Latte Dressing For Guys: How to Rock The Trend With Brooklyn Cloth

Latte Dressing For Guys: How to Rock The Trend With Brooklyn Cloth

Latte Dressing For Guys: How to Rock The Trend Using Brooklyn Cloth

Latte Dressing: The viral TikTok trend that's taking the “for you” page by storm. From fashion focused influencers to digital magazines, everyone’s been sharing the style. If you haven't heard of it yet, you're in for a treat.


Well spill the tea on the latte dressing trend and share some helpful tips for men who want to replicate the viral looks. We've curated a selection of clothing items that are perfect for mastering the art of latte dressing. Not only are they comfy, on trend but also affordable. Let's dive into the trend, its origins, and how you can leverage our favorites it with Brooklyn Cloth.


What is Latte Dressing?


Latte dressing is all about showcasing the warm and cozy vibes of your favorite coffee shop's latte (we love an oat milk version) into your outfit. It's a trend that combines neutral, earthy, creamy tones to create a look that's as comforting as your morning cup of Starbucks or Dunkin coffee.


The Origins of Latte Dressing


Latte dressing didn't just pop out of nowhere, although with more and more people using the #lattedressing #lattefit this fall, it’s become more mainstream. This style part of the larger trend of "cottagecore" that emerged on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. Cottagecore is all about embracing a simpler, outdoor, comfy and more idyllic lifestyle, and it's reflected in fashion through thrifted dresses and jackets, natural fabrics, earthy colors, and textures. Latte dressing takes that cottagecore vibe and infuses it with the warmth and familiarity of rich browns and cozy creams.


This trend is all about being comfortable yet stylish and showcasing your individual vibe. It’s perfect for the colder winter months when you want to feel warm, snug, and stylish. The latte dressing trend is like a that warm cup of oat milk latte turned onto your vibe check!


Creating TikTok-Ready Men’s Latte Looks


Now, let's get to the creative & fun part – making those viral TikTok latte looks with Brooklyn Cloth's men’s clothing items. Check out some of our must-have styles to get you started with this trend.


  1. Heavy Flannel Shacket


The Heavy Flannel Shacket is the epitome of men’s latte dressing. The tan earthy color gives it that warm latte feel, and the flannel fabric adds a comfy touch. Pair it with wide leg thrifted khaki pants or Originals Relaxed sweatpants, and don't forget to add Wallabee boots for a relaxed vibe. This look is perfect for a coffee date or a casual day just relaxing.

     2. Patch Pocket Canvas Utility Pant

The Patch Pocket Canvas Utility Pant  is an essential piece for your wardrobe and to try for latte dressing. The tobacco (or maybe some may thing Caramel Macchiato) color is a latte lover's dream, and the utility details adds a touch of workwear vibes. Wear these men’s pants with a simple Originals oversized relaxed tee and a pair of classic thrifted white sneakers (we’ve been looking for old school Nike Dunks). You'll have a TikTok-ready fit for men that's both on-trend, comfy, and affordable.


  1. Bull Denim Snap-Front Hooded Jacket


The Bull Denim Snap-Front Hooded Jacket is the perfect layering piece for latte dressing.  We love that we continue use Bull Denim Fabric because it gives us that workwear construction look without the thicker material. The cream color of this jacket screams latte vibes, and the hood adds an extra layer of warmth and function. Pair it with dark brown corduroy pants, wide leg Dickies and thrifted Doc Martins. You'll be ready for a latte-inspired trend for dudes any day of the week.


  1. Diagonal Cargo Pocket Twill Jogger


The Diagonal Cargo Pocket Twill Jogger offers an updated vibe on the latte dressing trend. The rich brown color and ‘90s trending cargo pocket details make these joggers stand out. We always focus on true fit but in this case, we purposely made the joggers a bit more relaxed. To create a TikTok-ready men’s look, wear them with a cream-colored crewneck Originals Long sleeve tee and lace-up army boots. We thrifted a 1950s London Fog overcoat to make this look even better! Don't forget to capture your latte moment on the gram or TIK TOK.


  1. Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Trucker Jacket


Last but not least, the Sherpa-Lined Corduroy Trucker Jacket is a great combination of workwear vibes meets comfy looks.  The combination of wide wale corduroy and sherpa lining makes it a great choice for a comfy winter look for guys at an affordable price. Pair it with light khaki Chinos, we love our latest Chinos that just dropped, and suede desert boots from LL Bean for a latte-inspired men’s outfit that's perfect for capturing on TikTok. The little details like beaded bracelets (which we found on Prince Street in Soho a couple of weekends ago) take this look to the next level.


So, are you ready to try the Latte Dressing Trend for men with Brooklyn Cloth?


Latte dressing is more than just a fashion trend for ladies; it's a lifestyle vibe for anyone. It's about enjoying the simple pleasures and feeling cozy, comfy, and warm while not breaking the bank to make the look and follow the trend. With Brooklyn Cloth’s curated looks along with mixed thrifted finds, you can effortlessly embrace the latte dressing trend and create TikTok-ready looks that are as comforting as your favorite latte. So, grab your iPhone or cell, capture your latte moments, and let the world see your cozy, stylish side. Don’t forget to tag us as well @brooklyncloth.

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