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Out Now: Breathe Carolina "Hold Your Breath" Denim Jacket

Out Now: Breathe Carolina "Hold Your Breath" Denim Jacket

We know that this has probably been a crazy, insane long wait but guess what bass heads....You don't have to hold your breath any longer! The all new Breathe Carolina x Brooklyn Cloth denim jacket has officially dropped! These jackets are waiting to be shipped out directly to you so if you want to be one of the cool kids you better get this limited edition exclusive jacket while supplies last. Breathe Carolina is widely known for doing their own stuff and not being so main stream which is why we love these guys so much! We had to do another collaboration with them after the SAVAGES bomber jacket dropped. 

If you get the chance to look at YouTube you will see the "Hold Your Breath" denim jacket in the Breathe Carolina official music video called "Glue." The jacket is in the whole music video and it looks great! When you think about the song "Glue," see the jacket and listen to the lyrics you start to think that maybe being stuck together like "Glue" is a metaphor for connecting Breathe Carolina fans with the band members. 

There is another music video that you can see the jacket is in the "FOR U" video. Tommy is wearing the OG SAVAGES bomber jacket in the first 30 seconds and then him and David are wearing the "Hold Your Breath" jackets the rest of the video. The name of the song is called For U. This music video is all about Tommy and David traveling around and they also did a photo shoot with the jackets while filming the official music video for "For U." So now you know that the boys have made these limited edition jackets just FOR U! Make sure to visit the site to get yours before we have none left :( 

The denim jacket has a wash tone distressed look with different patches that Tommy and David picked out themselves. Also we can't forget the most important one the back of the jacket has the red jersey material with the white lettering that says "Hold Your Breath." 

Leave a comment below of you wearing your new jacket and you might just receive an email with a hidden code for unbelievable savings! 

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