What To Wear During the Summer Months in New York

Living in Brooklyn and working in the boroughs means the weather is not consistent. It could be the middle of summer and 90 degrees but once you get of our your air conditioned apartment (if you’re lucky because your roommate bought a unit), the heat and humidity hits you hard.

Then you go down the subway and enter the super chilly air conditioned train. Walk a couple of blocks and it’s hot again.

You get to work and they are blasting the air conditioner in the back but not the front of the office. Your either too hot or too cold.. and of course didn’t dress appropriately.

The team at Brooklyn Cloth have some summer and city friendly pieces you’ll wear and feel comfortable in:

Here are our top 5 items

Denim jackets: not only are they making a come back but can keep you cool or warm depending on the location. Here’s some of our favorites

 Denim Jacket from Brooklyn Cloth


Coaches jacket: they’re light weight, packablr and won’t get wrinkled easily. We have colors and styles to fit your mood.

 White Coaches Jacket

Cozy varsity jacket: we know what you’re thinking, it’s way too hot for that, but trust us, we’ve been in places like the office or movie theater where you’ll need it.

 Knit Varsity Jacket

Hoodies: it’s not just for fall weather, especially our light weight hoodies that can be worn with shorts or our joggers.

Checker Board Hoodie

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