Groundswell x Brooklyn Cloth Presents "Art, Community, Change"

brooklyn cloth x Groundswell


groundswell x brooklyn cloth

Image Credits: Bella Picicci (link her instagram: @bmp__photography)

Groundswell is a visionary organization that harnesses the power of art to create social change by bringing together artists, youth, and community organizations. Groundswell firmly believes in the transformative potential of collaborative artmaking. By combining personal expression with community activism, they have produced unique and powerful outcomes that leave a lasting impact.

Over the past two decades, Groundswell has adorned New York City with 500 murals, each serving a testament to the organization's mission. Working closely with youth and teaching artists, they collaborate with numerous community-based organizations, neighborhood groups, and government agencies. The process of creating these captivating artworks not only highlights the importance of community but also reinforces Groundswell's unwavering belief in the power of art to build connections and drive change. They strive to infuse social justice and activism into every project. By engaging with individuals on a daily basis, Groundswell empowers them to become advocates for change and champions of their communities. Their projects also serve as inspiration and powerful examples of how creativity and collaboration can lead to tangible and meaningful change in our society.

groundswell x brooklyn clothgroundswell x brooklyn cloth

This summer, Brooklyn Cloth partnered with Groundswell to create t-shirts for the Groundswell Community Paint Days which took place on August 2nd at P.S. 938 | Cypress Hills and August 3rd at Food Bazaar | Bushwick. The partnership involved donating around 150 t-shirts, each proudly showcasing the empowering slogan "ART, COMMUNITY, CHANGE." Beyond being mere apparel, these T-shirts hold a dual purpose: they are not just garments, but also tools for artistic expression.

groundswell x brooklyn cloth

They also serve as powerful tools for spreading awareness about the work that the artists are undertaking. The designs and slogans on the shirts become visual ambassadors for the message of the project - they catch the eyes of people in the bustling streets of Brooklyn, where the murals are being painted. In this way, the T-shirts bridge the gap between the artists and the larger community, creating a platform for conversations about art, social change, and community involvement.

Discover more about the collaboration between Groundswell and Brooklyn Cloth Co. in an article on WWD. You can read the full article here:

groundswell x brooklyn cloth

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