out? Spruce up your look with outerwear!

The fun in layering your pieces not only works for crewnecks. Here’s where your layering skills level up. That same trick we just applied to layer crewnecks, also applies to all outerwear. From Shackets to Utility Bomber and even Varsity Jackets, Brooklyn Cloth’s got you covered on the latest new timeless classics in outerwear. Those that become staple pieces in your wardrobe. Those pieces you can just throw on top of any daytime base and make it look like you just put a whole new outfit together.


Shackets are what chilly weather dreams are made of.

We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t point you in the direction of one of our best-selling pieces: The Shacket! Whether it’s our Heavy Flannel Shacket or the Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket, If you’re looking for an accent piece that is not only good enough to be worn as a shirt but also made for layering as a jacket, this is the piece for you.

If you want to keep your vibe laid back, opt for a Hooded Zip Shacket, if you want to add that vintage pattern and classic collared look, opt for a Heavy Flannel Shacket. Keep the earth tones harmonious by matching the Pumice Stone to the Tan color in the Cream Heavy Flannel Shacket.

The colorways on our Shackets not only make them perfect statement pieces over a monochrome foundation, but a Shacket can also be a piece to enhance your day-to-night style. The versatility of a Shacket is boundless. You can dress up a Shacket by adding chinos, and dress that same Shacket down with a 7" Inseam Canvas Carpenter Short Khaki. If we call ourselves versatile for having quality pieces you’ll swear by, this is where we show off.

Utility Jackets make great layers.

Not a fan of flannel? We’ve got you! You can’t go wrong with a Bull Denim Workwear Jacket. Denim is a timeless classic in every wardrobe no matter the personal style of the individual. Everyone’s got a least one pair of jeans lying around. Denim will always be goated, and this jacket is meant to be just that compared to your other jackets.


Adding the texture of denim to your outfit by throwing on a Bull Denim Workwear Jacket will elevate your foundation and have you looking sharp if you’re looking for a going-out evening outfit. Your foundation may be laid back and styled for your comfort during the day, but adding this one piece will upgrade the outfit for your next occasion. All while maintaining that comfort, softness, and quality. Change into your fly-est sneakers, maybe even a beanie if you’re feeling it, and take on whatever the night’s got in store for you.

Better yet, this Bull Denim Workwear magic trick doesn’t only work over Brooklyn Cloth Originals. If your daytime base was a graphic tee, Let the graphic take center stage and leave your jacket open intentionally to show off the print. Here, the trick is not only in the layering itself but also in the materials you're working with.

The tee may be giving casual, but the weight and material of a jacket are what carries your outfit into the night. Your day can start with the comfort of an Off the Cuff x Brooklyn Cloth: 'I AM' Tee In Tan paired with the style of a Zip Detail Buckle Pocket Twill Cargo Jogger and let the Bull Denim Workwear Jacket ground the look of the outfit along with an Off the Cuff x Brooklyn Cloth: 'I AM' Cap to complement the graphic tee. Jacket’s off during the day and comes on at night.

Having these simple yet staple pieces in your wardrobe is key to elevating your style. Want a dare? Style one of our Bull Denim Workwear Jacket and tag us!

Classy evening looks are all about textures

When you think about evening outfit ideas, what comes to mind? Here’s where the Google search will lead you to slacks and blazers, which can make the perfect evening outfit, but are not the most versatile when it comes to transitioning your look day-to-night. Not to mention, that option, though wearable, does not sound comfortable to wear either. One thing is to look good, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into confidence if you do not also feel good in what you’re wearing. You should feel as fresh during the day as you do at night. The #BKCLFam does not compromise comfort or quality. The cheat here is textures!

Let your Originals Front Frock Tee take the spotlight, and elevate your look with the Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino. Unlike other styles you may find, what makes our chinos so special is not only the premium crafted twill fabric, but also the fact that these chinos are the perfect combination of durability, flexibility, and comfort. The fit of these chinos moves with you and perfectly complements the easy-going vibe of an Originals Front Flock Tee. The Navy Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino with a Quarry Originals Front Flock Tee. The texture of the chinos is what gives your outfit the day-to-night edge. That, and the fresh kicks we know you’ll be rocking. Of course, that’s if it fits your vibe.



Actually, we take it back

We mean that. Truth is, now that you have all the cheat codes, this blog on day-to-night fashion probably set you up to evolve your versatile street style. We even gave you a solid base to start brainstorming evening outfit ideas from the pieces you may already have in your closet.

We’re certain your style will speak for itself, but the last rule of transforming any look, anytime, anywhere is you. How you feel and how proud you are of what you’re wearing is what styling is all about. You could be wearing the most expensive slacks out there, but if they can’t move with you, your whole night will be reduced to thinking back on “better days,” or should we be honest and say “better Joggers.”

Hate to be cliche, but the ultimate key to turning heads in every room you walk into, is the way you carry yourself, and we know for a fact you will look and feel your best in the comfort, style, and quality of Brooklyn Cloth pieces. Whether you’re chasing the last rays of sunlight with impromptu hangouts or embracing all the festivities ahead, layer up and style your Brooklyn Cloth your way. We won’t stop you, but we will urge you to stay tuned for more style tips from the #BKCLFam. We’ve got you!

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