Exploring Urban Aesthetics: The Cool and Chill Stylings of Brooklyn Cloth

Exploring Urban Aesthetics: The Cool and Chill Stylings of Brooklyn Cloth

Exploring Urban Aesthetics: The Cool and Chill Stylings of Brooklyn Cloth

September 11th, 2023

Brooklyn Cloth's usage of unique fabrics, and eye-catching graphics are the roots of the cool and chill style of Brooklyn Cloth. Our brand is committed to contributing to your style that starts in your closet!

What is the Cool-Chill Style 

Remarkable commitments that move towards the exploration of Urban Aesthetics are on a rise due to hip-hop influences actively engaging with this sense of style. Urban Aesthetics are a priority of Brooklyn Cloth that contributes to the cool and unique look that is desired. 

Urban Aesthetics Authenticity 

Starting from a niche subculture and flourishing into a dominant style in the fashion world, Urban Aesthetics have grown in global appeal due to its outlet for authenticity and sense of individuality. Contemporary trends in the fashion industry are being molded to give power to this sense of authenticity that is found with this style within individuals. Urban aesthetics in fashion allows room from this authenticity to lead the individual into expressing themselves however they choose. 

Express Yourself With Your Urban Outfit  

Oftentimes cultural importance is expressed in Urban aesthetics. This is done by individual expressions of values, societal norms, human culture, and religion.  

At Brooklyn Cloth the purpose of using our unique fabrics and eye-catching graphics is to contribute to the individual's individual growth in authenticity. With options ranging in material, design, and fabric, consumers can actively engage with Urban Aesthetics. 

For many of those who are active participants in the fashion community, we use fashion to express ourselves. Without noticing it, this is an expression of identity and individuality. You do not have to be attending runway shows and dressing up in the nicest outfits each morning to do so either. Simply throwing on a pair of your favorite sweats could say a lot about someone. 

COVID-19’s Impact on Fashion 

 It can be widely agreed that the pandemic brought desires for comfort. Therefore fashion trends are bound to shift and make a unique turn that the fashion community was not used to seeing, nor living through. Acknowledging Brooklyn Cloth's remarkable urban pieces, consumers can maintain this comfort they grew desire for over the immense time they spent in the house during COVID-19. Decisions in Brooklyn Cloth's designing, help dictate the intensity of the urban style that is incorporated in our products. Here at Brooklyn Cloth we have the perfect sweats that could be a part of your next go-to outfit when running out of the door. Our Originals Relaxed Sweatpants come in many colors that provide our consumer with options. Or for the warmer weather, you can try our Originals Fleece Shorts!

What is Dopamine Dressing?

The feel-good chemical in our bodies, better known as dopamine has also brought a new aspect to Urban Aesthetics. Activation of dopamine levels can be expressed by individuals dressing in correspondence to their mood. We do this by option of color, texture, and style. This kind of dopamine dressing is expressed in Urban Aesthetics when people find joy in dressing this style and the chemical released. 

Outfits you can find in Brooklyn Cloth 

Brooklyn Cloth’s Urban Aesthetic is a perfect example of how we drive our consumer to embrace themselves with this aesthetic. To exemplify, our Sherpa Lined Flannels come in various colors such as Brown-Tan-Black, Green-Tan-Navy, and other colorways that give our consumer the opportunity to dress according to their dopamine! 

Environmental Influence 

Urban environments also influence trends we see in fashion that showcase the type of streetwear that is desired for those who want to expand the aesthetic. To exemplify, here in NYC, city life, street culture, and pop culture is always on a rise. When walking the streets of the city, we are blinded by walls covered in graffiti, urban architecture, skateboarding, posters, and so much more. We grab an idea and inspiration for style by these things that populate our environment. These things are not to be taken advantage of due to the immense amounts of inspiration for urban aesthetics that they hold. Urban elements that make for urban aesthetics are important because elements are what gives us the inspiration to express individuality through urban aesthetics

Aestheticization Can Bring Joy 

Having an aesthetic does much more than just becoming pleasing to the human eye. Enhancing the appearance of anything from your daily outfit, bedroom, or even beauty has the capability to enhance quality of life as well. When something is visually appealing, it makes the environment you're in more enjoyable. It can even add more inspiration to your life and a sense of well-being. 

Brooklyn Cloth Aesthetics 

One of the best parts about Brooklyn Cloth is we provide several urban aesthetic styles for individuals to pick from. This allows for consumers to shop around and see what appeals the most to them. Whether it's a drive for comfort, stylish desires, or both at the same time, we have something for you.

Exploring Your Aesthetic with Brooklyn Cloth 

When shopping for our products, you're bound to find your aesthetic. To exemplify, if you're exploring a more edger aesthetic with lots of pop of color and graphic/artistic designs then you should totally check out our VASH x BROOKLYN CLOTH collaboration. As a multidisciplinary artist, VASH helped create this line with his creative urban aesthetic. This collaboration is an easy way for consumers to be invited to explore an urban aesthetic within a Brooklyn Cloth collaboration that's already figured out for them. Or, if you are more interested in chic but comfy aesthetics, you should definitely check out our Shakets. We have plenty of looks that are certain to fulfill all your aesthetic desires. 

The Cool and Chill style of Brooklyn Cloth 

Urban aesthetics ranging from streetwear, loungewear, chic and casual, and more can all be closely corresponded with Brooklyn Cloth products. To provide a better idea of how these urban aesthetics can look in your wardrobe, I'm here to give you a visual. If you're interested in streetwear, you may wanna pair your favorite Jordan 1s with one of our Contrast Stitch Crewneck Tees and a pair of our Multi Pocket Poplin Cargos for some extra detail. While being such a simple shirt, the contrast stitch color brings out some charm in the outfit. The cargos bring some extra definition in the streetwear outfit by their various pockets that are functional and stylish at the same time. 

For those who prioritize loungewear aesthetics, its a must to check out our Biscuit Henley Neck Snap Sherpa Hoodie with some leggings and their favorite pair of UGGS for this Fall season. This sherpa hoodie can also be worn in versatility. While being a pull up hoodie, the sherpa also has a few buttons at the neck you can choose to wear open or not depending on your preference. The hoodie also comes in sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large in case you wanted to size up for a more baggy and loose fitting look. 

Chic and casual urban aesthetics can be found in Brooklyn Cloth products as well. For this aesthetic, try pairing our Bull Denim Workwear Jacket with a comfy pair of black legging, plain t-shirt, and your favorite leather booties of the year. To appeal more to chic aesthetics, wear the jacket in a size or two bigger than your normal so you can get the baggier look. Wearing leggings with this baggy jacket will make for the perfect amount of contrast! While being so chic, this outfit maintains casualty and appeals to everyday wear with a stylish twist. 

You’re bound to find your aesthetic here at Brooklyn Cloth. Whether you have your aesthetic figured out or you're still exploring, browsing our products is a great first start.

Urban Fashion Today

Rooting from urban dwellers and fashion enthusiasts, urban environments in culture have paved their way for urban aesthetics in the fashion industry. Often drawn from hip-hop culture, the edgy style that's desired from urban dwellers is what urban fashion is all about. 

However, urban fashion is more than just what we think looks good. Urban aesthetics allows individuals to have the opportunity to express themselves through style, and dress. Featuring vibrant patterns, colors, illustrations, and pop- culture elements, urban fashion is where people go to express who they really are. These forms of self expression not only showcase an individual's style, but also their interests, beliefs, and personality. 

Athleisure and Urban Fashion

Athleisure is also more common than we think in urban fashions. The combination of sportswear elements and athletic elements play a huge role in fashions today. With large groups of people now being heavily introduced to the working-from-home aspect of work life, athleisure is common for those who desire to maintain comfort while also feeling presentable and put together. Influences of sport culture have become prominent in these urban fashion trends. Specifically, basketball and skateboarding culture we can observe the choice in technical fabrics, oversized silhouettes, and logo branding that athleisure brings to urban aesthetics in the fashion industry. 

Denim’s Role in Urban Fashions

As a community in the fashion industry, we can commonly agree denim is a staple in almost any closet and any aesthetic. Urban aesthetics emphasize denim jeans, shorts, and jackets that can be customized to look worn and lived in. Rather than looking brand new, this urban look gives the consumers the chance to add elements of authenticity and individuality to their look. Denim that plays the most significant role in urban fashion is denim that is distressed, ripped, and personalized. These denim urban aesthetics give lee-way for consumers to dress more personalized to them. This type of personalization is a must-have staple in urban fashion. 

Accessories Make the Fit


In urban aesthetics, accessories are incorporated to enhance the sense of individuality. Adding finish to an outfit, but also personalization, accessories can range anywhere from hats, jewelry, makeup, hair style and pieces, bags, glasses, and shoes can change a look completely. In urban aesthetics it's common for consumers to thrift these accessories so that they look more worn. These details may be a part of the smaller aspects of the outfit however, they can sometimes be the top contributor. 

Sustainability In Fashion

As newer generations educate our older generations of how to become more environmentally friendly day-by-day, we can observe the significance of sustainability in urban aesthetics. The concern of landfill, environmental impact, carbon footprint, have all paved the way for using more ethical practices and eco-friendly materials within the fashion industry. 

Fashion and Age Inclusivity 

Urban fashion is not for one specific age group. The urban style transcends boundaries by embracing personality. The desire to embrace yourself with authenticity will never come with an age. Whether you are as young and 13, figuring out your style, or maybe, having gone through past style and trends that just didn't fit, the urban fashion community welcomes all.

Social Media’s Influence on Fashion Trends 

Playing the biggest influence in most peoples lives, social media can be credited for a large portion of our inspiration and motivations. Through photography, users of all social media platforms can become prominent elements and features of urban aesthetics. Whether this is yourself in the photo or someone else, inspiring other humans though media is what keeps this aesthetics circulating. Social media and its influences have the opportunity to quickly influence originality and capture the creativity that is rooted inside each individual. While those who posts their take on urban fashions on social media may vary from appearance, they all share the same love and appreciation for originality and creativity. Urban communities often come together on social media platforms as a great way to encourage each other to take part in becoming a prominent feature of urban fashion culture. 

Brooklyn Cloth’s Idea

As a brand, we leave you with this. We come together to provide for you, the most trendy and urban inspired clothing. We do this by embracing vibrant colors with elements of graffiti, streetwear, and urban culture. Our collections are embraced and inspired by Brooklyn, New York where these urban aesthetics flourish the most. Our variety of collections ranging from anything between joggers, hoodies, cargos, and tee shirts, express what urban fashion is made of Brooklyn Cloth has become a synonym with urban fashions.

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