Four Zoom-Ready Work from Home Looks

Four Zoom-Ready Work from Home Looks

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder what to wear now that your couch is your office? Let’s put aside the shirts and blazers you’ve repeatedly worn. If you no longer find joy throwing on the same pieces to look business on top or spending the whole day in pajamas and molding into the shape of your couch, don’t worry — we’re here to help. We've gathered some of our favorite styles — they’re totally cozy! — that can spice up your WFH wardrobe.

When we get dressed in presentable clothing, we tend to be more productive. It is also an excellent way to prevent bad working from home habits. Plus, we can avoid looking sloppy when our boss asks us to hop on a last-minute Zoom meeting. But since we're still working on our couch and at kitchen tables, what we wear every day needs to be comfortable and stylish. We can keep our sweatpants in the mix — no one will be able to tell on Zoom calls — and find interesting ways to incorporate a few summer trends.

For those of you who need wardrobe assistance to level up your WFH style, we’ve got some comfy yet stylish pieces for you. No matter if you’re a finance guy, artist, teacher, marketer, engineer, or college student, you can find your favorite outfit ideas from our list. And the best part is: they’re all available online! 


WFH Outfit for Creative Guys - T-shirts and Hoodies

We've entered WFH mode for who knows how long, so why not wear something that can boost positivity? Opt for t-shirts with fun prints and graphics. If you’re the type of person who prefers monochrome tops over graphic tees, our Black Tees will be your favorite go-to. Get a little bit creative with savage print all over and the timeless white and black combination. For cooler days, put away your old college hoodie and throw on our cozy Mustard Sherpa Pullover Hoodie. This hoodie is structured enough to look presentable, but also comfy enough that you could nap in it.


WFH Outfit for Finance Guys - Woven Shirt

Blue Hype Print Vertical Stripe Tee

If Zoom is now your life, here are some business-on-top, sweatpants-on-bottom outfit suggestions. Throwing on a blazer for daily Zoom meetings is starting to feel stale. Try swapping your structured business shirts for a relaxed style with our

Blue Hype Print Vertical Stripe Tee

. This shirt is great for looking dressed up but a way comfier version. If you need some “okay, it’s time to wake up” elements, jazz up your waist-up look with our White Legend Puff Print Vertical Stripe Tee, and boosts your morale.

White Legend Puff Print Vertical Stripe Tee


WFH Outfit for Artists - Color Pop and Doodle Jacket


Don’t make yourself bored when working from home. Brighten up your Zoom meeting look with a pop of summertime Orange! If you love the moto rib shoulder design, we’ve got you the soft-as-anything springtime color Dusty Blue Allover Marble Print Tee

You can also dress up with an instant mood booster, such as graffiti and embroidery. Calling all snazzy street style lovers, our dope yet cozy Savage Stripe Denim Jacket is here to lift your spirits.


WFH Outfit for Trainers - Tank Tops

It’s good to have a dress code to keep you on track with your daily workout routine. Of course, the less thinking involved, the better. In the morning, you can slip on our Wake Pray Slay Tank Top (Wake up and slay!) or Thank God Tank Top (Thank God, the weather is nice!) to start your day. If you’re doing Zoom workout classes with your dude, throw on this dope Dusty Blue Drip Tank Top as your mood booster. Don’t forget to show off with our Aqua Tie Dye Cali Bear Tank Top, which is super airy and breathable!



At Brooklyn Cloth, we hope you enjoy our WFH outfits with maximum comfort and joy. All of our products are made of sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester. We are conscious of our cutting process to lower our fabric waste, and we also donate our textile scraps. Let's save the earth by supporting sustainable fashion!


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