BKC at FireFly Music Festival

BKC at FireFly Music Festival

     Last week, I had the opportunity to join Brooklyn Cloth and my travel buddy Ryan Kolton for a Saturday at Dover, Delaware to attend Firefly Music Festival! As a fan of their festival collection, it was blast to bring them along to the festival.

     After completing our 4-hour drive from New York City, we headed straight to the VIP lounge to get some drinks because it was just so hot there! Thanks to Brooklyn Cloth for hooking us up with VIP Passes. We were able to escape the heat and enjoy the shade and indoor lounge. We then walked around the festival grounds scouting instagramable locations because that’s what we do. Golden hour is so so beautiful there. It was just the perfect opportunity to showcase Brooklyn Cloth’s festival collection. I just love how the collection is a mix of urban street style and festival vibes. Bring some festival pieces from Brooklyn Cloth to your next festival and stand out from the crowd.

      I can’t thank Brooklyn Cloth enough for giving me the opportunity to have an incredibly exciting Saturday away from the bustle of New York. I walked away with memories that’ll surely stick with me for a long while.

          -Aaron Chen

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