Is it Okay to Wear Swim Trunks as Shorts?

Is it Okay to Wear Swim Trunks as Shorts? Brooklyn Cloth

Is it Okay to Wear Swim Trunks as Shorts? 

Hey, #bkfam. We’ve hit the first day of Spring, and in New York, it is already getting warmer! Personally, I’m more of a jeans year-round kind of girl, and I love a good skirt. For today, the topic is shorts, more specifically, swim shorts. Let’s delve into the details of this summer wardrobe staple to stay up to date with the latest styles.

What are Swim Shorts? 

Brooklyn Cloth swim short

Swim shorts are a particular style of shorts intended for swimming and other aquatic activities. They are typically constructed of materials that dry quickly, such as nylon or polyester, and are developed with comfort and lightness in mind. Swim jammers, board shorts, and swim briefs are just a few of the several varieties of swim trunks available.

The Big Question - Is it okay to wear swim trunks as shorts?

Absolutely! Frank Ocean did it. Swim trunks can be worn as shorts in most casual settings, especially during the warmer months or when traveling. With a t-shirt or tank top, many swim trunks are made to resemble typical shorts. Yet, it's crucial to take the circumstances into consideration and dress accordingly. Swim trunks as shorts aren't always appropriate if you're heading to a formal event or a location that has a dress code. Just be aware of bold prints because they can make you seem out of place.

Shorts Inseams Explained

#Bkcloth swim trunks come in a 7” inseam.

The length of the inner seam of the shorts, which extends from the crotch to the bottom of the leg opening, is referred to as the inseam. Usually, it is measured in inches or centimeters. 

Depending on the style and purpose, the shorts' inseam length can change. For instance, casual shorts or board shorts may have a longer inseam length than sports shorts or running shorts. 

Men's shorts often have inseam lengths between 5 and 9 inches, whereas women's shorts might have inseam lengths between 2 and 7 inches. There is no typical inseam length for shorts, and therefore it ultimately comes down to taste and how the shorts will be used. 

How Can I Integrate Swim Shorts Into My Closet?

It's crucial to take into account variables like comfort, fit, and style when selecting swim trunks, as well as any unique requirements you may have, like the type of activity you'll be doing or any specific features you need, like pockets or UV protection.

Features of Brooklyn Cloth Swim Shorts

  • Side pockets

  • Back pocket

  • Elasticated Drawstring waist

  • Mesh lining

Why is there Netting in Swim Shorts?

The netting design promotes skin ventilation and speeds up the drying of your body and shorts after they have been wet, sweaty, or soaked by summer humidity.

Knit Sweater with Swim Shorts

Our Hunter Green Color Block Swim Shorts are paired with a knit sweater. These swim shorts also come in Dusty Blue and Dusty Rose. It’s an appealing and cozy ensemble for cooler weather or changing from the beach to other activities. Choosing a sweater that matches your trunks and offers a layer of warmth without looking out of place is important to pulling off this style. 

Choose a sweater that goes well with the color or design of your swim shorts to make your ensemble look coherent. For instance, a knit sweater in a neutral hue like black, grey, or navy might create a balanced effect if you are wearing swim shorts that are brightly colored or have patterns. Selecting a sweater with a striking pattern or texture will offer visual appeal if your swim shorts are more of a neutral color. 

If you want to go for a more casual appearance, you may pair your beach shorts with sandals or flip-flops, or you can dress it up with loafers or boat shoes. 

Overall, pairing swim shorts with a knit sweater can be a versatile and fashionable wardrobe choice for a variety of events, particularly during the cooler days or in circumstances where a thin layer is required.

Polo Shirt and Swim Shorts

Polo shirts are another way to dress up your swim trunks. A short-sleeved shirt with a collar and typically two or three buttons at the neck is called a polo shirt. It is a common option for casual clothing in warm weather and is typically made of knitted cotton or a combination of cotton and synthetic materials. 

If you're planning to wear a polo shirt and swimsuit together, you probably have a leisurely swim or outing planned. Since swim trunks can be worn in and out of the water, the polo shirt can be worn as a cover-up or as a top on its own. The two together create a timeless summer style that is both comfortable and attractive.

Shop our Swim Patch Bandana Swim Shorts to get this look. 

Also available in Dusty Blue.

Paired with our Sand Bull Denim Workwear Jacket.

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Wearing Swim Shorts with a Button-Up Shirt

Shirts known as "button-ups" have a front closure comprised of buttons that often extend the full length of the shirt. These are available in many different designs, such as dress shirts, casual shirts, and flannel shirts.

Casual button-up shirts are worn for informal occasions like hanging out with friends or attending a relaxed dinner. They are frequently produced from lighter materials like cotton or linen. They might have a front pocket and different collar designs.

Hoodies and Swim Shorts

The simplest way to pull off a casual look is to wear a hoodie with swim shorts. As shown, a t-shirt was added to the ensemble to continue providing dimension. It elevates the simplistic style. This is a wonderful choice for the on-the-go.

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Also available in colors:

  • Aqua

  • Lavender

  • Green 

Can You Work Out in Swim Shorts?

When deciding whether to exercise in swim trunks, it's important to think about the type of exercise you'll be performing and whether swim trunks will offer the support and range of motion you'll need. Swim trunks might not be the best option if you intend to lift weights, run, or engage in other high-impact activities, as they might not offer enough support for your muscles and joints. 

Swim trunks may also get heavy and uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time during a workout because they are made to be worn in damp environments. Additionally, sweat can lead to chafing and irritation, which can be distracting and uncomfortable while exercising. Inner mesh liners are another factor that may cause irritation.

Should Swim Shorts be Baggy?

You should be able to pinch on either side of your thigh between a half-inch and an inch. If necessary, you can go up a little bit, but if you do, you risk seeming a little too baggy and careless. The waist should be properly snug without being overly droopy or tight.

Board Shorts vs. Swim Shorts

The length of the board shorts, which can reach the knee or lower depending on style and preference, is the key distinction between them and swim shorts – stopping above the knee. Although board shorts and men's swim trunks are both forms of swimwear, there are some more distinctions between them: 


Swim trunks typically stop above the knee and are generally shorter than board shorts. On the other side, board shorts are often longer, with some styles falling to the mid-calf. 


Lightweight, quick-drying fabrics like nylon or polyester are typically used to make swim trunks. Board shorts are frequently constructed from heftier, more sturdy materials like cotton or microfiber. 


Swim trunks often have a fitted waistband, an athletic appearance, and a close fit. Board shorts often have a longer inseam, a drawstring waist, and a looser, more relaxed fit. 


Swim trunks are designed specifically for swimming and other water sports. Since they may be used for swimming as well as other activities like surfing and beach volleyball, board shorts are more adaptable. 

Eventually, your personal preference and the particular activity you have in mind will determine whether you wear swim trunks or board shorts. While board shorts are more appropriate for activities that call for greater mobility and protection, such as surfing or beach sports, swim trunks are perfect for a day at the pool or a quick swim.

In essence, it is okay to wear swim shorts as shorts.

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