How to do Botanic Garden the right way

How to do Botanic Garden the right way

The warm weather brings out the happiness and the allergies, but that doesn't stop us because we love vibrant color and all things colorful and Brooklyn. When you have a day stop by the Botanic Garden in Brooklyn, New York. This place has everything from different walking trails through multiple path ways, even celebrity trails so if you want to stalk your favorite Hollywood star they might be hiding on this trail. There are so many different areas to visit! You can either go to a different garden, conservatories, see popular collections and features.

Since they are open from March to October you can find out which flowers are in bloom to go see in person. You can even track the progress of the new blooming flowers on the Brooklyn Botanic Garden website.

If you love plant life there is a gardening resource center where you can learn what to plant in what month. Also great news for teachers if you are looking for a fun new field trip to take the students you can take them to the education and activities center here they can learn a variety of different things, this could be helpful in the classroom for a life science class.

If you just want to come for some fun you can go on a guided tour around the Botanic Garden and see everything and learn about the different gardens. You will learn about the inspiration behind the gardens, the plant life, and wildlife. Seems like a great time and it is only available in Brooklyn, New York. You won't get an experience like this anywhere else. In some of the gardens you can sit down and just enjoy nature. When you have a stressful week just close your eyes and take a deep breathe because you found a little piece of an escape from reality.

When your stomach starts to rumble in the afternoon hop on over to the Yellow Magnolia Cafe for some delicious food. You can find the entrance for the canteen next to the Steinhardt Conservatory. The Cafe has a full service dining on Tuesday to Sunday their menu is extensive offering a wide range of choices for entrees and also offers alcoholic beverages.

Yellow Magnolia Cafe Opens At Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you are more in the mood for something quick try the Yellow Magnolia Canteen which overlooks the Lily Pool Terrace. You can order any type of sandwiches, soups, salads and snacks, I am just getting hungry thinking about all this good food.

Image result for yellow magnolia canteen

If you go in the morning I think it is safe to say that everyone could use a cup of Joe to put a pep in their step. So if you are feeling like you need a wake up call you can venture to the Visitor Center and go to the Yellow Magnolia Coffee Bar. 

If you have a favorite spot at the Botanic Gardens and want to share your experience with us leave a comment below! 

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