5 BBQ Looks to Wear Now

5 BBQ Looks to Wear Now Brooklyn Cloth

What to Wear to a Barbecue

BKFAM, are you ready for summer BBQ parties? First and foremost, you need an outfit that’s comfortable and not restricting so you can eat all you want. What should you wear to have the most fun and comfort? Most people go casual for barbecues. That is smart but we need more than just casual to be at most comfortable.

The ideal barbecue dress code is smart casual. In other words, you dress to be comfortable and stylish. The overall look should not be formal, but it should make you look smart. You can’t go wrong with button-up shirts, Polos, or blouses over chinos or khakis.

The key to barbecue attire is to strike a balance between professional and relaxed styles. It is often seen as a versatile and flexible dress code for various social and professional events. In this case, a BBQ party is exactly what smart casual is. 

Work BBQ vs Friends BBQ

We tend opt for more simple outfits when attending a BBQ party in a friend’s backyard. On the other hand, corporate BBQ parties give a different vibe; oftentimes people choose to dress to impress at the corporate events. Although you should not be dressing professionally in either one of the BBQ parties, you should be more put-together in a corporate BBQ party than at a friendly get-together.

Generally, corporate events require a more polished appearance, even for casual occasions like a BBQ party. Both types of parties accept the smart casual dress code. Luckily, Brooklyn Cloth has more than enough options for both types of BBQ parties. The rest of the article will guide you through the basic elements to consider when creating a BBQ party look. Then we will give five looks for you to reference. Each of the looks includes one or more elements of a perfect BBQ outfit.

Here’s What You Should Consider Putting Together An outfit for a BBQ

  • Ease of Movement: Outdoor activities require your outfit to be more flexible than usual because you need to move around. The stretchiness of your clothes determines how restricted you will be.

  • Stain Resistance: Delicious BBQ cannot stand alone without the help of sauce, seasoning, and oil. Thus, it would make our lives easier if the outfit can withstand stains. Darker shades or hues are preferred.  

  • Breathability: BBQ parties are usually held on a hot day, thus, be sure to wear something light and cool. You will also sweat when you move around. The material in the clothing should either be breathable or quick drying.

  • Pockets: It is crucial to have pockets on your outfit for BBQ parties because you want to have hands to hold your plate and drink. This of course, avoids the hassle of carrying a bag around.

Look 1 – Breathable Smart Casual  

We spoke about dressing smartly and being comfortable. Now, we have put it into action. To start the process, let’s fulfil our basic needs at a BBQ party: mobility and breathability.

We need something with a combination of functionality and exceptional comfort. Get the 7” Corduroy Volley Short for optimal performance. They’re designed like the loose-fitting shorts worn by volleyball players to provide maximum freedom of movement, making them perfect for any active job or outdoor activity such as barbecuing (and barbecue eating). Next, grab the airy mesh short sleeve shirt to feel the fresh breezes. The short sleeve shirt cools you down because it is made of breathable materials such as soft and airy mesh fabric. It is a regular fit and easy to wash and dry.

In terms of look, this casual outfit is also incredibly stylish. It has a summer vibe, a unique texture from the high-quality fabric, and a slim fit.

Barbecues are such popular warm-weather outdoor activities that it immediately reminds people of summer. Therefore, it is important to add a touch of summer vibes. Play around with elements such as vertical stripes and pastel colors. Also, be sure to have shorts that are elastic so that you do not have to worry about limiting your appetite. Order today to experience durability, comfort, and style all at once!

 7" Corduroy Volley Short


  1. Coastal Blue

  2. Cream

  3. Quarry

  4. Slit Green



  1. Forest Green

Look 2 - The Utility Style

Next, we shift our target to pockets! The more pockets the better because it is super convenient to not have to hold everything but still have your stuff accessible. But don’t make your body too weighed down with items or the ease of movement is gone.

What can do this job better than cargo pants? Not only do these pants have functional pockets that are spatial but they also are very elastic. Look for cargo pants with a waist drawstring so you can easily adjust. Best of all, you can move around easily with the wide-leg design. Also pay attention to the material. As it can be very convenient with multiple pockets, you can also be very uncomfortable with a bad choice of fabric. Go with a woven material for comfort and leisure that is ideal for everyday use.

The uniqueness of cargo pants is that they can be styled in any fashion. The versatile cargo pants are practical for everyday use and have a trendy y2k vibe to keep you up to date on the trends. Wide-leg pants are one of the must-haves. Order now so you’re not missing out! 



  1. Quarry

  2. Black

Enhance your style by pairing your cargo pant with a jacquard camp collar shirt. The shirt and the cargo pant make a nice color match: quarry and navy. This shirt is sure to turn heads. The Men’s Navy Quilt Jacquard Camp Collar Shirt is made from a soft and comfortable jacquard fabric which adds a touch of texture and sophistication. The slim fit adds up to the smart look; it ensures a polished and put-together vibe. Moreover, the camp collar and short sleeves make this shirt perfect for any weather including a hot summer day. Order today and put the shirt on to attend both casual and formal occasions.


Look 3 – The Comfortable Joggers

Opt for a comfortable jogger with a moisture-wicking button up shirt. This is a great combo if you want something casual and comfortable. Pick a jogger that absorbs moisture and provides breathable temperature. This way you can do a four-way stretch easily without having to sweat at the BBQ party.

Take a quick look at the diagonal heat seal fleece jogger pants! The design of this jogger is done to bring a color contrast that catches your attention. The two sides on your hips are in a different color than the rest of the jogger. Match the jogger with a stone wash or light denim jacket to give the mysterious and dope look. Or you can pair it with your favorite graphic button up shirt, and you’re set to rock!



  1. White

  2. Sand

  3. Black Marl

  4. Heather Grey

  5. Dusty Rose

If you want something creative to complement the jogger, look at this button-up shirt that features a stunning image of Mount Fuji. The oversized fit creates a comfy yet put-together look, and the short sleeves and camp collar give it a laid-back and relaxed vibe. Again, you see a good mix of casual and formal. The woven fabric is lightweight and breathable and will ensure all-day comfort no matter where your day takes you. Surprise your friends with this Mount Fuji fit on a BBQ night!


Look 4 – The Classic Polo

You will never go wrong with a Polo shirt because it is the classic. Polo shirts are easy to match and aesthetically appealing. We recommend the Terry Cloth Polo Shirt. Terrycloth has a combination of cotton and several other synthetic fibers. This fabric is fantastic for BBQ looks. First, it is light and breathable which retains the ability to keep you cool. Second, the Polo shirt itself is an oversized fit which makes it easier for you to move around or eat without feeling too tight.

Pair your Polo with mesh shorts for a super cool look. This mesh stripe embroidered short is made of 100% mesh and has side and back pockets. The material will make you feel refreshed and cool all summer long. This is another great alternative for breathable-pocket shorts.  




  1. Quarry

  2. Sand

Look 5 – The 4th of July Look

BBQ parties are a top pick for 4th of July gatherings. Now that we know what to have for comfort and style, we can talk about showing patriotism on the holiday. An American flag graphic shirt or tank top will slay. Be aware, if it’s a tank top, make sure it has a scoop neck design because it will make the whole piece breathable. A relaxed fit allows for maximum comfort and easy movement, making it the perfect choice for a BBQ party. So why wait? Order your Oat Flag Print Jersey Tank now for the upcoming 4th of July. You can pair it with our 5” Oat Stars Stripes Shorts for a complete look.


Like the Flag Print Jersey Tank, these shorts feature a unique and eye-catching Stars & Stripes design, making them the perfect match with the tank top. The outfit is great to have for any American-themed event or patriotic occasion.

The short is a blend of high-quality polyester and spandex. For this reason, it offers exceptional comfort and flexibility. Also, the 5” inseam provides the perfect balance of coverage and freedom of movement. This short also has great endurance to heat because the breathable fabric ensures that you stay cool and comfortable. Order now and pair it with any tops.

5" Stars & Stripes Shorts

Last Minute Barbecue Outfit Tips

Now you have clues on what apparel to wear to a barbecue, but what about accessories? Accessories will always enhance the smart casual look. For example, add a belt, statement watch, or simple jewelry pieces to complement your outfit. However, avoid excessive accessories that are only appropriate for just formal or just casual settings.

Sunglasses are also something nice to have on the side because they add style to the look and can help shield your face from the sun. Also, a baseball cap shares the same function with sunglasses, and it goes well with a casual button-down shirt and shorts.

Sandy Daddy Dad Hat

While this hat is a great gift for Father’s Day, it can also be a perfect accessory for your smart casual outfit on a BBQ night. This hat is designed to offer both comfort and style. It is crafted from high-quality materials; this cap is built to last. Plus, the sand color of the cap is versatile and easy to match with any combinations given above. The cap is also available in black, which is better because it is more resistant to stains.


One more tip, if you know you are going to stay late, bring a denim jacket. When it comes to BBQ parties, denim can be a to-go option because it is durable and versatile. You might need it for warmth, but it will not interrupt your initial look. Plus, you can take it off whenever you feel like it. Depending on your preferences, you can layer the denim jacket over a t-shirt, a button-up shirt, Polo, or tank top. Be careful with the overall color scheme after putting on denim. Balance your denim with other fabrics and textures of your clothing to create visual interest.

At Brooklyn Cloth, we offer quality clothing that is stylish yet functional. Don’t forget to tag us @brooklyncloth if you are sharing your thoughts on the BBQ looks. Plus, you can win a chance to be featured on our social media by adding #BKFAM to your post!

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