Our Favorite Staycation Tips

Our Favorite Staycation Tips

With a pandemic still raging around us, staycation's have become all the talk as a new safe and healthy fun time for you and your friends or your partner. Staycations are all about making the best of what you have around you and having a good time no matter what. At Brooklyn Cloth, we stand for positive vibes and comfort all the time no matter the conditions. That's why we created this staycation guide to inspire you to have your own staycation with your crew. We are also including some helpful and cute outfit ideas for each occasion, that way you don't have to worry about last minute outfit ideas. Who said you need to go away from your home in order to have a new and exciting adventure?



Staycation Ideas at Home

You can have the perfect weekend staycation right in the comfort of your home. We’ve compiled ideas to fill Friday to Sunday. Enjoy!



Netflix Movie Night



Feeling a little lazy lately but still want to add a little spice to your at-home routine? No worries, us too! A Netflix movie night is the perfect option for a fun staycation at home. We suggest picking a genre and using a Netflix movie generator to select a movie randomly for you, that way you don't waste hours debating which one to watch. If you want to add a little more fun to the evening, pick out snacks that go with the genre of the movies you decide. For example, if you choose scary movies, there are a ton of fun spooky recipes you can find on Google to make with your friends beforehand.


As for comfortable Netflix wear, you'll want to be on a chill vibe that evening. That's why we suggest sporting our Women's White Good Vibes Only Doodle Hoodie and a pair of our super comfy and stretchy women’s biker shorts. As for the guys, pick out a pair of our comfy fleece men’s joggers and add a little bit of fun to the fit with one of our graphic tees.


Charcuterie Board Dinner


Cooking meals all the time is a lot of work and sometimes snacks are just more fun. That's why a charcuterie board dinner is a super fun staycation idea. For a classy night with friends or your boo, give each person you invite over a theme for their charcuterie board and have a staycation full of deliciousness. Some cute and diverse board themes include fruit themed, brunch themed, dessert themed, French fry themed, and, of course, the classic meat and cheese board. The possibilities are endless.


Some fun outfit ideas include a cute and cozy matching set like our Women’s Indigo Tie Dye Hoodie and Sweatpants for a fun pop of color. For the guys, we suggest our Men’s Black Twill Jogger Pants and your choice of one of our men’s graphic tees for a fun yet sophisticated look.



Self-Care Day


You're always hearing the phrase self-care thrown around these days. It seems so obvious, but let's breakdown what self-care can really mean and how you can add it to your day for a fun staycation idea.


Self-care has a lot of different looks. What one person does for their selfcare can be completely different from another’s, and that is the beauty of it. Self-care can be whatever makes you feel good that you don’t always necessarily have the time to do on a daily basis. If you’re not sure what that looks like for you, here are some ideas:

  • take a nice hot bubble bath complete with candles and your favorite music
  • have a nice, leisurely walk without a goal
  • walk around your favorite fancy grocery store without a list and buy some stuff just for fun
  • watch the sunrise and don't take any pictures, just take it in and enjoy
  • do a face mask and enjoy your favorite show in bed with no interruptions


For your self-care day, you'll want to be super cozy because this day is all about making you feel your best. We suggest wearing any of our women's joggers or hoodies and men’s joggers or hoodies for an ultra-cozy experience that you are sure to enjoy all day long. Don't forget your favorite fuzzy blanket and slippers as well!


Outdoor Staycation Ideas


Camping in the yard


If you have a yard available to you, you better be using it this season for your staycation. Setting up a tent in the yard seems really simple and silly but it can be a really fun experience for you and your friends. You guys will get to enjoy the peace of the outdoors and all the fun sounds that come with it at night. You can also make this into a game night with your friends by bringing board games and snacks. We suggest using this time to tell funny or even scary stories, and rate who has the best one. Bring back a little bit of your childhood spirit with this fun little staycation at home. Since we're camping and sleeping in the same clothes, you will definitely need to be super cozy for this little adventure outside. We suggest wearing a pair of our women's biker shorts or men’s shorts that way you don't get too hot in your sleeping bag. One of our favorite’s is the women’s 7 inch inseam biker shorts for a cute and comfortable sporty look.


Taking a local hike


Maybe you're really tired of being at home, you have spring fever, or you just really have to get outside. We understand that struggle and that's why we suggest taking a local hike as a spiritual staycation idea. Hikes are super fun compared to a walk around your neighborhood because you get to be immersed in nature and experience all the wonders that it has to offer. To make it extra fun, bring a pet to explore with you. If you don't have a pet, one of your friends or a significant other will suffice, too. Hikes are also a super good staycation option because even though you're having fun you'll be getting a sweat in and having a nice workout climbing uphill.


Since you're going to be working out on this staycation, you are going to need a breathable and cute workout outfit. Guys, the Men’s Black and White Heat Seal Shorts are a greet option since they have a very soft and flexible material and roomy pockets to carry everything you need. Ladies, your favorite leggings and one of our women’s tank tops will be a picture-perfect outfit for your healthy hiking staycation. Lastly, if you don't have any place to hike in your area  don't let that stop you from getting a good workout and having fun with your friends. Take this opportunity to explore your neighborhood with your pals in your super cozy Brooklyn Cloth loungewear.



Picnic at the local beach or pond


Picnics are a super fun and Instagram worthy time for you and your friends to spend outdoors. There's also so much you can do with one. You can have a classic picnic and make deli sandwiches accompanied by fruits and juice boxes, or you can have a theme picnic where it's dessert only . The choice is yours so don't settle for a lame picnic that you wouldn't post online! With the beautiful scenery and your awesome food, you'll need a cute and comfy outfit for the gram. Here are some of our favorite picnic outfits:

  • Ladies, a simple sundress, your favorite Jean jacket and some cute white sneakers make for a fun and chill look that matches the vibe of the water in front of you
  • If dresses aren't your thing, some oversized mom jeans and a simple crop top will also do the trick
  • If you're feeling cozy, we suggest wearing one of our super cute tie dye hoodies and a pair of our biker shorts, that way you’ll still be on trend.
  • Guys, we suggest you sport our Men’s Gold Oil Slick Print Fleece Shorts and your favorite plain tank top. These shorts are so dope and feature a psychedelic like drippy pattern that is sure to match the flowy vibes at the beach.


Staycation in Town


Airbnb Rental


Sometimes it can be draining looking at the same things over and over again at home every day. If you want a change of scenery and you're not so much an outdoors person, consider an airbnb rental near you as a fun little staycation. You'll be amazed when you open the airbnb app and see all of the different rentals in your area. No matter the budget you'll be able to find a nice place with a new atmosphere for you to relax in. You can even combine your Netflix movie night with the airbnb rental to make a super fun staycation for you and your friends.


Since you'll still be lounging at home, even if it isn't your own home, you will want to be wearing some super cozy loungewear to chill around your new space. We suggest a pair of our women's joggers, especially the fleece cargos because they're so super soft and warm you won't even need a blanket. As for the guys, some good old flannel pajama pants and one of our men's hoodies will also do the trick. If you're looking for something extra cozy, we suggest getting the Comfy Hoodie which is like a blanket and hoodie in one, perfect for a night in at your (temporary) new home.


Dining Roulette


It gets really annoying sometimes when you and your friends are trying to decide where to go out to eat and no one can agree on one place. The dining roulette game will add some fun to your staycation and help you decide where to eat out all in one. The game is really simple. Each member of the group has to pick a number and then use a random number generator that will give you a number. The person with the closest number gets to pick where to get drinks. Then with the remaining people you repeat this process for appetizer, entrée, and dessert. That way, mostly everyone in the group gets to choose something and it adds an element of surprise to the evening. Plus, you get to go to a bunch of different places and have some diversity to your meals that evening.


Since you'll be out on the town you're going to have to dress sharp. For a stylish St wear look, we suggest some baggy jeans, a fitted crop top tank top in your favorite fashion sneakers. For the guys, we suggest your favorite fun sweater, some ripped jeans in your best pair of vans. Just make sure, there's no fighting if you don't end up getting to pick!


Thrift Store Model Game


This is a fun game you can play with either your Boo or a group of friends for your local staycation. Spend the day at your favorite local thrift store. Partner up and pick two outfits for your partner. The first outfit is for what you think they would look best in in the second outfit is a goofy, weird outfit that you just want to see them wea. You’ll have a lot of laughs while wearing the second goofy outfit. As for your outfit going into the thrift store, you will want to have a super comfortable fit because you're going to be constantly taking your clothes on and off. We suggest:

  • Our Women’s Dusty Rose Ombre Shorts and your favorite simple colored hoodie
  • For the guys, our Men’s White Tie Dye Sweatpants for a fun and funky streetwear vibe for your day the thrift




We hope this guide was helpful and that you'll choose to take a safe and healthy staycation as the summer months approach. If you like what you saw, be sure to check out the rest of our clothing here. We would love to have you join the #bkfam so follow us on Instagram to never be left out of the staycation loop again!

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