Essential men’s workout styles to help with your New Year's Resolution

Essential men’s workout styles to help with your New Year's Resolution

They say that the dress makes the man. Before becoming who, you are, you must try it on. Test it out, see if it feels right: if the sleeves are too long, the pants too wide, the collar too tight, or the buckle too big. Whatever the case may be, clothing is meant to be seen in motion. It’s the only way to properly show it off. And what better way to start the New Year than by wearing your new clothes. Because our clothing is not intended to be static, exercise and workout styles are a great way to show off the contours of the body through the clothing we wear.


Regardless of whatever sport you’re determined to start in the new year, be it city jogging, CrossFit, yoga, weightlifting, biking, or hiking, here at Brooklyn Cloth, we have you covered with all of the latest trends in exercise wear to set up your New Year wardrobe and help your New Year's Resolutions actually come true this time.


Honestly, it really is important to have your set up right before you get started on a venture. This may take a little bit of extra planning and a little bit of extra effort to narrow down what it is you want to do and who you want to continue growing into in the next year. But with a bit of reflection and action, you’re totally capable of making it happen for yourself, and you’ll feel good about yourself as you do it because you’ll have the wardrobe to match your efforts. Not only are you taking the action to reach your goals, but you’re also fitting into the clothes that the person you want to become would be wearing.


Now, let’s be clear, a new wardrobe won’t magically transform you into the person you want to be overnight. It won’t change your flaws, it won’t modify your entire personality, and it won’t solve your relationship issues. And honestly, that’s the whole purpose of a makeover and a New Year’s Resolution. Right? You look good, you feel good, and soon, you’ll start believing you are who you say you are. That’s the power of transformation. And who would’ve thought it started with a new workout outfit from Brooklyn Cloth? Believe me, you’ll reap the rewards. Starting off your personal New Year's evolution as the start of your new story.


People have the incredible capability to shift our reality and change our own personal narrative to create one that best suits the story of our lives we want to tell. Regardless of our past, we are resilient and capable of building our bodies to our satisfaction by taking actionable steps towards our goals: modifying our diet to create a healthy ecosystem for ourselves, seeking out wardrobe advice to help build our self-esteem, and reading more books or watching more movies to expand our intellect and feed our curiosities, for example. By becoming aware of something within us that we want to change, we have the power to make the change and build our realities.


So, whatever the evolved story of yourself you’ve envisioned, optimize your method to getting there through using the power of fashion to activate and elevate this new version of yourself by adding new additions to your wardrobe that will facilitate the process and allow you to have fun while doing it.


At Brooklyn Cloth, we pride ourselves in giving you the best styles at the best prices and for this New Year, we’re giving you all of our insider secrets on how to build the workout wardrobe of your dreams using our newest and most fashionable styles carefully crafted by our team of expert designers and graphic artists and selected by our team of editors.


So, without further ado, Our 2023 Brooklyn Cloth Essential Men’s Workout Styles to help you achieve your New Year's Resolution:


  1. City Jogging
  2. CrossFit
  3. Yoga
  4. Weightlifting
  5. Biking
  6. Hiking


  •  City Jogging


Say you want to start running: you have to be ready for all seasons if you’re going to carry out your New Year’s Resolution and integrate it as a habit into your life.


Starting in January, you need to be ready for the brisk cold of the winter to get ready to jog through the cold. We recommend you use a pair of Brooklyn Cloth Tie Dye Dad Sweatpants. Not only are they incredibly versatile, but you can also easily go from your morning city jog to your local coffee shop to enjoy a rich cup of coffee before heading home, and you’ll be the most stylish person on the streets. If you like making a statement in your sportswear, these are the pants for you.


All of our prints and graphics are designed in-house by our talented team of graphic designers. Nobody will have the same print as you will. That makes you unique. And what a way to start off the New Year and stepping into yourself rather than indulging in a garment that no one else has.


For more transitional weather, try on a pair of our Aqua One World Fleece Shorts. One of the most important things about city jogging is being seen. There are so many cars and people in the city, you want to make sure you stand out so you can enjoy your run and not become roadkill or get stuck behind slow walkers. These shorts will make sure you stand out in a crowd and through the city lights.


Naturally, you need a hoodie to keep you warm through the seasons. We’re recommending a

 Navy Sherpa Hoodie - sweater for jogging


  •  CrossFit


For CrossFit junkies and heavy lifters, these White Heat Seal Zip Streaky Shorts are the perfect option for your New Year CrossFit exercise. The 100% Poly-Fleece material is super soft and breathable, so they’re ideal for hitting the gym. The built-in thick heat seal zipper pockets are ideal for safely keeping your phone, wallet, and keys while you work out without running the risk of losing them. Wear them with a pair of training crew socks, your favorite fresh sneakers and our Black Allover Marble Print Tee and you’re ready to start training and becoming your ideal version of you.

  •  Yoga


Training to silence the mind through meditation and yoga requires the same or more perseverance and resilience than any other exercise that exercises the body. Depending on the practice, it requires you to hold your body in certain positions for short or extended periods of time. This requires developing a lot of flexibility and endurance. To help you in your practice, we recommend wearing the Black and White Heat Seal Zip Shorts.


As you grow and develop your yoga practice, you’re going to need solid and flexible clothing that can handle the intricate poses you’ll find yourself in. Depending on what type of yoga you do (be it Vinyasa, Bikram, etc.) having the right shorts will help you feel confident when you come to your mat. You can go to yoga and then the farmers market with your partner in these and it’ll be a seamless transition from the studio to the outside world.


  • Weightlifting


Look, here at Brooklyn Cloth we don’t know too much about weightlifting. But what we do know is that you want your pump game to be strong before and after you hit the gym. There’s nothing better than to show off your gains on leg day than with this pair of Black Camo Slant Zipper Pocket Shorts. They also come complete with heat seal zippers for you to hold on to your stuff while lifting weights and earning gains. You’ll be looking fit for your post-gym pics.

  •  Biking


Having the right gear is essential for preparing to pick up biking as a hobby or a New Year’s resolution work out. And you’re going to need some equipment before you get started.


First thing’s first: naturally, you need a bike. Depending on where you live and what type of biking you want to do, you’ll have to figure out which type of bike fits your needs. Second, you’re going to need to find your riding gear. Obviously, you’re going to need a helmet, some biking gloves, and probably a good pair of sneakers or special bike riding shoes. Next, (and this is where we come in) you’re going to need a good pair of shorts.


We recommend our Black Slant Zipper Pocket Shorts. They’re sleek design will be the perfect fit for you while you ride your bike through the city, the forest, the park, or wherever your two wheels will take you. Having the proper biking attire can make you go faster by making sure you don’t waste energy as you ride. And although our design is intended for leisure as well as multi-disciplinary training purposes, knowing you look and feel good in your shorts will definitely enhance your performance with your new sport.

  •  Hiking


Hiking is deceptively simple. All you need to know is how to walk, right? Well, yes. And although that is true. It’s important to have the right type of clothing to make your experience the most comfortable possible, because depending on what trail you take, you can be walking for a very long time. And you don’t want to be thinking about your shorts being too tight how your shoes don’t fit you properly. This is key in a good hike. That and lots of water. You have to stay hydrated!


Because it’s not a super-fast paced sport, you want to make sure you stay warm, especially in the winter, or especially if you’re going up a mountain or something of that sort. You always have to be prepared. For this, we’re recommending you wear a pair of Brooklyn Cloth Dusty Rose Heat Seal Zip Pocket Shorts. Honestly, when we came up with these, I could see them fitting perfectly on one of those California hiking trails that everybody posts on Instagram. The dusty rose goes so well with the dusty brown of the trails and the blue skies above. Even if you’re not in California, pink and green go really well together, so if you’re anywhere where there’s greenery, you’ll fit right in with nature while you go on your hike.


An alternative to this would be our Sand Heat Seal Zip Short. As the name states, these are in the color Sand. And they will literally match with anything in your wardrobe. They’re super versatile. And you’ll never believe what they have … pockets! Zip-up pockets. To the untrained eye, this may not seem like a big deal, but believe me, when you’re in the middle of your 5-hour hike that you promised yourself you’d start come the New Year, you’ll be happy you have somewhere to store a granola bar or two.


All of this being said, as you get ready to embark on this 2023 New Year’s Resolution, it’s imperative that whatever sport you decide to pick up, you have the right wardrobe to match. Having some designated outfits will not make you feel good and excited about starting your new workout regimen, it will also increase your chances of actually following through with your resolution. Imagine how proud you’ll feel of yourself when you’re at the end of 2023 and your body and mind looks and feels so much better than when you started your resolution at the beginning of the year. A job well done. Not only did you pick up a new hobby or practice, you looked great doing it.


So let your trainer, cycling buddy, yoga instructor, gym bro, workout partner, or hiking team know where you got your workout fit from because it’s simply more fun to grow and thrive together. We’re all on the come up this year and we’ll all be wearing Brooklyn Cloth as we do it. And congratulations #BKFam, you’ve come a long way.




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