Everything Fleece You Need for Fall

Everything Fleece You Need for Fall

Hey, #BKFam! Fall is finally here and it’s time to stock up on all your fall essentials! We know just how daunting shopping for the fall is, thanks to all the fluctuation in temperature. You can either overdress or underdress, which can leave you a sweaty mess or as freezing.  

The transition from summer is never easy but we here at Brooklyn Cloth want to keep you stylish and warm this fall season with the perfect transitional pieces!  

Whether it is for going back to school, work leisure, or just hanging out, stay warm with our fleece hoodies, joggers, or sweatpants.   

What Is Fleece?  

Now, you may be thinking that our products are thick and only meant for the wintertime. But that is far from the truth. There are so many benefits when it comes to fleece.  

Fleece is made of polyester fabric that is highly effective at trapping body heat without the bulk. It’s an extremely durable fabric that not only traps heat but resists moisture and dries quickly. Fleece never seems to wrinkle, which is one of the reasons the material is so easy to take care of. 

When you do not want to wear bulky heavy jackets or jeans this season, our fleece hoodies, sweatpants, and joggers are here to keep you warm and make you look fashionable.  

How Did Fleece Become Popular?  

Patagonia really led the charge for the popularity of fleece. Patagonia released the signature Pile Fleece jacket in 1977 and refined it in 1980, adding bright colors and eventually patterns.  

In the 1990s, every mainstream/mall brand was making synthetic fleece sweatshirts or jackets. GAP, Tommy Hilfiger, and Old Navy all had fleece products dropping at a rapid pace during this time. Old Navy recommended “performance fleece as the ideal gift for the whole family. The Gap debuted the iconic line of logo hoodies with fleece lining that became such a fashion staple in the late ‘90s. 

Fun fact: the Snuggie blanket that was all over tv screens in 2008 is made of fleece, which also made fleece the talk of the town because of how comfortable the wearable blankets were. You can still buy them today! 

How Can You Style Fleece? 

There are plenty of ways to style our fleece pieces, from casual looks to dressy fits. Any kind of style you prefer, we got just the products for you, BKFam! This fabric is the must-have staple for fall this year so to be ahead of the trend here are some pieces from Brooklyn Cloth that you will love.  



Camouflage Is In  

Camo Polar Fleece Joggers 

Stay on top of the fashion trend in these Camo Polar Fleece Joggers. Camouflage is back in style this fall so stay up to trend with these comfortable and stylish joggers. They are super breathable and lightweight, so you’ll have fun skating with friends or relaxing at home when you’re wearing them. You can pair them with a nice faux leather jacket to really make a statement this fall. Here are some faux leather jacket styles we think will make you look cool:  

  • Faux Leather Moto Jacket  
  • Faux Leather Trucker Jacket  
  • Faux Leather Biker Jacket 

Black Goes with Everything 

Black and White Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants 

Keep it classic with these Black and White Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants that give you an urban casual look. Whether you are running errands or hanging out with friends, you will keep the attention on you. Black is a very versatile color that looks good with literally anything. Plus, these joggers are heat sealed so you can stay warm this fall. You can style these joggers with either a denim or trench coat.  

Here are some of our denim jackets that we recommend for these sweatpants: 

Grey With Some Gradient  

 Heather Grey Gradient Print Sweatpants

Grey is a key color for the fall. It’s a soft, neutral color that’s perfect for the cool weather. Grey can add a mature hue to any fall outfit. Which is why we here at Brooklyn Cloth think these Heather Grey Gradient Print Sweatpants are must-haves in your wardrobe. But it is even more perfect with the tie-dye print and original artwork that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Grey is such a versatile color that you can style this with a basic tee, denim jacket, hoodie, leather jacket, utility jacket, etc. The possibilities are endless with these sweatpants.  

You can also try them in these different colors: 


 The Trendy Fall Color: Hunter Green  

Hunter Green Nature Tech Polar Fleece Sweatpants

Another classic fall color to spruce up your wardrobe. It has an earthy tone that really gives you the fall vibes. These Hunter Green Nature Tech Polar Fleece Sweatpants are a keeper for you everyday look. The hunter green color is in style for men this year and pairs perfectly with our Koi New Age Fleece Hoodie, since orange and hunter green are a perfect combo.  

Here are some shoes that we think will go well with these sweatpants:  


Exercise or Comfort 

 Black Marl Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants

These Black Marl Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants are perfect for a day at the gym or lounging around. The heat seal technology traps a good amount of heat to keep your legs warm in this chilly weather. These joggers have an elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring with ankle cuffs. Whether you’re shooting hoops with friends or in need of a grocery run, these joggers won’t disappoint. You can style them with a nice denim shacket or sherpa. Here are some of our sherpas that we think will look perfect with these sweatpants: 


Neutrals Are a Must 

 Pistachio Core Dad Sweatpants

This sleek color is definitely something you need for this fall. Neutral colors are always a big part of the fall season. The Pistachio Core Fleece Dad Sweatpants really define what fall fashion is all about. The stylish color can really make an outfit look like you spent a lot of money on it. This would look good with a varsity jacket or bomber jacket. Here are some of our varsity bomber jackets we think will pair well with these stylish sweatpants: 


Layering and Mixing with Fleece Hoodies 

Even though our hoodies will keep you warm, you still can layer to advance your outfits. Layering a bomber jacket on top of your fleece hoodie gives you a more casual urban style that will make you look like a stylish New Yorker.  

Wearing a double-breasted trench coat on top of a hoodie has a misconception that it is too formal but honestly it can work very well with a pair of sweatpants to make it look stylish but casual. You will never look overdressed when you use that combo.  

If you really want a modern street style kind of look, you can pair a hoodie with a blazer during the fall. I know it may seem a little weird since blazers are considered more formal, but when you pair it with a hoodie you can create a unique look. 

Denim jackets with hoodies are such an iconic pairing that can never go wrong for the fall. You will look casual and cool sporting this look with some skinny or baggy jeans. 

But if you want to look more edgy and cool during the fall, then pair your hoodie with a leather jacket to give off a rocker kind of aesthetic. You can even brighten up your look with hoodies that will make you stand out. Here are some of our hoodies that will go well with what you may be looking for: 


Black With Some Graffiti 

Black Graffiti Happy Face Fleece Hoodie 

Street graffiti is a big part of Brooklyn so embrace your inner New Yorker with this Black Graffiti Happy Face Fleece Hoodie. This hoodie is the embodiment of streetwear because it has nice graffiti graphics that will make you stand out. It is such an interchangeable piece that it can really elevate your look with any bottom you choose to wear.  

Here are some jeans and cargos that we think you will like with this hoodie: 


Tie-Dye with Graffiti and Fleece 

 Navy Tie Dye Graffiti Happy Face Fleece Hoodie

If you like cool and edgy clothing, then this Navy Tie Dye Graffiti Happy Face Fleece Hoodie is the complete package deal. This hoodie has all your favorite styles wrapped into one. Tie-dye and some awesome graffiti that will give you just a touch of color to any outfit. You can pair them with our or black jeans. Here are some black jeans or cargos that we would recommend: 

Bold and Cool 

Koi New Age Fleece Hoodie 

Need a pop of color for this season? This fleece hoodie with this cool futuristic design is sure to turn heads. This Koi New Age Fleece Hoodie is a perfect piece to dress up or lounge around in. Men can easily pull off bold colors like this. This hoodie is super comfortable and practical for your everyday life. You can style this hoodie with a denim jacket and joggers to have that cool casual look. This hoodie will keep you warm in this chilly weather while keeping you stylish, plus, it is the perfect color for the upcoming holidays.  

Here are some jeans that will work perfectly with this hoodie: 


How to Take Care of Your Favorite Fleece 

Fleece is very easy to take care of so don’t worry about it being time consuming. Here is a tip on how to wash and care for your fleece pieces so you can wear them again and again. Turn the product inside out so you can prevent the fleece from pilling when you machine wash the products, so it stays in tip top shape. We would recommend washing them in cold water and air drying.   


Fleece is All About Comfort  

The best thing about these fleece pieces for fall is that they are all so versatile and stylish that you can really mix and match them with anything. We want you to be your fashionable self in comfort wherever you go. Just because it is colder outside doesn’t mean that you must compromise with your outfits.  

We think you can be stylish in any weather. We want you to look your best, so everything we do here at Brooklyn Cloth we always do with the #BKFam in mind. Send us your looks on Instagram by tagging us @brooklyncloth. We always love to see you wear our pieces and it really inspires us to create more pieces for you, #BKFam! 

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