Labor Day Weekend in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Labor Day Weekend in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Labor Day is near!

What's not to love about all the many festivities there is during Labor Day weekend? If you're visiting, residing in Brooklyn, or commuting from another borough there are some really cool places to stop by this holiday weekend. Keep in mind this holiday weekend will be very busy, but in an awesome way!

There are so many fun things to do around Brooklyn and Manhattan! You can start off in Manhattan and take the train over to Brooklyn or vice versa. There are so many activities to do with the fam or with friends, so start planning now because we only have a few days left to celebrate summer! 

The first stop you should make is at the North Brooklyn Farms, they host their annual Labor Day Weekend farm party. This is a public space with breathtaking views of the Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. You must purchase tickets but they are not expensive and you can do that right from For less than $20 you can enjoy really great food, drinks, music and arts all in one place. They provide all the food that you need fresh from the farm with live mural paintings and for those 21+ can enjoy beer and wine with boozy popsicles from Mom and Icepops

If you go out with friends as a last weekend together before college enjoy the 4 day weekend with the Brooklyn Food Tour. They have different days to choose from but on labor day weekend the tour begins on Sunday September 3rd from 3 to 5:30 PM. Tickets for this can be purchased on and prices range from over $20 to under $60 per person. The places you'll be venturing to include Mable's Smokehouse, Oddfellows Ice Cream, Bagelsmith and the Mast Brothers. This is not the only places that you will see on the way though you will be passing the Brooklyn Brewery, Brewer's Row and the skyline views.

Has anyone ever gone uni-cycling before? Well you might want to add that to your bucket list because starting August 31st to September 3rd you can ride a unicycle. This starts off at Governor's Island and there is a ferry that can take you there and back because you can go for long distance rides from Battery Park to Coney Island and back again. If you have never been before they have trainers who will do a learn to ride session. Experience how to play unicycle hockey, basketball and sumo. That's not all though the festival brings with them recreational riders, world class performers, mountain bikers and circus enthusiasts. Grab your helmet and some running sneakers for this adventure. 

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 If the little tikes who have to go back to school right after the last summer bash. There is the Habana Outpost Back to School Bash where parents and kids are invited to enjoy free giveaways including notebooks, backpacks, pencils and rulers. So if you forgot to get to Staples before the shelves cleared out stop off at this event on Fulton Street in Brooklyn on September 3rd. 


Whatever you are looking for to do in Brooklyn or New York City and whatever your age range, this state has it all for you! If there are places that you like to visit around the neighborhood we would love to hear about them! Leave a comment below and we will reply back!

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