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DirtyPhonics Collaboration with Brooklyn Cloth

DirtyPhonics Collaboration with Brooklyn Cloth

We are a trio from Paris, France and we make heavy Bass Music ranging from Dubstep to Drum & Bass. We all played in metal bands when we were teenagers and we met through the parisian music scene and skateboard scene while we were developing different electronic projects. We create the band over 10 years ago and have been touring the world non stop since then. Four years ago we moved to Los Angeles to be closer to our team, friends and enjoy the Californian life.

Dirtyphonics Denim Jacket Collab 

Why did you guys choose a denim jacket

When Brooklyn Clothes approached to work on a collab we saw an awesome opportunity to push the envelope further than “just” applying our brand on a teeshirt. We wanted to give our fans something better, more complex and different from the usual merch standard everyone does. The inspiration for the denim jacket cames from our metal background and our love for motorcycles. When we’re not playing shows we go and ride our bikes at home in California and it made sense for us to tie in our rock and motorcycle influences. We designed it from scratch. We looked into the Classic denim jackets as a base and gave ours a twist by adding the elbow padding cut, the zippered sleeves and the slim fit to give it an extra edge. Everything is custom and there’s a surprise embroidery in the neck.

 DirtyPhonics back Dirtyphonics Front

What is the relevance of the  “Vantablack” logo

The Vantablack logo is a great representation of who we are. It’s mixes classic symbols of the Rock/Metal culture, the motorcycle one and has a tattoo style. It’s raw and in your face.

 DirtyPhonics Denim Jacket

What are you fans called? 

They call themselves the DIRTYarmy. We don’t give them orders but they are so dedicated and real music soldiers! Thank you guys for the constant support over the years and the energy we keep sharing. We are very grateful for this.

FUCK IT collar Dirtyphonics Fans

Anything new that’s happening this Summer and Fall for the band

Yes, so much! We’re just about to start our summer tour that’s going to take us all over Europe and Canada and we’ll be back US side in the fall for some crazy shows before our Asian and Australian tour. At the same time we’re finishing a lot of music right now and the first single will be out in July. We also have the next 5 singles lined up and ready for release and we can’t wait to share all of this with the world. We’re also developing our fashion line (we’re so excited about this jacket) and working on even bigger projects for the end of the year and 2019 but we can’t talk about them now - you’re going to have to be patient but it’ll be worth the wait. Life is super intense right now and that’s how we love it.

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