Flying Comfort: Top 10 Looks

Flying Comfort: Top 10 Looks Brooklyn Cloth

Brooklyn Cloth’s Top 10 Looks to Wear for Comfort when Flying.


Whether you're going on a well-deserved vacation or traveling for business, flying can be an exciting adventure. However, the challenge of selecting the appropriate attire for a lengthy flight comes along with the excitement of exploring new locations. Adjusting comfort and style is critical, guaranteeing you feel loose while looking chic.


We'll show you the top 10 looks from Brooklyn Cloth to wear when flying in this blog post, giving you ideas for stylish and practical travel outfits that will make your trip more enjoyable.


Your Passport to a Relaxing Journey


Looking stylish while flying is possible with a few simple tips. Here are some suggestions to help you achieve a stylish look when traveling:


  1. Choose clothing that is both cozy and chic: Pick garments made of breathable textures like cotton or cloth that are agreeable. With a stylish top or blouse and a pair of well-fitting jeans, shorts, joggers, or trousers, you can achieve a polished appearance. Keep away from garments that wrinkle easily, as lengthy flights might leave you looking rumpled.


  1. Choose shoes that are comfortable: comfort and convenience are significant while flying, so select footwear that is both slick and functional. Choose level shoes or low-heeled boots, as they are more agreeable for long stretches of strolling and can be easily slipped off during security checks. Shoes with complicated buckles or laces that may slow you down should be avoided.


  1. Relaxed, Stylish Athleisure

Choose the effortlessly stylish and laid-back athleisure look from Brooklyn Cloth, which is widely acclaimed and favored as the ultimate travel ensemble. The relaxed and fashionable athleisure ensemble stands out as a widely recognized and favored travel outfit.


Opt for a fashionable set of joggers paired with a cozy sweatshirt or a trendy graphic tee to ensure maximum comfort. Enhance the ensemble with a sleek jacket, popular footwear, and a spacious handbag to carry your essentials. This attire allows for seamless transitions from the airplane to your destination, ensuring a comfortable journey.


With our Black Bonsai Peace Tree Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt and our Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants, this color contrast look will have you looking dope while roaming in comfort.




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Sweatshirt: Black Bonsai Peace Tree Drop Shoulder Sweatshirt

Joggers: Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants


  1. Casual Linen Shirt & Shorts

Linen is a fabric that is both lightweight and breathable, making it an excellent choice for travel during the summer. For a casual yet polished appearance, team a comfortable pair of shorts with a relaxed-fitting linen button-up shirt. Choose a natural or pastel tone for a summery energy. For a travel ensemble that is both stylish and comfortable, complete the look with boat shoes or canvas sneakers.


So, get out of the dreary weather and make a bold and tropical statement wearing our Oversized Paisley Rayon Shirt and our Canvas Carpenter shorts from Brooklyn Cloth for your flight!

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Rayon Shirt: Oversized Paisley Rayon Shirt

Shorts: 7" Inseam Canvas Carpenter Short


  1. The Classic Polo and Chinos

A lasting and sophisticated travel outfit can be achieved by combining a classic Polo shirt with chinos. Go for a color that complements your skin tone and select a Polo shirt crafted from breathable fabrics such as cotton or a cotton-blend. Pair it with loose-fitting and lightweight pants. To add a touch of elegance, complete the travel look with suede loafers or driving shoes.


Shop this look from Brooklyn Cloth!

Polo Shirt: Coast to Coast Terry Cloth SS Polo

Twill Chino: Drawcord Stretched Twill Chino


  1. Graphic Tee and Elastic Drawstring Shorts

Embrace the laid-back and casual look of the Brooklyn Cloth brand on your next flight when you pair a graphic tee with elastic drawstring shorts. This polished look is an easy way to put together a casual and effortlessly cool travel ensemble. Find a T-shirt that reflects your personality and has a distinctive design or a print that is inspired by the past. Join it with versatile drawstring shorts for a loose and agreeable fit. Flip-flops or sneakers can complete the look for a casual summer vibe perfect for your next flight to a tropical destination.




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Rayon Shirt: Fierce Dragon Rayon Shirt

Shorts: 7" Inseam Triple Needle Short


  1. The Hoodie Set

There are several advantages to wearing shorts and hoodies while traveling, including their versatility and ease of use. Here's the reason they considered to be great travel clothing options for frequent flyers:

  1. Comfort - Most hoodies and shorts are made of soft, breathable cotton or blends, making them comfortable to wear on the airplane. Hoodies and shorts are ideal for long flights, train rides, or road trips due to their ease of movement and loose fit.
  2. Convenience - The front of most hoodies has a kangaroo pocket or regular pockets that makes it easy to store small things like your phone, passport, wallet, or sunglasses. You can keep these basics close without requiring an extra pack or continually scrounging through your baggage.


Shop this look from Brooklyn Cloth!

Hoodie: Pearl Blue Originals Hoodie

Shorts: Pearl Blue Originals Short


  1. The Rayon Button-Down & Shorts Set

For traveling, a rayon button-down shirt and shorts can be great options because they combine style, comfort, and utility. They are regarded as good travel alternatives for the following reasons:

  1. Breathability - Rayon is a lightweight and breathable fabric, making it an ideal choice for summer travel and warm climates. Its ability to allow air to circulate helps you stay cool and comfortable, even in hot and humid conditions or on a stuffy plane. By promoting breathability, rayon helps prevent excessive sweating and discomfort during your journeys.
  2. Easy to Maintain - Rayon is convenient for travel because it is generally simple to maintain. It can be washed in the machine and doesn't need as much ironing as some other fabrics. As a result, you'll be able to enjoy your trip more and worry less about how to keep your clothes clean.



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Rayon Shirt: Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt

Volley Shorts: 7" Corduroy Volley Short


  1. Button-Down Shirt with Utility Pants

A button down is the perfect choice for travel as it adds style and comfort. Consider wearing a linen button-up shirt in a light color or a summery print. Pair it with slim-fitting chinos in a complementary shade. This combination offers a sophisticated and comfortable look. Finish off the outfit with leather loafers or boat shoes for a touch of elegance.


Printed button-down shirts come in many different styles, adding a dash of complexity to your outfit. They are typically made of fabrics like linen or cotton that are lightweight and breathable, providing you with comfort throughout your journey. Conversely, utility pants are made with multiple pockets and long-lasting materials that can withstand a wide range of travel activities in mind – and maybe even save you some baggage fees (who needs a personal item when you’ve got pockets?!) the next time you fly on a budget airline.


Whether the look you’re going for is professional or casual, the design of the Canvas Utility Pant from Brooklyn Cloth can provide functionality and comfort on your flight.


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Woven Shirt: Mount Fuji Woven Shirt

Carpenter Pant: Utility Canvas Carpenter Pant


  1. Stylish Crewneck & Camo Joggers

For various occasions, a sweatshirt with a crewneck and camo joggers provides a comfortable and casual ensemble. Crewnecks are normally made comfortable materials like cotton or wool. The appearance of this style is timeless and traditional. For a pulled-together fit, crewneck sweatshirts typically have long sleeves and ribbed cuffs and hems. They come in a variety of colors and may have subtle designs or logos printed on the front. The sweatshirt is comfortable and warm, making it ideal for cooler weather or to use as a layering piece while traveling.


Camo joggers are regularly produced using sturdy and breathable materials like cotton or polyester mixes. The jogger style has a loose fit, elasticized waistband, and drawstrings that can be adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit. A tapered leg that narrows at the ankle is common in camo joggers, giving them a contemporary and athletic appearance.


Most of the time, these pants have a lot of pockets, like cargo pockets on the sides that add function and storage options. Camo joggers offer flexibility, making them appropriate for different exercises, from relaxed trips to outdoor experiences.


A camo pair of joggers and a crewneck sweatshirt create a casual yet stylish ensemble. This outfit is ideal for traveling because it is both practical and easy to move in, providing a relaxed and trendy appearance.




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Crewneck Sweatshirt: Olive Gray "Under Construction" Crewneck Sweatshirt

Fleece Jogger: Camo Core Fleece Jogger 2.0


  1. Plaid Button-Down Shacket and Four-Way-Stretch Pants

Create a style statement by pairing a printed button-down shacket with slim-fit trousers. Look for a shacket adorned with bold designs such as abstract prints or geometric patterns. Pair it with slim-fit pants or chinos in a solid color that complements the look. Complete the fit with sleek sneakers or leather loafers for a fashionable and sophisticated summer travel ensemble.


Our Heavy Flannel Shacket from Brooklyn Cloth is a bit oversized and made of a heavier material with pockets for storing items that you can quickly grab and put away. Pair it with our versatile Four-Way-Stretch Pants for easy maneuverability.



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Flannel Shacket: Heavy Flannel Shacket

Nylon Pants: Four Way Stretch Nylon Pant


  1. Denim Jacket & Sweatpants

Denim jackets provide a cozy layer of warmth without feeling heavy or constricting. The level of comfort can vary based on factors such as the fit, fabric thickness, and overall design. Opting for a well-fitting denim jacket with a soft lining or a touch of stretch can enhance comfort during long flights. However, it's important to note that denim itself typically has less stretch compared to other fabrics, so the level of flexibility may be somewhat limited.


Sweatpants are commonly crafted from soft, stretchy, and comfortable materials such as cotton or fleece. They are designed with a focus on comfort, allowing for easy movement and providing a relaxed fit.


Sweatpants often feature an elastic waistband and cuffs, making them comfy to wear for extended periods. The fabric's breathability and insulation properties can vary, so it's important to consider the weather and adjust your choice accordingly. In colder temperatures, thicker sweatpants or those with a fleece lining can provide extra warmth, while lightweight and moisture-wicking options are ideal for hotter conditions.


Overall, both our denim jackets and sweatpants from Brooklyn Cloth possess distinct qualities that contribute to their unique comfort. Denim jackets provide a stylish and versatile layer that can be adjusted for different temperatures, while sweatpants prioritize flexibility and softness. Ultimately, the comfort of these garments relies on personal preference, the fit, and the specific fabric choices.



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Denim Jacket: White Split Denim Jacket

Sweatpants: Core Dad Sweatpants


It is essential to strike a balance between style and comfort when traveling by air. The top 10 airplane looks in this blog post provide a variety of options to suit various occasions and tastes. These travel outfits from Brooklyn Cloth ensure that you look fashionable and feel comfortable throughout your trip, whether you prefer a relaxed denim ensemble, a printed button-down and shorts, or a casually chic athleisure outfit.


To make sure your flight goes smoothly, and you have a good time, remember to put breathable fabrics, options for layering, and practical footwear first. Our top 10 looks from Brooklyn Cloth is sure to provide you with functionality, comfort and a unique style to help you reach from point A to point B.


Tell us which look is your favorite!


Bon Voyage!

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