Everything You Need to Know about Shackets

Everything You Need to Know about Shackets

Shackets are a perfect layering piece through fall, winter, and spring. They're thicker than your average shirt but thinner than your winter coat so you can easily layer them with any type of top to keep yourself warm. It is such an easy and cool way to look on-trend for when you are transitioning into the cool weather. Sometimes shackets will have a lining inside them to keep you warm so you might not even have to wear a top underneath it. We here at Brooklyn Cloth want to help you stay stylish during this fall weather, so here's everything you need to know about shackets.  


What are Shackets? 

A shacket is a blend of a shirt and jacket except it's a bit oversized and looks more like a shirt. Usually, shackets are made with flannel, cotton canvas, denim, or woolly material that has a casual vibe. Some shackets may have pockets or a zipper. Instead of overheating with big, heavy jackets, you can stay warm with the lightweight material inside of your shackets. 

Shackets originated from military-style jackets. They've since evolved into a hybrid fashion item that can be worn during the fall, winter, and spring. Shackets are not only stylish but they're one of those items that you can have multiple of in your closet. Because of their versatility, you have a plethora of different ways to style them. 


Why Are Shackets So Popular?  

Since people have become accustomed to working from home, they value relaxing and comfortable clothing and not really dressing up as much as they used to. It offers the same coziness of a hoodie, but it is a lot dressier. It is usually lined with some sort of heat-insulating technology, so you don’t have to rely on jackets or hoodies so much when it starts to get cooler. It is such a versatile outfit piece, which is why it is loved by so many people.  

Plus, everyone loves oversized clothing. Oversized clothing feels like comfy loungewear, so people want to integrate that comfort into their workwear, which is why the shacket is so popular. You can style the shacket to be casual or business casual. It allows you to create new styles and outfits that will focus on your personal comfort and also make you look professional.  

Now that we have an understanding as to why they are so popular, let's explore the different styles of shackets.  


Different Shacket Styles 

  • Corduroy Shacket 
  • Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt  
  • Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket  
  • Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket  
  • Heavy Flannel Shacket 


Charcoal Corduroy Shacket 

Corduroy Shackets 

Corduroy is a soft but durable fabric. It's usually made of cotton or cotton blended with polyester. When wearing a corduroy shacket, it's best to keep it casual. It looks the best when you're wearing modern street wear such as a hoodie and denim jeans to make the outfit look perfect for running quick errands or going to class.  

Our Corduroy Shacket comes in these sleek and perfect for the fall colors: 


  • Charcoal 
  • Khaki 
  • Light grey 
  • Navy 
  • Olive 


They are made with 100% cotton, which makes them so comfortable to wear. These colors are so versatile that you can mix and match each of them into different types of outfits that are perfect for just chilling with friends or going out for a night on the town.  


Sherpa Lined Flannel Shackets 

Sherpa Lined Flannel Shackets  

Sherpa fleece is a fabric popularly used to make clothing and winterwear. This material gives any product a cozier and comfier feel, making it super perfect to use in the cooler temperature. It's an extremely durable fabric that is highly effective at trapping body heat. It resists moisture and dries really quickly.  

Now, flannel has always been a fall statement piece. Usually when you think about fall fashion you think about plaid and flannels, but combining them with shackets has really made the trend stay alive. Our Sherpa Lined Flannel Shacket constructed of quilted flannel is perfect for keeping you warm while your look stays chill.  


Our Sherpa Lined Flannel Shacket comes in 4 different colors: 


  • Black and white 
  • Brown 
  • Cream and blue 
  • Cream 


These cool-tone colors are great for the fall season and would even be perfect for the winter.  


 Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket

Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket  

Thermal lining is great at trapping body heat when it gets extremely cold outside. It keeps the body at the right temperature while sweat is wicked away. It keeps you warm in the fall and winter and cool in the summer. Thermal clothing maintains existing body heat well because a layer of air is kept between the skin and thermal lining.  


Our Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket is a great way to keep you warm while also making you look cool and chill in our unpredictable weather. This selection of flannels experiments with a lot more color that can brighten up your look this fall. The colors can really make an outfit pop and give it more dimension.  

The colors of our Thermal Lined Flannel Shacket include: 


  • Brown 
  • Green 
  • Navy 
  • Rust 


 Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket

Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket 

Typically, shackets don't have hoodies or zippers on them. They're usually just button-ups because of it being a shirt and a jacket combination. But who doesn't love a lightweight shacket that has a zip and a hood that'll be perfect for when it rains in the fall? It is as if a hoodie combined with the shacket to make a lightweight jacket that can keep you warm during the fall and winter. It is such a perfect combo! Our Flannel Hooded Zip Shacket comes in four different colors that really make us think of New York streetwear.  

The colors are black and white, brown, cream, and red navy.  


Heavy Flannel Shacket 

Do you not want a hoodie with your shacket but want it to be a little heavier? Our Heavy Flannel Shacket was made just for you. This shacket will keep you warm and cozy; plus, it's perfect for a night out or shooting hoops with friends. It is a casual outerwear piece that looks good with any outfit in any color.  


The heavy flannel shacket adds a little bit more weight to the outfit. But it's perfect when it is freezing cold, and you don't want to wear a big jacket. The fact that it's heavy in made of thick material will most definitely keep you warm in the winter and in the fall. The colors for this shacket are very versatile and look good with anything.  

The colors are cream, mustard, black and white, and cream blue.  


How to Style a Shacket  

The best thing about shackets is that you don't have to do too much in order for them to look good. Shackets are technically outer layers so most of the time they pair well with T-shirts. Some people like to wear their shackets more like shirts rather than jackets. But it depends on how lightweight or heavy they are in order to wear them as just a shirt. You can even rock a solid turtleneck or crewneck with the shacket.  

As for the pants, you can never go wrong with either sweats, cargos, denim jeans, or even corduroy pants. This style is very minimalistic but there are ways to spruce them up in the form of accessories. 

Accessories help make the look special or unique, so we would recommend pairing your shacket with a beanie or baseball cap to give it a street-style kind of look rather than just a casual minimalistic look. Maybe even adding a little bit of jewelry could spice up your everyday look. Whether it's wearing rings or wearing a necklace, it could bring the look together in a more cohesive manner. Even a pair of sunglasses can make you look and feel professional or fashion forward. 

The same thing goes for shoes, honestly. You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers or a combat boot with your shacket. There are so many shoes that really fit this type of style for the year. Most of the trends are the chunky boots or chunky sneakers that can work well with the shacket. 

Shackets are not stiff like a colored or white denim jacket, and they come in different types of styles. It's a quick and casual alternative to wearing hoodies and sweats. It makes it a little more formal than just a weekend chilling at home when you wear a shacket with jeans or with pants. You're able to create different outfits styles out of one item.  


Even though shackets have roots in work and military wear, this garment is incredibly comfortable and permits movement. Since it’s lighter than a jacket but thicker than a shirt, a shacket is a perfect transitional piece for this season. It can also be turned into a business casual outfit for the office. Plus, it is oversized which is loved by everyone. An oversized hoodie or anything oversized is our new weakness. You’ll want one in every color.  

How to Take Care of Your Shackets  

Shackets are not high maintenance at all. You can easily put them in your washing machine on cold and they will be ready the next time you need to wear them. Even if you have Sherpa, fleece is very easy to take care of so don’t worry about it being time consuming. Fleece is very low-maintenance and highly approachable.  

Cozy and Comfy  

As this trend continues to take off and could possibly still be a fashion staple for many years to come, we just want to give you advice on how to adapt to this trend. All these pieces are super versatile and stylish, and you can really mix and match any of these. You can be comfortable and fashionable at the same time - you don't really have to compromise with one or the other, which is why there's so much appeal for shackets.  

We here at Brooklyn Cloth hope that this helped you with what to wear this fall or even in the winter. Shackets are such an interesting piece that you can easily grow attached to them because of how forgiving they are. You don't have to compromise with your look; you can be both comfortable and unapologetically yourself. Which is what we want you to be when you wear our clothing.  

Send us your looks on Instagram by tagging us @brooklyncloth. We always love to see you wear our pieces and it really inspires us to create more unique pieces for you, #BKFam! 


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