Emo Night Brooklyn

ENB x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration

ENB x Brooklyn Cloth Collaboration


How did ENB all begin, you say! Well we got the exclusive with the two guys that started it all. Ethan and Alex grew up originally in London and became friends at the age of 4 years old. As the years went on they found a shared passion which is a love for music so they would have parties in high school and hang out with their friends just jammin out.

For their college years they both moved to the US and kept the partying going in the dorm room. As college graduates that decided to move to the "Big Apple" preferably in Brooklyn. In 2012 they continued the party at their apartment on Friday and Saturday nights. Soon they realized that so many people wanted to come that they needed a bigger space. Ethan and Alex thought out side the box and decided to find a place preferably in a basement that can hold tons of people.


They found a place called Cameo Bar, unfortunately this bar is no longer in business but when it was the basement parties with Ethan and Alex were the ones you wanted to be at! The two did everything they could to make their first event go viral, they even created a Facebook event and the attendance list turned in 1,000 people.

They even received press for their event and Brooklyn Bowl reached out to Ethan and Alex to perform. This was a dream for them because they have gone to Brooklyn Bowl before and would see a lot of their favorite bands playing. Brooklyn Bowl even has a location in Vegas so Ethan and Alex flew out to Vegas for an event. They were introduced different DJ's and bands. Now 2 years later after Vegas they are traveling for their own event that is called ENB, they mostly travel in the US but do some shows international. 

"We are trying to build one epic experience after another" - Ethan and Alex 

Ethan and Alex will often throw after parties for big named bands, they do not produce their own music because they want to keep this nostalgia and want to promote new and upcoming bands. When these two are at events they are not shy they love to talk to people especially in the front row and connect with the people.

This leads up to the shirt that was designed for ENB and the shirt says Scream. Dance. Rage. Repeat by Brooklyn Cloth. Ethan and Alex loved designing this shirt because it is a connection they share with the people in the same room. 

"Brooklyn Cloth really represents a lot of what we believe in and what we stand for" - Ethan and Alex

I don't about you but if this shirt doesn't make you want to jam out to some New Found Glory, Yellowcard or My Chemical Romance then you are missing out!


"We play the songs that have made the people into who they are and if we come across new music we play that as well" - Ethan and Alex



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