How to Wear Americana Prints and Not look like a Flag

When the weather gets warmer and you start getting invitations for weekend bbq, Graduation Parties, Memorial Day and Fourth of July parties, the thought of “what to wear” may come to mind.

The summer seasons means you can rock some Americana inspired fashion, but how do you do it without looking like a showy American flag?

Here at Brooklyn Cloth, we’ve picked a couple of key “must have” summer outfits that show your love for the good ole USA and still keeps you looking fresh. 

Some suggestions when wearing Americana prints:

Suggestion #1:

One piece of Americana clothing is all you need to show your patriotism. As much as you love the American shorts or Tee, don’t wear them together.

 American Flag T-Shirt

Suggestion #2:

Add texture and style to your Americana items. Here are some of our favorites pieces that are standout.

Vintage American Flag T-shirt

Vintage American Flag Tank Top


Suggestion #3

Adding a plain white tee or tank to any Americana Jogger shorts, swim trunks or twill shorts is a “no brainer”. It keeps it simple and easy.

 American Flag Shorts

Suggestion #4

Jackets: the weather can get a little chilly at the beach so here’s some dope jackets you can wear on and off:

Windbreakers for Men

 Suggestion #5

Think POP of colors: it also doesn’t have to be an American flag print, you can do Americana with color pops. Here are some of our favorite red, white and blue clothing items.

Red White and Blue T-Shirt

Button Down Shirts

Knit Basketball Shorts

 And the last suggestion, wear whatever makes you feel good because that’s all that matters!

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