Top 10 Gifts Under $20 for Teens: This Season's Must-Haves

Top 10 Gifts Under $20 for Teens: This Season's Must-Haves


Top 10 Gifts Under $20 for Teens: This Season's Must-Haves


The holiday season is upon us, and it's time to spread some joy by finding the perfect gifts for the teenagers in your life. Whether you're shopping for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or a teen close to your heart, we've got you covered. And the best part? You don't have to break the bank to make their holiday season special. We've curated a list of the top 10 gifts under $20 for teens that they're sure to love.


  1. Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants



Color: Sand


The Tie-Dye Dad Sweatpants are all the rage right now. They offer the perfect blend of comfort and style, making them an ideal gift for teens who want to stay cozy while looking trendy. We know that comfort is key and when they aren’t going to school in their pajamas, we think that the Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants are a great alternative.


  1. Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants



Color: Earthy Tie Dye


For teens who can't get enough of tie-dye, the Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants are a fantastic choice. They provide warmth and style, perfect for chilly days. We know some teens would wear shorts year around but when the weather really drops, the Tie Dye Polar Fleece Sweatpants will be their new go to pair of pants.


They can easily pair with the matching Tie Dye Polar Fleece hoodie for a no-brainer, put-together look, or they can pair it with a thrifted graphic tee and warm down jacket to complete the look. This style also comes in 2 colors which means more options at the $14.97 price point!


  1. Matching Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Hoodie



Color: Earthy Tie-Dye


Pair the tie-dye fleece sweatpants with the Tie-Dye Polar Fleece Hoodie for a complete and fashionable set. Teens will appreciate the cozy and vibrant look. But if matching sets isn’t their fit, we think layering is the way to go.


Add a warm thermal and a down puffer vest with cargos to complete the look. Snow boots or Crocs are a great footwear option to give the look a more effortless feeling.


  1. Marble Sweatpants: Stylish and Comfy gift



Color: Sand

The Marble Sweatpants are for the teens who want a touch of elegance in their loungewear. The print is just subtle enough to pair with any of their favorite  hoodie or thrifted jacket. These pants combine style and comfort effortlessly. Marble is also a special print that not many sweatpants come in so they will definitely make a statement without being too obvious.


  1. Dusty Rose Color-Blocked Hoodie



Color: Dusty Rose


For those who love to make a statement, the Dusty Rose Color-Blocked Hoodie is an eye-catching choice. It’s perfect for teens who appreciate unique fashion. The ‘90s trend is all over TIK TOK and Instagram Reels and what better way to get into the trend than with this hoodie.


The popular Dusty rose also known as Millennial Pink is a great update to the look. We also have great sweatpants in the same color palette to complete the look. Another option is to style with vintage cargos or corduroy pants and good Timberland boots. This is one gift they’ll love and you’ll love even more with the $15 price point!


  1. White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Sweatpants



Color: White

The White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Sweatpants offer a relaxed yet fashionable look. As we go into the colder season, winter white is a must and these sweatpants at $15 answer the call. They're perfect for teens who want to combine style and comfort effortlessly. Grandparents or family members will give your teens compliments at holiday dinners because the sweatpants are dressy enough to wear for the occasion.


  1. White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Hoodie



Color: White


Pair the cozy  white yarn dye stripe sweatpants with the White Yarn Dye Stripe Cozy Hoodie  for a matching set that's perfect for lounging in style or even wearing out to that family dinner or event. We know what you’re thinking, how can a sweatshirt and sweatpants be dressy but the fabrication of these yarn dye stripe is what gives your teens permission to look great while staying comfortable. The entire look is $30 and can be worn together or as separate pieces.


  1. Double Layer Straight Hem Streaky Tee



Color: Black


The Double Layer Straight Hem Streaky Tee is a unique and stylish addition to any teen's wardrobe and great stocking stuffer. Its modern design is sure to impress with straight hem. The fit is relaxed so it’s not too tight or too loose. The fabrication is called streaky because it gives it a special paint-like or streaky look. Gift it with a relaxed carpenter pant or layer it with a shacket and they’re good to go!


  1. Camo Straight Hem Tee



Color: Camo


For the teens who love a bit of adventure, the Camo Straight Hem Tee is a perfect fit gift.  It's both stylish and casual, making it a great everyday choice. Camo has now become a popular print for teens especially with many of them going to Army and Navy Surplus store or thrifting key styles at Vintage stores. We love the print of the camo tee because we designed in-house. The fabric used for this tee is also remnant fabric, which means we aren’t adding waste to the planet while giving great style and price. For $7.00, you can gift this to everyone.


  1. Biscuit Henley Snap Sherpa Hoodie



Color: Biscuit


The Biscuit Henley Snap Sherpa Hoodie offers warmth and style in one package. Sherpa continues to be a big fabric for this holiday season especially with colder temperatures arriving soon. We love the color biscuit or light tan because it’s so versatile. You can wear it with joggers or dress it up with a cool printed pant. You can also add a down vest to complete the look. It's ideal for teens who want to stay cozy during the colder months, and the price of $15 makes this a great gift.


  1. Boys Camo Fleece Jogger



Color: Camo


Some of our teens are in that between size of boys/youth sizing and men’s. That’s why we kept our Boys Camo Fleece jogger on the website just for this call out. For active teens who love to stay on the move, the Boys Camo Fleece Jogger is a fantastic choice.


These men’s joggers are perfect for both sports and casual wear. We focused on true fit, which means they’re not too loose or too tight but just right. The camo print is great with their favorite thrifted hoodie or dress them up with a nice denim shirt. A basic white sneaker will complete this look. For just $10, this is a great holiday style for all.


This holiday season, you can make the teens in your life feel special without exceeding your budget. These gifts under $20 combine comfort, style, and individuality, making them the perfect choices for a memorable holiday season. From trendy tie-dye to cozy sherpa, there's something to suit every teen's taste. Happy gifting!

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