Our Favorite Athleisure Wear Pieces

Our Favorite Athleisure Wear Pieces

Athleisure wear has been a staple in everyone’s closet for many years now. How can you not love it at this point? Workout clothes are not always just for when you are working out. They are very comfortable to wear in general, whether you are working at home, lounging around the house, or when you are quickly running out of the house to go on errands.


About Athleisure

Athleisure seems to be something that will never go out of style and it easily makes your wardrobe more versatile. When you have the right active clothes to wear, it can also push you to have a better mindset when working out or motivate you to do it. To help you with your search for the best athleisure pieces, here are some of our favorites. 

Athleisure Tops for Daily Activities

  • Women’s Blessed Tank Top: You can never get enough of tank tops; they are a staple in activewear. Tank tops are ideal workout clothes because they will prevent your body from overheating. This Blessed Tank Top, in particular, is also super soft and can be worn all year long, not just when you work out. When styling tank tops, you can pair them with some shorts on hot, summer days. For a great athleisure look or for lounging around at home, you can wear a tank top with some yoga pants or leggings.
  • Women’s Light Grey Wake Pray Slay Tank Top: This Wake Pray Slay Women's Tank Top in light grey is the prefect tank top to get your head in the game. Tank tops are great to wear on warmer days when working out or you can throw a hoodie on over it when it’s colder out. They are made out of breathable fabrics and will help keep you dry and cool especially during extreme workout sessions. You can wear this tank with some shorts and your workout sneakers when you hit the gym. As you run errands during the weekend, grab your favorite comfy bottoms and this tank top for a relaxed look. If you're going to the beach for a girls’ day out, you can layer the tank top over your bathing suit with a pair of soft knit shorts for a beach-ready, comfy outfit.
  • Women’s White Thank God Tank Top: Tank tops are a versatile way to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. You can create many different outfits with tank tops and wear them to many different occasions while still looking great and fashionable. This Women’s White Thank God Tank Top is one you can wear to the beach, home or to the gym for an intense workout to stay cool. 
  • Women’s Vibrant Indigo Tie Dye Hoodie: This Vibrant Indigo Tie Dye Hoodie is sure to keep you in a good mood while staying cozy all day long. When working out, it can be ideal to wear hoodies because they will warm up your body faster as you stretch or you are just beginning to work out. Wearing hoodies trap heat from your body and warm up your muscles faster. For the perfect athleisure look, you can pair a hoodie with a pair of shorts or sweatpants when you go to work out. If you are working from home or doing online school, you can throw on a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants for a cozy, comfortable, laid-back look as you work hard all day. When you go out to run errands or just hang out with some friends, you can wear a hoodie with high waisted jeans.
  • White Open Your Mind Hoodie: Hoodies can be nice to wear because when you have the muscles and joints warm, it can increase performance and mobility and lower any risk of injuries. It’s easy to get your sweat on when you have them on and so it provides a great way to release toxins and purify your body. Hoodies are also good to wear when you want to go on a run early in the morning and it’s freezing out. It’s something you can simply layer over your outfit when you are going to the gym as well. They are comfortable in general and make you look and feel good. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work out in tight and uncomfortable clothing. This White Open Your Mind Hoodie can be paired with a pair of our Charcoal Cargo Twill Jogger Pants to elevate the look. You can also pair the hoodie with a pair of our knit shorts or sweats for more comfortable wear.

soft moss open your mind hoodie

  • Women’s Indigo Tie Dye Hoodie: This Indigo Tie Dye Hoodie will be go-to perfection. It features an attached, drop-shoulder and modern fit for free movement. It has been proven that if you are comfortable, you may be more productive. You can wear this comfy yet trendy hoodie to bed, to work, and when you go out.

Our Favorite Athleisure Bottoms

  • Dusty Rose Sweatpants: It seems like Dusty Rose is a popular color everyone wants to wear these days. Brooklyn Cloth wants to help you get on this trend while keeping you comfortable at the same time. Sweatpants are similar to hoodies in the sense that they will also help to warm up your body faster before you work out. This is because your body normally performs best when it is warm first and it will prevent muscle strain. If you are going on a weekend getaway or hanging out with friends, you can pair these sweatpants with a hoodie and your favorite pair of sneakers. You can also simply wear them with a long sleeve shirt and layer the outfit with an oversized bomber jacket or denim jacket for a casual, modern look.
  • Black Core Fleece Cargo Jogger: You can upgrade your athleisure wear wardrobe with the Black Core Fleece Cargo Jogger. Joggers are also great activewear clothes that may typically be more comfortable to wear when working out compared to shorts. Joggers are can even be convenient for layering. You can just throw the joggers on over a pair of shorts and easily take them off at any time. The joggers can be non-restrictive as well and let you move around freely as you work out.


  • Black Tie Dye Sweatpants: If you are looking to expand your activewear collection, then these Black Tie Dye Sweatpants are perfect for you. These soft fleece bottoms will keep you comfortable for all-day wear. To get comfortable when you are chilling at home, you can wear the sweatpants with one of your favorite hoodies. Whether you are working from home, doing online school, or going out for the night, you can throw on a long sleeve tee with a pair of these sweatpants.


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