15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide for every Type of Day by Brooklyn Cloth

15 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

Oh boy, do we feel your pain. They can be a tough crowd to please (sighs dramatically). But fear not, we've got just the solution for you to conquer Father's Day and make your old man crack a smile.
Now, listen up, because this is important. Father's Day is a mere two weeks away, landing on June 18th. That's right around the corner! So, no time to waste—we gotta get our act together and start planning the perfect surprise for dear old Dad.
Let's face it, finding the right gift for your pops can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we are here to lend a helping hand. We've gathered some top-notch Father's Day gift ideas at multiple price points that are sure to earn you some serious brownie points with your dad, or any father figure in your life.

Our 15 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts Ideas:

  1. Grilling spices
  2. Smart sunglasses
  3. Sweatshirt
  4. Vacation shirt
  5. Massaging pillow
  6. Smart writing set
  7. Funny fanny pack
  8. Festive shorts
  9. Cool bucket hat
  10. Dad cap
  11. Nylon jacket
  12. Golf pun coffee mug
  13. Themed whiskey set
  14. Personalized book
  15. Sanitizer bag
  1. BBQ Spice Set

Spice set
First on the list… Does your dad love to fire up the grill and unleash his inner master of BBQ? Well, have we got the perfect gift idea for him! Imagine the look on his face when he receives a fancy new set of grilling spices that will take his backyard cookouts to a whole new level. Trust me, he'll be spicing things up with pride!
Introducing the "Ultimate Grilling Spice Set." This set is a game-changer, providing a variety of mouthwatering flavors that will make his grilled creations truly unforgettable. From smoky to savory, tangy to spicy, this collection has it all!
We've got another fantastic option for you, too! A funnier one at that. If your dad is all about that BBQ rub life, then the "BBQ Rub Dad Gift Set" is the way to go. This BBQ Rub set comes in 4 flavors: Sugar Daddy, Hot Daddy, Cool Daddy, and Smoky Daddy. Your dad will definitely have a chuckle when he grills.
 Check out:
Ultimate Grilling Spice Set - $39.99
BBQ Rub Dad Gift Set – $14.99
  1. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses

Black Rayban Smart Sunglasses
 Or maybe your dad is a bit of a tech geek, always on the hunt for the latest gadgets that make him feel like a secret agent. Well, why not surprise him with a cool gadget that will have him geeking out for days? Ray-Ban's Wayfarers! These sunglasses take the concept of eyewear to a whole new level, combining style, functionality, and a touch of spy-worthy technology. Imagine sunglasses that do more than just shield your eyes from the sun.
 Ray-Ban's Wayfarers are equipped with advanced features that allow you to listen to music, take photos and videos hands-free, give voice controls, and access extra information in a flash, all while looking effortlessly cool. It's like having Mission Impossible 7 tech right at your fingertips! So, why settle for ordinary sunglasses when your dad can have the ultimate tech accessory?
Check out:
  1. “The World Is Yours” Sweatshirt

Grey Sweatshirt with "The World" print
Is your dad in need of a wardrobe update? For dads who have too many ties and not enough comfy sweats, Brooklyn Cloth offers a comfy and cool “The World Is Yours” Sweatshirt. The message behind it will keep him looking and feeling young. He can wear it when he’s staying in or when he’s sneaking out for a late-night burger run. Yes, I know he’s supposed to be on a low-cholesterol diet. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Might as well get comfy while doing it!
Made with quality materials, this sweatshirt offers both style and comfort. Your dad will love the softness and warmth it provides. Trust us, it's a gift that will keep on giving and make your dad the epitome of cool and comfy!
 Check out:
Brooklyn Cloth’s “The World Is Yours” Sweatshirt – $38.00
  1. Vacation Shirts That’s Not Just for Vacations

Red button up with yellow, black and white floral print
We've got some exciting news for all the dads out there who have an undying love for Hawaiian shirts. You know the ones I'm talking about—the guys who believe that vacation vibes should be celebrated all year round. Well, we've got a couple of gems that will make their hearts skip a beat.
First up, we've got Brooklyn Cloth's "Black Flowers Rayon Shirt." This bad boy is sleek, stylish, and perfect for those dads who like to keep it classy while rocking their favorite tropical pattern. With its black base and striking floral design, this shirt is a true head-turner and could easily be turned into an everyday shirt. It's the kind of shirt that says, "Yeah, I'm cool, and I'm bringing the island vibes wherever I go!"
But hey, if your dad is all about embracing vibrant colors and wants to take his Hawaiian shirt game to the next level, then we've got the answer for that too. Check out, "Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt." This one is a more colorful version of the classic Hawaiian shirt, featuring a lively floral pattern. It's like a wearable party that your dad can rock anytime, anywhere.
Or if he constantly says stuff like, “I’m not your average dad, I’m a cool dad!” This casual button down is for him. Its funky style and patterns make it so unique, adding a pop of red to catch everyone’s eye. This shirt will be turning heads, making other dads think, man I wish I was cool like him.
So, whether your dad wants to add a touch of sophistication with the "Black Flowers Rayon Shirt" or dive headfirst into a sea of vibrant hues with the "Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt" or “Brushed Floral Rayon Shirt” These Hawaiian shirts are guaranteed to make a statement. They're the kind of shirts that say, "I'm here to have a good time, and I don't need a vacation to do it!"
Check out:
Brooklyn Cloth’s Black Flowers Rayon Shirt – $36.00
Brooklyn Cloth’s Floating Flowers Rayon Shirt – $36.00
Brooklyn Cloth’s Brushed Floral Rayon Shirt – $36.00
  1. Pillow Massager

Grey square pillow massager
Is your dad a superhero who's been battling with back pain? Well, it's time to give him the gift of relief and relaxation. This incredible device is designed to mimic the hands of a real massage therapist, providing a soothing and realistic massage experience that will leave your dad feeling rejuvenated.
 The Pillow Massager also incorporates infrared ceramic bulbs into its sleek and stylish design. These bulbs emit gentle warmth, providing a soothing heat therapy to the lumbar support cushion during treatment.
 Speaking of style, this massager comes in four different colors, ensuring that it seamlessly fits into any home decor. Whether your dad prefers a classic black, a modern gray, a sophisticated beige, or a vibrant blue, there's a color option that will suit his taste perfectly. It's the perfect way to show him that you care about his well-being and want him to enjoy a pain-free and relaxing Father's Day!
Check out:
iReliev Relaxable Pillow Massager – $149.95 
  1. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Black moleskin notebook with black smart pen and usb charger
Another one for the tech dads! If your dad is constantly on the go, juggling work and personal commitments, he deserves a gift that helps him stay organized and boosts his productivity. Introducing the Moleskine Smart Writing Set, a game-changing tool that combines the simplicity of pen and paper with the convenience of digital technology.
 The Moleskine Smart Writing Set is the perfect companion for hard working dads who appreciate the power of handwritten notes but also crave the efficiency of digital organization. This set includes a ruled smart notebook and a smart pen, allowing your dad to jot down his thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists in the traditional analog way.
 What sets this writing set apart is its ability to seamlessly transfer everything your dad writes or draws on paper to his digital devices. The smart pen captures each stroke and syncs it to the accompanying app, where he can organize, edit, and share his notes effortlessly. It's like having a portable digital assistant at his fingertips!
Check out:
Moleskine Smart Writing Set – $279.00
  1. Dad Bod Fanny Pack

Fanny pack with black straps and hairy belly graphic
If you're in the market for a gag gift, then you've gotta check out this ridiculously funny item: The Hairy Belly Fanny Pack. It's the ultimate dad bod accessory! I mean, who wouldn't want to rock a fanny pack that gives the illusion of having a beer belly? It's a lighthearted way to show your dad that you appreciate his sense of humor and want to bring some laughter into his life.
This pack is not just funny, it's practical, too! From keys to cards and money to a phone, he can secure all his essentials in the zippered inner pocket. So not only will your dad be the center of attention with his hilarious beer belly fanny pack, but he'll also be the most prepared guy around. Need a pen? He's got it. Snacks for the road? No problem. It's like having a portable storage unit right at his belly.
Check out:
3D Beer Belly Fanny Pack – $10.99
  1. Stars & Stripes Shorts

Star and stripe shorts. Half blue with white starts and half red with white stripes. White drawstrings.
 Does Dad always claim his love for America, the greatest country on this earth? These shorts are for him. Stars & Stripes Shorts are the perfect combination of style and patriotism. They feature a unique and eye-catching design, making them the perfect choice for any American-themed event or patriotic occasion.
HINT: The 4th of July is coming soon! Look no further, because these shorts have got your back (or rather, your legs) covered. These shorts scream "I'm proud to be an American!" and you just know that it will turn heads faster than a Ferris wheel at full speed.
Check out:
5" Stars & Stripes Shorts – $34.00
  1. Bucket Hat 

Black bucket hat with a small embroidery of a green alien head in the front
Who says bucket hats are only for teenagers?! It's time to break free from stereotypes and let your dad rock this trendy accessory with confidence and style.
 The Alien Corduroy Bucket Hat also offers practicality and comfort. Its wide brim provides shade from the sun, protecting your dad's face and eyes on those sunny days. Plus, the corduroy material adds a cozy touch, making it perfect for year-round wear. Let your dad prove that age is just a number and coolness knows no bounds.
Check out:
Brooklyn Cloth’s Alien Corduroy Bucket Hat– $14.00
  10. “Daddy” CapBeige cap with "Daddy" white embroidery in the front
If your dad prefers a stylish cap over a bucket hat, we've got you covered with the "Daddy" Cap from Brooklyn Cloth! He’s not just a Dad, he’s a Daddy! This cap is the perfect accessory to elevate your dad's coolness factor and show off his confident style.
With its classic design and "Daddy" embroidery, this cap adds a touch of charm and playfulness to any outfit. The sand color gives it a versatile and casual appeal, making it a go-to hat for your dad's everyday adventures.
Check out:
Brooklyn Cloth’s Daddy Dad Hat – $14.00
  1. Outdoor Nylon Jackets

Beige nylon jacket with front zip up, 4 front flap pockets, elastic cuffs and toggle hood
 Calling all hiker dads and nature lovers! If you're looking for the perfect jacket to channel your inner Indiana Jones and conquer the great outdoors, look no further than the Olive Gray Good Times Ahead Nylon Jacket from Brooklyn Cloth. This jacket is your ultimate companion to keep Dad dry and stylish in changing seasons and unpredictable weather.
Designed with functionality in mind, this nylon jacket is specifically crafted to keep you dry during everyday activities and outdoor adventures. Rain or shine, you'll be prepared to take on any weather condition. The lightweight material ensures that you're not weighed down, allowing you to move freely and comfortably on your outdoor escapades.
Check out:
Brooklyn Cloth’s Olive Gray Good Times Ahead Nylon Jacket – $48.00
  1. “Best Dad By Par” Coffee Mug

White coffee mug with black on the inside. "Best Dad By Par" graphic on the front
Calling all golf enthusiast dads! If your dad loves spending his weekends on the green, swinging those clubs and perfecting his game, we've got the perfect gift for him. Introducing the Best Dad By Par Coffee Mug, a delightful and playful way to show your dad that he's the best dad on and off the golf course. 
Not only is this mug a thoughtful gift for your golf-loving dad, but it's also a practical one. With a generous 11-ounce capacity, it's perfect for sipping his favorite beverage and keeping him fueled and ready for his next golf outing. The high-quality ceramic construction ensures durability, so he can enjoy his mug for years to come.
Check out:
Best Dad By Par Coffee Mug – $15.18
  1. Golf Lover's Whiskey Set

Gold cylinder box with golf ball and "Jem Glass" print. 2 clear whiskey glasses with half a golf ball inside.
Another great idea for the golfer dads out there. A gift that combines two passions - golf and whiskey? Look no further than the Uncommon Goods Golf Lover's Whiskey Set. This affordable and unique set is designed specifically for golfers who appreciate a good drink and love to showcase their love for the game.
The set includes golf-themed glasses with a half-domed base that fits perfectly on a wooden coaster. But here's the twist - the coaster features a real golf ball nestled in the middle. It's a delightful conversation starter and a great addition to any golf enthusiast's collection. 
So, if you're looking for a gift that will surprise and delight the golfers in your life, the Uncommon Goods Golf Lover's Whiskey Set is a hole-in-one choice. Get ready to raise a glass and toast to their love for golf and the enjoyment of a good drink!
Check out:
Uncommon Goods Golf Lover's Whiskey Set – $45.00


  1. Personalized “What I Love About Dad” Book

Blue book with title "What I Love About Dad by..."
Blue book with title "Dad, I wrote a book about you"
Looking for a heartfelt and personalized gift that will truly capture your love and appreciation for your dad? Look no further than the "What I Love About Dad" Fill in the Love Book. This unique journal allows you to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake by filling in the blanks with your own heartfelt sentiments and memories.
Each page of the book presents a fill-in-the-blank prompt, guiding you to express what you love and admire about your dad. From his sense of humor to his wise advice and his unconditional love to his unique quirks, you'll have the opportunity to capture the essence of your relationship and create a truly personalized gift.
 Or check out a similar version with "Dad, I Wrote a Book About You." This book also offers prompts that will bring up your favorite memories and allow you to express your love for your dad in a unique way.
 Both of these heartfelt books offer a wonderful opportunity to create a meaningful gift that your dad will treasure forever. So, whether you choose the "What I Love About Dad" Fill in the Love Book or "Dad, I Wrote a Book About You," you can't go wrong. Get ready to pour your heart onto the pages and present your dad with a gift that truly captures the depth of your love and appreciation.
Check out:
What I Love About Dad Journal – $10.00
Dad, I Wrote a Book About You – $13.29
  1. UV Sanitizer Bag

Grey sanitizer bag that fits Apple watch, sunglasses, small comb, eye glasses, pacifier, earphones, and small baby toy. Text reads: If it fits, it sanitizes. Conveniently cleans everyday items such as keys, credit cards, eyeglasses, wallets and more
The last item on the list is for the germaphobe dads out there. If your dad is constantly reminding you to wash your hands and insists that your phone is a breeding ground for bacteria, we have the perfect gift for him. Introducing the HoMedics UV Clean Sanitizer Bag, the ultimate solution to eliminate those pesky germs and give your dad peace of mind.
 This handy UV pouch is designed to zap away bacteria and other microorganisms in just a matter of minutes. Dad can simply place his belongings inside the bag, zip it up, and let the powerful UV-C light do its magic. Whether it's his phone, keys, wallet, or other small items, this sanitizer bag will effectively sanitize them without the need for harsh chemicals or messy cleaning wipes. It's a practical and thoughtful gift that shows you care about his well-being and understand his concerns.
Check out:
HoMedics UV Clean Sanitizer Bag – $16.00
From the practical to the sentimental, we've provided you with a range of gift ideas that are sure to make your dad feel loved and appreciated. Whether you choose a funny gag gift, a personalized keepsake, or a thoughtful gadget, the most important thing is to express your gratitude and affection for the one-of-a-kind dad that he is. Don’t forget to say “I love you”.  Happy Father's Day!

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