Matthew Langille Limited Edition Tote

Matthew Langille Limited Edition Tote

Part of Giving Tuesday and working with The Children's Museum of Art (CMA) is working with some of their  talented artist. We had the opportunity to have Matthew Langille create a Limited Edition Tote. 

Matthew Langille Tote Tote by Matthew Langille



Matthew is a New York-based artist. His work has been shown at galleries around the world and featured in numerous publications. He has created images for many global fashion + design houses including Marc Jacobs, Adidas and Swatch.

Matthew Langille

We also had some Q&As for Matthew

What inspired this piece that you've designed for the CMA Tote  project? 

I have thousands of images as I'm always drawing. Any design I can have realized as a product makes me happy so quite frankly the image could have been any of mind and I'd be thrilled. 

When did you begin creating art pieces? and How did you begin?

I've always been an artist. It runs in my family and really by being a part of my family you almost were guaranteed a well versed sense of art and art history. I started being serious about glassblowing at age 11 and ceramics as well. I was drawn to the seductiveness of Glassblowing. It was magical and still is to me.

How do you know when your work is complete?

Sometimes I don't but usually I can feel it. I just feel done. Like when you stop eating because you know you've had enough. But it's very easy to overeat or overdo it also. haha


Is there a piece of work that you ever completed that you weren't satisfied with?

Yes many. I have more garbage than successes. Most are tossed but I save a lot because something I hate now I may wanna rework in ten years.

What is your most important artist tool? Is there a tool that is more important than others?

My most important tool is something to draw with. My go to is usually Bic pen or Crayola crayons.

Are there any artist that you can relate to? Any that may inspire you?

Of course. Tons of them. I relate to artists that do collaborations with brands as I'm in the fashion world as much as the art work which both intersect lovely really. So I love what Haring did. How it didn't matter what he did but all the times he touched something people knew it was him. I think I have a signature style like that also. I like that he touched pop culture so much with things like his pop up shop, product collabs for example his collab with Swatch watch (which I did also in 2009) and is also considered an artistic and design genius as well. All my heros did that successfully. Warhol, Suess, Burton, Silverstein etc. 

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