OFF THE CUFF presents – I AM PROJECT with Cristian Palma

OFF THE CUFF presents – I AM PROJECT with Cristian Palma
Name: Cristian Palma

IG Handle: @offthecuff

In an exciting collaboration between Brooklyn Cloth and OFF THE CUFF, we are proud to present a special campaign that embraces the spirit of “always pay it forward.” Together, we are spreading love, positivity, and inspiration through the simple act of giving people their flowers.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Cristian Palma, the visionary founder of OFF THE CUFF, whose journey began with a profound influence from his Abuelita - his hero and the source of his endless inspiration. From a young age, Cristian immersed himself in the mesmerizing tales spun by his grandmother, creating a home brimming with curiosity and comfort.

With a passionate heart and an unwavering commitment, Cristian embarked on a remarkable journey with OFF THE CUFF. Through this transformative platform, he seeks out the pivotal moments of rising leaders, unraveling the hidden lessons and everyday inspirations that propel them forward with the power of storytelling and its potential to forge genuine connections with others. This realization fueled his dedication to inspire, motivate, and empower others, much like his grandmother did for him.

We hope this interview inspires you to come together to share your stories, embrace the power of connection, and make the world a better place, one flower at a time.

With Brooklyn Cloth x OFF THE CUFF, let's make everyday a #FlowerFriday!


I see that you have finished season 7 of OFF THE CUFF.  Congratulations! What was your most memorable moment?

Thank you! It was such a special season. The most memorable moment was manifesting the vision of meeting our guests where they feel the most comfortable. This is our first season ever where we took our show on the road and had the opportunity to showcase our incredible talent in their safe havens. For example, we connected with Taller De Rafa at their screen printing shop and Brittany Chavez in her apartment — moments like this I am forever grateful. 

How do you see OFF THE CUFF evolving in the future?

I see OFF THE CUFF doing more experiential events and live activations through panel conversations, storytelling, and community events to spread our mission of giving people their flowers. We are so much bigger than a brand — we’re a movement, a lifestyle, a community of like-minded individuals, creatives, and leaders who see collaboration as the vessel to create change.  

What do you hope to achieve in terms of inspiring and influencing others in the coming years?

I hope to give my community the inspiration necessary to keep on dreaming and believing in themselves and provide them a safe space to share their story. 

Are there any new initiatives or projects you're excited about?

We are excited to be partnering with the New York Latino Film Festival this year and look forward to overseeing programming for this year’s Futuro Digital Conference. 

Who are you looking forward to collaborating with that you think will make a big impact on the brand?

I would love to manifest a collaboration with Nike and TED. Two completely different brands, but what brings them together is their innovation, authenticity, powerful storytelling, and the fearlessness in their mission to drive change and inspiration. 

You’ve featured leaders such as Angie Martinez, Trevor Noah, Tequilla White, and Chelsea Miller, just to name a few. How do you approach the selection process for the rising leaders whose stories you feature on OFF THE CUFF? What qualities or criteria do you look for?

There is no set criteria or qualities. We typically have a talent list within our portfolio that are through referrals or mutual friends of friends that we see an ample opportunity to feature. We usually lean on our audience for guidance on creatives, founders, entrepreneurs they would like to see. We are always looking for new talent to feature — so please reach out to us directly if you’d be interested. 

Can you tell us more about your grandmother and the impact she had on your life? How did her teachings shape your values and mission with OFF THE CUFF?

My grandmother is my hero. She helped mold me into the person I am today and has instilled the principles of love and dedication. There are so many special memories of my Grandmother that remind me to keep going and bring a smile to my face. She left her mark in this world and has impacted so many people within her community. I hope to keep her legacy alive by spreading the same love she gave me everyday. 

What role do you see #FlowerFriday playing in fostering a sense of community and connection among your audience?

I see FlowerFriday expanding into a hub of personal testimonials where it will provide people with safe spaces to come together in an open forum and share the stories of those they appreciate. I do see ample opportunities for FlowerFriday receiving submissions across the world to spread love and kindness. 

What does this collaboration with Brooklyn Cloth do for you in helping grow your business?

This partnership with Brooklyn Cloth gives us the opportunity to bring our community together and build meaningful programming to support our leaders to keep sharing their stories. We strongly believe through this partnership we attest to the idea of always believing in yourself and taking that leap of faith on your dreams. 

Can you share an example of a lesson or inspiration you personally gained from one of the rising leaders featured on OFF THE CUFF?

To hold onto your vision even when others don’t fully understand or question it. Your journey is your journey and what’s for you will never pass you by. Anything is possible!  

How do you handle personal challenges or setbacks while simultaneously leading and inspiring others through OFF THE CUFF?

Always remembering why I started this journey in the first place and that is to spread love and continue my Grandmother’s legacy through building community and storytelling. This always helps me stay grounded and not lose focus on our mission. 

How do you strike a balance between your personal life and the demands of running OFF THE CUFF? 

I am still figuring this part out lol. When I pour into OFF THE CUFF, I lose track of time because it's something I believe in so much that hours will fly by —we’re working through it though to create a healthy balance moving forward. 

How do you personally find inspiration and motivation to continue the work you do with OFF THE CUFF? 

Through everyday people and the stories they share. There’s so much we have in common and I’m on a mission to continue to explore the stories of those around us and provide them with a safe space to do so. My Grandmother is the root of it all and that is my fuel to the fire everyday. I am grateful that she instilled the desire to always keep going and I know with God at the forefront there are no limits!


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