How to wear Jogger Shorts (with or without socks?)

two people wearing jogger shorts

 As the summer in New York is finally giving us the weather that we have so desperately been waiting for, it is time to break out the shorts in exchange for those jeans and chinos that have been hogging up space on those shelves of yours. As athleisure has made it mainstream, the summer of 2018 is all about being comfortable. With joggers being the go-to in bottoms whether it is running errands or having a leisurely day, the jogger is the perfect pant for that in-between comfort and style; so why not take it to the next level and turn it into a pair of shorts? BINGO!

Summer Style with Joggers

Summer of 2018’s newest edition has arrived and it is doing so in style. Grabbing a pair of jogger shorts might be one of the best investments of this summer, and there are several reasons why, some could say, thirteen. But this isn’t a blog to convince you to buy a pair or not, this is about wearing socks, and ultimately it comes down to preference. If you are the sneakerhead that has a closet full of empty shoe boxes, you are more likely to throw on a pair of low cut ankle socks to protect the newest sneaker such as the recent Yeezy releases or a basic but timeless classic such as the Vans Old Skool.

Mens Brooklyn Jogger Shorts

1. Mens Black Brooklyn Knit Shorts

This timeless combination, paired with a basic t-shirt (stripes optional) brings the essence of streetwear while still being able to be comfortable to beat that summer heat. If that isn’t so much your route, there are ways to wear jogger shorts sock-less and still look fashionable. Now what might be up for debate this season are Birkenstocks, and if that is your style, no harm no foul, do you; but paired with a top such as a basic tank top on those really hot days, or again, paired with a light t-shirt. Of course, with planning an outfit, the details fine tune the outfit, and getting a pair of jogger shorts that are simple such as Brooklyn Cloth’s twill jogger shorts can elevate your style and be social-ready in any evening occasion throughout the summer.

Mens Ottoman Jogger Shorts

2. Mens Ottoman Marl Jogger Shorts

Toning it down, the perfect shorts such as the ottoman rib shorts provide subtle ribbing that will get people asking “where did you get those?” while not distracting away from your outfit as a whole. A personal favorite are the striped French terry shorts from Brooklyn Cloth. These shorts provide a great streetwear look with the long drawstrings and pair almost perfectly with any plain white or black t-shirt which leaves any option to showcase your outfit with any low top shoes and… you guessed it, ankle socks!

Mens Natural Snow Fleece Stripe Jogger Shorts

3. Mens Natural Snow Fleece Jogger Shorts

This summer will be the year that comfort comes first, and there is no better place to start then our summer wear! Grab some of those jogger shorts before they are gone whether you are sock or sockless, being able to have a few pairs of jogger shorts to compliment your style is what matters most!

Stay Comfortable!

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