Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights
If you're around the month of December, whether in Brooklyn, Manhattan, other boroughs and just visiting, you're going to want to schedule some time to visit Dyker Heights. 

Here are some tips to make your visit easier: 

Christmas Lights in Dyker Heights Brooklyn
Where are the best lights- The best lights are from 83rd to 86th Street on 11th Avenue to 13th Avenue. 

What is the closest Subway to get to Dyker Heights- The closest subway is the D/M trains at 18th Avenue if you're coming from New York City. There's actually tons of subways options to get to the neighborhood. Google map is your friend so use it. 

How long will it take from New York City? From Midtown or Herald Square, it’s 1 hour travel time, so make sure you got some good vibes to listen to during the train ride.

How much walking is included- Get out your  Stan Smiths or Nikes cause you're going to be doing some walking, at least 15-20 minutes worth of little hills, depending on how fast you walk. 

When's the best time to go?  
Mid-December is the best time to go, although some home owners may have it up right after Thanksgiving. The best Holiday Lights displays are usually on weekends but that's also when there's tons of people both walking and driving through the neighborhood. 

What time is best to see the Dyker Heights lights-  5pm to 9 pm is the ideal time. Remember that these are people's home so when it's time for bed, the lights usually get turned off. Can you imagine trying to get some "shut eyes" with those bright lights and music? 

Insider tips- Santa Clause outside the Spata House is played by the Spata family members and there's a 29-foot motorized wooden soldier at the Polizzotto house. 

Dyker Heights Brooklyn Christmas Lights
Hope you get a chance to visit Dyker Heights Holiday Lights and brings some holiday laughs and giggles with family and friends. 

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