Jogger Styles for Daily Wear

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What’s one piece of clothing that is an absolute must in everyone’s closet? Over here at Brooklyn Cloth, we believe that it’s a pair of joggers, which is what we are known for. Joggers have become a staple in most people's closets because they offer comfort and style, making them suitable for both casual and athletic wear.

Joggers are typically made from soft and stretchy materials, which allow for ease of movement and comfort, and often have a relaxed fit that is both comfortable and fashionable. Additionally, joggers can be paired with a variety of tops and shoes to create different outfits, making them versatile and practical for everyday wear. They are a closet staple and the perfect piece of clothing for daily wear simply because they can be dressed up or down. We offer a variety of jogger styles, colors, and designs to go along with your everyday vibe.


The History of Joggers

Joggers, also known as sweatpants or track pants, have a relatively short but interesting history. The origin of joggers can be traced back to the 1970s, when they were first designed as athletic wear for runners and other athletes. The design of joggers was meant to provide comfort and flexibility for people participating in sports, with a loose fit around the hips and thighs and tapered cuffs at the ankle.

However, it wasn't long before joggers gained popularity as casual wear outside of the athletic world. The comfortable and relaxed design of joggers made them a popular choice for everyday wear, and they quickly became a staple in casual fashion.

Over the years, joggers have evolved and changed with the times, but they have remained a popular choice for both athletic and casual wear. These joggers are available here at Brooklyn Cloth in a wide range of styles, materials, and designs, and they continue to be a popular choice for people of all ages and lifestyles. 
While the history of joggers may be brief, they have had a significant impact on the world of fashion and continue to be a popular choice for both athletic and leisure purposes.

Where Can You Wear Joggers?

Many people may not realize it, but joggers are perfect to wear for almost any occasion, including:
  • At home: Joggers are perfect for lounging around the house and offer a comfortable alternative to traditional sweatpants.
  • Athletic activities: Joggers are designed for comfort and ease of movement, making them suitable for activities such as yoga, jogging, and other sports.
  • Casual occasions: Joggers can be dressed up or down and can be worn for casual outings, such as running errands or getting together with friends.
  • Work: Some joggers are designed to be more suitable for more formal settings, such as the office, and can be paired with a blazer or dress shirt for a more polished look.
As you can see, there are multiple ways to wear your joggers and the way they are styled will depend on the occasion, style of the joggers, and dress code.

What Shoes Should You Wear with Joggers?

You can wear a variety of shoes with joggers depending on what vibe you’re going for. This includes sneakers, running shoes, loafers, Chelsea boots, and slip-on sneakers. The key for a more casual look is to choose a shoe that complements the casual, sporty style of joggers while also being comfortable to wear.

Best Shoes to Wear with Joggers:

Chelsea boots

Casual Vibes: Sneakers with Joggers

Sneakers are a popular choice to wear with joggers because you can choose from all different types. Some of these sneakers include low-top, high-top, running shoes, athletic shoes, and slip-on sneakers.
 Choose a pair of joggers in a neutral color such as black, gray, or navy, and pair them with a simple and clean-looking pair of sneakers. Go for classic styles like white air forces, low-top converse, or minimalistic Adidas sneakers.
To style your whole outfit, you’ll want to choose a casual top that pairs well with your fit. Try a T-shirt or a hoodie in a matching or complementary color to the joggers to pull your look together.

Joggers and Loafers for a Polished Look

Wearing loafers with joggers can create a stylish and comfortable outfit that is perfect for casual occasions. For a polished outfit, choose a pair of slim-fit or straight-leg joggers in a neutral color, such as black or gray. Match them with a pair of loafers in a complementary color, such as black, brown, or navy. Loafers with tassels or a penny slot are classic options.
For the top, choose a simple button-down shirt, a Polo shirt, or a sweater. Choose a color that complements the loafers and the joggers. Tip: Avoid wearing socks with your loafers to keep the look clean and polished.

Can I Wear Chelsea Boots with Joggers?

Yes! This is a versatile and stylish footwear option, and the key to pulling off this look is to have a balance between casual and dressy, so choose items that are comfortable and stylish.
Similarly to the loafers, pick out a pair of joggers in a color such as black or gray and go towards a slim fit or straight leg. Pair them with a pair of Chelsea boots in a similar color, or in a contrasting color for a bold look.
In regards to the top, choose a button-down shirt, a sweater, or a hoodie depending on the occasion. To finish up the look, avoid wearing long socks with your boots to keep the look dressy.

How Do You Wear Joggers and Look Stylish?

There are so many ways to rock your joggers and these are a few we at Brooklyn Cloth recommend:

Pair joggers with a fitted top: Wear a half-tucked-in shirt or form-fitting sweater to balance the relaxed fit of the joggers.

Choose the right shoes: Sneakers, loafers, or ankle boots can all work with joggers. Just make sure they complement the overall outfit.

Accessorize: Adding a statement belt, a hat, or a scarf can add a fun twist to your look. To finish the fit, add a baseball cap or beanie and some accessories such as a watch or a bracelet.

Experiment with layers: Layering a blazer, a leather jacket, or a denim coat can make your joggers look more stylish and sophisticated. 

Pay attention to the fabric and fit: Go for joggers made of quality fabric and choose a fit that flatters your body shape. In addition, look for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and durable to ensure the best fit and comfort.

By following these tips, you can wear our joggers and look stylish, comfortable, and put together all at the same time. You will also be able to transform your joggers from a casual and comfortable loungewear to a stylish and fashionable outfit that you can wear to a nice dinner.


Our 3 Favorite Jogger Styles:

Black Core Fleece Jogger Pants

Camo Core Fleece Jogger 2.0

White Diagonal Heat Seal Fleece Jogger Pants


Black Fleece Jogger Pants are Always in Style 

Our men’s black joggers are considered a staple in anyone’s closet. They are versatile, comfortable, and easy to style, which makes them a popular choice for casual wear or dressing up. Additionally, the neutral color allows for them to be easily paired with other items in a person’s wardrobe, making them practical and timeless to have.
Details include:
  • Back-ribbed ankle cuffs
  • Drawstring waist
  • Side pockets
  • Sits at the waist
  • Modern fit


Camo Fleece Joggers are On-Trend

Camo joggers, like black joggers, can also be considered a staple piece, depending on personal style and preference. Camouflage patterns have been popular in fashion for many years, and camo joggers offer a comfortable and casual option for incorporating this trend into one’s wardrobe. They can add a trendy touch to your daily outfits and are perfect for a streetwear vibe.

White Fleece Jogger Pants for Fresh Flair

These put a fun twist on the look and feel of Brooklyn Cloth’s original joggers. This particular pair of joggers is made with a fleece material that is known for its comfort and warmth, making them popular for the colder months. In addition, they are designed with a breathable fabric made to absorb moisture and provide a four-way stretch, making them perfect for working out.
How to Style Joggers

Joggers can be styled in multiple ways in order to achieve the right vibe. Some of the best jogger looks are:

Classic Casual: Pair your joggers with a plain white T-shirt and sneakers. Add a denim jacket for a finishing touch.

Street Style: Wear your joggers with a graphic tee, oversized hoodie, and low-top sneakers.

Athleisure: Combine your joggers with a sporty tank top, running shoes, and a light windbreaker. Perfect for a workout, hike, or physical activity.

Smart Casual: Dress up your joggers with a collared shirt, leather sneakers, and a blazer.

Winter Warm: Stay cozy in the cold weather with joggers, a sweater, puffer jacket, and boots.


When putting together an outfit, it’s important to remember and consider the occasion, location, and dress code. Dressing for the occasion is important because it shows respect and consideration for the event. Our #brooklyncloth joggers are amazing for any experience and can make you feel more confident and comfortable in a social, professional, or relaxed setting.

After following these tips, you’ll be a pro at styling your joggers no matter the occasion, weather, or day. Our joggers at Brooklyn Cloth are designed for comfort and ease of movement, making them perfect for relaxing at home, running errands, finishing a workout, going to the office, or even going out with friends. The versatility is endless!

We hope that this everyday guide to wearing joggers helps you kick your OOTD up a notch. Don’t forget to tag us on social media. We want to see how our #BKCLFam puts their own twist on our joggers!

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